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Tour Bag

Posted 02-01-07
Submitted by michael allen mj.allen@hotmail.com
Location: kansas
Level: Beginner
Review: i recieved the innova tour bag for christmas this year from my wife. it is very durable and i carry about 18 discs i also play in the snow so i thought my stuff would get wet it was all dry i put my wallet and keys in side pocket and like the drink carrier
Posted 01-05-06
Submitted by Adam Brown btowndankstah@hotmail.com
Location: Brainerd, MN
Level: Adv. Am
Avg Drive: 300
Disc Weights: 170
Review: This thing is just incredible. On an average day I'll carry around 17 discs... 3 putters, 3 multi-purpose, a few fairway drivers, and some ultra distance drivers..... I have been, for the last few years, been carrying them around in an old backpack that I retrofitted to carry the discs. After too many bouts of fighting with either discs falling out, trying to find room for all of my gear (towel, water bottles, cigs, etc etc) I finally, this past fall, broke down and bought an Innova Tour bag. This thing has more than ample room for everything I need, and more. I haven't even filled it to the brim yet, and I bring lotsa stuff with me when I play. Even better; that water-resistant nylon totally keeops my valuables dry when a freak rainstorm comes, or when playing after a rain or in the morning when the dew is out--- OR, like today, playing a round in the snow. I also really like the wide, stable bottom (hasn't tipped over on my once) and the very comfortable, super-thickly padded shoulder-strap. I haven't yet invested in the quad-straps, but I tell you what, even with the bag weighing a lot fully loaded it's a breeze to carry for at least 18 holes.

I HIGHLY reccomend this bag if you're playing with over 15 discs, and want something worth the money that you can definately grow into.

Posted 09-07-05
Submitted by Bob Benner Hdrided@cox.net
Disc Weights: max weight
Review: I am on my second Tour Bag now. After about 12 rounds with my first one the loops for the Quad Shocks ripped. I recieved a replacement bag from Innova last week and it looks and seems more durable than my first. The tour bag will hold just about as many discs as you could ever realisticly need. I have been using a cooler type bag lately, but it just doesn't have the features that I love about the Innova Tour Bag. I carry anywhere from 9-12 discs, and although the tour bag is a huge bag, it easily handles my light amount of discs. I prefer to use mine without the accordian type dividers. I feel I spend to much time fiddling with the dividers to get the discs in and out. This bag has 4 water bottle holders on it, and on a hot sunny day i will use three of them. On each end of the bag there are zippered pockets that can store anything you need to, I always keep plenty of advil with me, a couple pens, pencils, and an extra towel. The umbrella holder works welll also. On the front of the bag there is a pocket that can hold 2 putters, or drivers if you choose. So far I am very happy with the Tour Bag. Although a little to big for what I really need, having all the extra space and pockets is a nice luxury. I think anyone that gets one of these will be satisfied with it. It is a lot of bag for a reasonble price, and Innova has great customer service if anything goes wrong.
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