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Dolf Catching Targets
PVC 16 Chain Hole Basket

Number of Chains: 16
Chain Material: 2.0 Weight Galvanized
Frame Material: PVC
Base: Portable
Weight: Light
Approximate Cost: $89 complete or $54 without chains (shipping not included)
Posted: 11-03-04
Submitted by ferretdance03 brad@p3clothing.com
I originally purchased this basket because I wanted something lightweight and inexpensive to take with me to shows and festivals to demonstrate the great fun of disc golf, as well as to improve my putting. It is lightweight and inexpensive, and it is definitely fun. It took me a while to get it together and it was a little frustrating with about a million pieces of pvc pipe on my living room floor, but all good things are worth working for aren't they? The target catches very well for being portable. I might have a hot disc fly through once out of every 35-40 putts, and I've never had it topple over, staked or un-staked, in wind as high as 20mph As far as durability goes, so far so good. I would recommend this target to anyone looking for an inexpensive alternative to the higher end baskets. It is lightweight; portable, functional and can help improve your putting (if you use it). And all of us golfers can use a little putting help can't we?
Posted: 07-28-01
By Blake Takkunen - the Webmaster - <blake@discgolfreview.com>
My Review:
Dolf's Catching Targets PVC 16 Chain Hole Basket is an affordable alternative to the more expensive, higher end baskets. The basket requires assembly and although no tools are required, PVC glue is recommended for more permanent use. I have not glued mine since I move it often but I would recommend using the PVC glue if you can as the PVC tubing can shift a bit over time/weather/movement. The basket is light weight, easily managable by one person and is fairly sturdy. Stakes are included to secure the goal to the ground if you choose to do so. Before the release of DGA's M-14 basket this year, the 16 Chain Hole was probably the best value in its price class, rivaled by only Innova's plastic Discatcher Target Set, the Tube Tone Tone Pole, and the plastic-chained Tri-State Disc Golf Basket (which was twice the cost). The 16 Chain Hole is sturdy and affordable. Its basket is a bit smaller in diameter than the more expensive baskets making it harder to sink putts and giving more frequent bounce outs but if you hit the center of the pole, it's in and going to stay in. Also of note, the stakes can scrape up your discs if you slide one over them but this could be fixed with duct tape or something of the sort to pad the edges. The 16 Chain Hole is still in my opinion the best basket/target under $100. If you are looking for something inexpensive and more permanent I would recommend the M-14 but for something inexpensive, lightweight, and portable, the 16 Chain Hole might be another option. Also, Fred Chittendon, whom I believe to be head of the company, has been very helpful in giving me ways to improve the performance and reliability of my target.
Posted: 1-08-02
Submitted by Paul Wharton
Dolf's 16 Chain Pole Hole works well. It was somewhat of a pain to put together, it took me about an hour -- if I had to do it again I could do it in half that time. If I ever buy another one, I will order the chains from Dolf too. It was tedious to get the guy at Home Depot to cut 16 two foot pieces of chain and was not that much less money than what Dolf charges. The basket catches fine and is plenty sturdy for backyard practice. Does it catch as well as a Mach III? No. Does not really bother me for what I use it for? No. Transporting it is a breeze. It can't weigh 30 lb. with the chains and easily breaks down into the base, basket and top sections. There are lots of little things that I could add but bottom line is -- it's an inexpensive basket that has greatly improved my putting since I bought it. (I'm still not used to the putts that go in from the top . . . . just seems like cheating!!)
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