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Revolution Disc Golf
Team Bag

Posted 07-12-07
Submitted by Jarrod Job mail@jarrodjob.com
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 325
Review: If you know what Timbuk2 is, get a Revolution. If you know what a Ping Hoofer is, get a Revolution. If you know what 1000D Cordura is, get a Revolution. If you have the money to buy a Mac, get a Revolution. Best bags for a reason, just better quality. Removed the injected molded frame, which is nice, and the bag is even better. Waiting on the Seattle GoreTex Bag? Got this bag on the recommendation of a PDGA pro, and it is just the best quality. Best.
Posted 04-17-07
Submitted by Elvis Review: Just got my Revolution Team Bag several weeks ago. The bag material itself is wonderful. I can't imagine anyone not being pleased with the craftsmanship or the material the bag is constructed with. You pay top dollar, and you get a top dollar bag. HOWEVER, I was extremely disappointed with the PLASTIC "D-Rings and Connectors" that attach the Bag Strap to the bag itself. I called Dave and he said that "they" have had pretty good success with what was supplied... As a side note, I got the $ 120 plus shipping Revolution Bag because of the lame plastic connectors that I broke on my $ 15 Lighting bag. You may not mind paying top dollar and getting cheap bag connectors, so be it... But you will want to be aware of the terrible squeaking noise that it makes every time you walk. People switch from admiring your bag to laughing at the noise that sounds more like "Granny Knees". If you are planning on ditching the Revolution supplied strap for a Quad Strap or something else, you should be OK. Just be forewarned. On a positive note. Revolution forgot to include all the pieces to the roll cage in my shipment and when I called about it, Dave was super nice and sent the omitted pieces quickly out. Good Service.
Posted 11-02-06
Submitted by Rusty P rapappas@hotmail.com
PDGA: 31272
Location: Dallas, TX
Level: Adv. Am
Avg Drive: 350
Disc Weights: n/a
Review: I got a Black Revolution TX bag last year for Christmas (I used a Lightning bag before this one) and I've got nothing but good things to say about it. There is ample storage space on each end of the bag, and the contoured putter pouch on front can actually hold 2 putters. I believe The bag is only designed to hold 16-18 discs, but I've seen people carry as many as 26 in this bad boy - you just unzip the side pouches and stuff another 3-4 discs in each one. The only bad thing i can say about the bag is actually no longer relevant, since they now include the molded plastic frame with all bags - the old wooden frame that came with mine started to tear through the bottom on the corners. The double-flap top is handy in the rain (though its not completely waterproof) and can be easily rolled up and tucking into the back of the bag for easy access. Overall, after almost a year of use, my Revo bag is still pretty much brand new. Pair it with some Quad Shock straps and you can't go wrong. My only regret is not getting the Carolina bag for the extra drink holder.
Posted 08-21-06
Submitted by Nomad nomad@mail2batman.com
PDGA: 28470
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 325
Disc Weights: Orange :)
Review: Ok i have been waiting 9 months to write this review, to let the bag take the test of time. Ive had no problems out of this bag with 9 months of heavy use still like brand new. I bought a innova diamond deluxe and after 6 months, the seams where the quads hook up were ripping out bad. Not even the first sign of this happening on this bag. I liked it so much i just bought my brother in law a revolution pro for his birhtday. The Price a little high, but why not pay 25 more than a tour and get something that will last. A good friend has a black diamond tour and something rips or tears on it every other time he plays and its less than a year old. Do the right thing, go REVOLUTION :) P.S if i had it to do agian i wouldnt get orange & grey everyone and thier mother has that bag :)
Posted 07-06-06
Submitted by Jeff Jeffcyr@cyrcomusic.com
Location: Papillion
Level: Adv. Am
Avg Drive: 350
Disc Weights: 170
Review: I was using a cooler to hold my discs but it was falling apart. So I bought a used Revolution Team Bag. I did a lot of research about disc golf bags and in the end and after talking to a lot of other players the revolution bag seemed like the best choice. It was. Since I have bought my used Revolution Team Bag other local players have bought Innova, Gateway and Lightning bags only to watch them tear, fall apart and be replaced by other new bags. This bag is heavy duty and is the best on the market by far. It was used when I bought it and it hasn't changed a bit. It didn't come with the divider that I hear others talk about but it doesn't need one either. I used to cary a lot of discs and it would carry 21 discs without using the end pockets. Now I'm down to 16 and it works just as well. I play close to 5 times a week and use it for every round and the bag just holds up to all the abuse I give it. The main reason I bought this bag is because I'm a froogle person. You might think froogle? With such an expensive bag? Yes froogle! Every other bag on the market you will be lucky to get years out of them. So every new bag you get in the long run equals more $$$$$. Buy one bag and have it for the rest of your life. That's smart money.
Posted 01-12-06
Submitted by Jeffrey Butler jtb160@jwu.edu
Disc Weights: N/A
Review: I have been playing for over ten years now and have been through more than a few bags. When I recieved my Revolution bag, I quickly discovered that I would never NEED a new bag if I didn't want one. This bag is made from heavy duty materials and has superb construction. I couldn't be more happy with the purchase.
Posted 01-11-06
Submitted by Blake Takkunen The Webmaster blake@discgolfreview.com
Disc Weights: N/A
Review: The Revolution Carolina Team Bag is a medium to large capacity bag that is loaded with features and of superb quality and construction. The bag features a heavily padded adjustable shoulder strap, two large zippered end pockets, a small zippered pocket on the putter pocket, two large insulated drink holders, an open padded back pocket, rain flap, two alternate carrying handles, two attached loops that serve as an umbrella holder, two reinforced loops for four-point straps, two pen pockets, and two small open utility pockets. The bag includes a rigid frame that holds the discs off the ground. The frame is made of wood with the poles covered in plastic to keep from wearing on the discs and includes a divider that can be placed in various configurations but is not meant to move once it has been put in place. The frame will comfortably hold 13-16 discs internally and in addition to the putter pocket and end pockets, the bag should be able to house up to around 20-22 discs if you were to fill it completely up. The bag itself is constructed of heavy duty Dupont cordura with a vinyl bottom.

The Carolina Team Bag is a very well made bag with a very good variety of features. The material used in this bag makes it the best quality bag on the market, but I would say the biggest draws for me to the Revolution line of bags are the frame and the bag’s light weight for its carrying capacity. The frame alone is enough to ensure that I will carry these bags long into the future. While the frame is fully rigid (meaning that it can break if sufficient force were applied), it is very sturdy and should hold up over years of use if you take care of your bag and do not abuse it. The only parts of this bag that were a little awkward for me were finding a good spot to put the rain flap when not in use (I finally rolled it up and pushed it into the back pocket) and that the secondary attachment points do not have D-rings so the orientation of the straps on my quads end up turned 90 degrees outwards.

I carried a Gateway Tour Bag for 5 years and 700+ rounds and have nothing but good things to say about it, but I can say my Carolina bag will be here to stay. While it carries a pretty hefty price tag ($115), with disc golf bags you get what you pay for and this bag is definitely worth the money if it fits into your budget. While there are several very good bags on the market, I can confidently say that this is the best disc golf bag made if you are looking for quality and a large variety of features.

Posted: 2-09-05
Submitted by crdiscgolfer@yahoo.com I just got my Carolina Edition Team Bag and love it! I have owned an Innova Tour Bag which I thought was a little to heavy feeling and not durable enough, I then switched to a Gateway Player Bag which was a little smaller and lighter. I liked it a lot as it had the addition of an internal divider that kept the discs nice and organized and in great condition. I loved the bag and had no complaints until it started to fall apart, and I had owned it only 1 year! So I bought a Gateway Backpack bag and hated how the frame inside dug into your back during the round unless I put a disc in that back pocket, which only seemed to crush that disc. I had heard a lot of good things about Revolution and had loved the bags that I had seen. So I ordered a Carolina Bag. When I got it, the first thing I noticed was the quality. I looks like nothing other (disc bags), it's made perfectly and is double stiched everywhere. Besides that, instead of nylon or low level Cordura, it's made of Ballistic Cordura and 1000 Cordura. It's on the level of my ball golf bag in terms of durability and quality of fit and finish. Another thing I noticed the second that I put it on, was the padded back! Why has noone else thought of this? After wearing this, a padded back seems to be a necessity instead of a luxury. The price is a little high at 115 plus shipping, but it seems well worth it the second you get the bag in the mail. Not only are the materials high quality, but all of the hardware and zippers are high quality as well. Also, the little loops where you put your carabiners to connect your straps are double stitched and feel 100 times more durable than the ones that have ripped out on EVERY other bag I have owned. Honestly, I have looked into every option when it comes to bags and this seems to overwhelmingly be the best choice in terms of quality, durability, function, and comfort.
Posted: 11-03-04
Submitted by ferretdance03 brad@p3clothing.com
I got my TE Team Bag, and I love it! I previous used a smaller Lightning bag, and more recently Innova bags, most recent the Pro version. The Revolution is lighter, more comfortable and looks 10 times better! I wasn't sure if I would like the frame instead of an accordion style disc holder, but it works great. No more fumbling with putting the discs back in the little slot. One gripe, it is a little tough to put the discs in at the very extreme ends of the bag, due to the round opening, but it isn't a major issue. Like one other reviewer said, it would be nice if one of the end pockets had some dividers, but they still work for other discs, keys, phone, glasses, rule book, mini, etc. etc. etc. Also, another reviewer mentioned that the colors are not true to the website, and I would have to say that the color I got wasn't exactly what I expected, but I still like it. All in all, the TE Team bag is a great investment for any golfer looking to add a heavy duty, lightweight, and fashionable bag to their arsenal. I don't want to sound like I'm jumping on the bandwagon, but this may be the last golf bag I own, unless of course I upgrade to the Carolina bag for the dual water bottles!
Posted: 6-29-04
Submitted Daniel Pereyo pereyod@yahoo.com
The revolution TE (Texas Edition) Team Bag is Revolution's top of the line bag with a bigger water bottle holder than the original Team Bag. This bag is the sturdiest bag I've ever come across and it the best in terms of quality of material. I've known other players who've had their revolution bags for years and the only wear you can see is the fading of the color after being out in the sun. In terms of durability I'd give this bag a 10.

In terms of disc capacity I'd give this bag a 10. This bag holds up to 16 discs (thats doing a little craming) in its main disc compartment. It also has a putter pouch that holds two putters comfortably. So this bag can potentially hold 18 discs, but it holds 16 discs comfortably.

This bag is quite pricey ($95) but I'd give it a 9 in price. When you consider what you get with the price though I think it is well worth the money. The bag is sturdy enough that I'll never need another bag unless this one gets stolen (knock on wood).

This bag also has nice extras so I'd give it a 9 in terms of the extras that it offers. The bag has two main storage pockets that are quite large. It also has a basic pouch on one end of the bag with a smaller utility pouch on the other side next to the bottle holder. It has a little scorecard pocket on the butter pouch with a zipper that is nice.

What really sets this bag apart are the added extras other than storage space. I'll give all of these features a big fat 10. The bag has a rain flap that folds out and over the bag opening and it snaps into place. This thing has saved my butt many a time up here in the rainy northwest. It also has an umbrella holder on the bottom of the bag that makes carrying an umbrella a snap. The divider frame is also topnotch. It is very sturdy and sets your discs up very nicely. It comes with two optional supports that fit on either side of the frame. I find these to also be key in the bags set up. They make the bag very sturdy in terms of structure.

In terms of weight this bag is as heavy as you make it. When its full of discs, gear in pockets and an umbrella then the bag can get heavy, but if have the quadshock straps then you hardly notice the weight.

Cosmetics, this bag just looks cool. The colors are sharp and the styling looks professional. You just feel cooler when you carry this bag.

Overall I'd give this bag a solid 9.5. This is the best bag that I've found in terms of quality of construction and features. It may not have everything, I just can't see what else it would need. This is bag for me and I don't see the need to ever buy another one.
Posted: 05-18-04
Submitted by Matt Davis
The Revolution Team Bag is a 12-14 disc bag with a double putter pocket, plus external pockets for a total of about 20 discs absolute maximum.

This bag is made of insanely durable 1000D Cordura, with very sturdy construction throughout; nothing I've seen comes close in terms of durability. The accoutrements are almost precisely what most golfers want, especially the cavernous pockets on either end. If you like large diameter water/beer bottles, get the Texas Edition, which holds Nalgene liter bottles or 40s with ease.

Two small nit-picks:
- If you want a particular color, you may find that the colors depicted on the website are a poor match for the color you experience in person.
- I wish the cavernous end pockets had some sub-pockets for your sunglasses, cellphone, etc. They have so much space that such items easily get buried. One extra piece of Cordura, stitched to an inside wall of each end pocket, would yield huge dividends in terms of overall utility.

But don't get me wrong. The bag kicks some serious a**. If you're a gearhead like me, you sort of owe it to yourself.
Posted: 06-23-02
Submitted by: John Lacey <johnl@vizdom.com>
I've never carried an official golf bag before, just a generic round gym bag, so I can't compare this to other golf bags. I bought it because other people loved it, price wasn't a consideration, and I wanted the extra pockets, especially for tournaments. Also, the logo is one I don't mind sporting (unlike the Lightning bags). The pockets are just right for me, holding an extra water bottle, extra towels, and an extra shirt that I started the round with. That all fits into just one of the two large pockets, plus there's a small pocket I use for minis, and a bottle holder on the outside. (I think I drink more just because it's so handy, which is great for avoiding dehydration.) The bag holds 14 discs for me, with the frame and including the putter on the outside (inside I have six putter/approach discs and seven thinner drivers.) The frame makes getting discs in and out a breeze, though the outermost putter/approach disc likes to stick to the frame a bit (probably the gripper plastic) and the opening on the zippered top is a little small.
Posted: 4-03-02
Submitted by: Rich Myers <rmyers@sughrue.com>
After starting with a small lightning hand me down bag i bought a Lightning Deluxe Tour bag. It really didn't fit my needs as it was just too big to carry and the accordian insert made disc removal and insertion difficult. Now i picked up a Revolution Team bag and I think it is just the ultimate. It has a lightweight plastic frame to hold the discs allowing for easy removal and placement. pockets are large enough to handle even a bunched up rain jacket. nice water bottle holder, heavy duty material and straps. pencil holder. zip up top for travel and a rain flap, and the back side is even padded. This is a REALLY nice bag. For 95.00 it seems built well enough to last me a looong time, and has all the features i need to get me to and through a tournament or just a casual round.
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