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Revolution Disc Golf
Mini Bag

Posted 08-05-07
Submitted by Adam smyith2005@yahoo.com
Level: Adv. Am
Review: I got this bag as a part of the Am Worlds package. IT IS FRICKING LITE. I mean it feels like nothing when you pick it up. I used to carry a Gateway Backpack and a during casual a Innova starter bag. Out of curiosity I put my essential discs in this bag, 11 to be exact (even though it says 8-10 discs, 11 fit comfortably but not 12), and I played a round. At the end of a round in 90 degree heat I still didn't feel this bag on my back. Note: I took 2 identical Innova starter bag straps and made my own dual straps. I've now played several rounds with this bag, it carries everything i need/want. I can easily play multiple rounds a day and still don't feel it on my shoulders at the end of the day. The only weakness of the bag is the bottle holder. The big bottles fall out and its not insulated. I give it a 9.5 out of 10.
Posted 06-05-05
Submitted by Sidearm Grandpa discgolfs1@hotmail.com
Location: Orangeville CA
Level: amateur
Avg Drive: 325
Throws: righty
Throwing Style(s): sidearm
Disc Weights: 169-172
Review: i got a revolution mini bag a few weeks ago and i love it. i was carrying a gds tour bag and it was heavy. my new revolution mini bag holds a putter in the putter pouch on the outside of the bag, mesh 32oz water bottle holder, zippered compartment (for keys, cell phone or whatever), mini pouch and a real nice rigid frame to hold the disc (real nice). i played in a tourney last month and it was raining hard. my gds bag worked but was real heavy after getting completed wet from the 1st round. after lunch i pulled out my revolution mini bag on use just the disc i pulled for use for the first round. it worked just great. wasn\'t carry a bunch of plastic that i wasn\'t using so choices were easier. i use this bag for the rest of the tourney. its a great bag for $40 dollars. if you don\'t need to carry 20+ disc for everyday rounds i highly recommond a revolution mini bag.
Posted: 2-09-05
Submitted by Scottie Vodenik svodenik@yahoo.com I have been playing for about 17 years and finally decided to go with a second bag for short courses or traveling and thought about the usual offerings in a smaller bag and could not find anything that made me happy. With this being said, I had seen a few Revolution bags and had always liked the way they look so I decided that I would get one of their mini bags sight unseen. It is nearly perfect for a small bag. It has a convenient water bottle holder (Even though it is not insulated), shoulder strap and handles on each side of the main pocket, a couple of pockets including one for a mini, a front putter pocket and an actual frame. It holds 9 discs comfortably in the main pocket and one in the putter pocket. It would probably hold another one if I tried. It has very heavy duty zippers and is very comfortable to carry. There are a lot more colors to choose from Revolution as well. I have enjoyed it so much that I am saving up to replace my Innova Deluxe bag. If you are looking for a second bag or want to spoil yourself on your main bag and you do not need to carry 15 discs, this is by far worth the money.
Posted: 2-09-05
Submitted by John McMullen pdga25488@mac.com
Revolution, in my opinion, lives up to its name as maker of "The best disc golf bags in the world" with its MINI BAG design. This smaller bag is designed for practice rounds, and for players who don't need to carry 20+ discs daily or in tournament play.

The MINI BAG is made of 500D CorduraT, a high quality, and durable synthetic material available in a wide variety of colors. It features a main compartment large enough to hold 8-10 discs sealed with a stylishly curved zippered flap on the top of the compartment. This compartment has heavy-duty YKK metal zippers that work flawlessly and will last for years. The MINI Bags top flap is waterproof, but it does not have the rain flap available on other Revolution bags. Inside, it has a scaled down version of the Revolution disc frame (requiring easy assembly with a Phillips head screwdriver), making disc organization and retrieval easy and convenient.

On the front/side of the bag, there is a rectangular putter pocket. The pocket is large enough for one putter. Occasionally the internal frame can interfere with the otherwise graceful access to this pocket. This is a minor problem considering all the other great features included with this bag.

The bag has a mesh pocket on one end, which holds a standard large 32 oz. Nalgene water bottle. The other end has one large pocket, one small pocket (with Fastex Key clip lanyard), a pencil and scorecard pocket. The pockets are designed very well and offer easy access to everything even when the bag is fully loaded.

Other features include a double bottom, two towel loops/handles on each end, high quality plastic Fastex buckles and YKK metal zippers, and a padded back.

The padded shoulder strap is large enough to be comfortable, considering you are only carrying few discs at time in this bag. Revolution also sells a wider strap separately on their web site. Personally, I own a pair of Quadshocks (purchased for my larger Revolution Carolina Disc Golf Bag). The Quadshock carabiners will fit in the buckles on my MINI BAG . so why not golf in ultimate comfort?

This is a great looking, well-made, well-designed product, and for $40 a very good buy. I highly recommend it.
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