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Skill-Shot DGT

Number of Chains: 16
Chain Material: Zinc Plated
Frame Material: Powdercoated Steel and 600 Denier Polyester
Base: Portable Tripod
Weight: 20 lbs.
Approximate Cost: MSRP $110-130
What Ching Says:
1) SNATCH ACTION (Series Networked Axil Tension Chain Harness) - this unique chain configuration allows use of very lightweight material while still capturing discs comparable in performance to other pricey commercial grade targets.
2) LIGHTWEIGHT - clever use of materials and engineering allows the unit to weigh in at approximately 20 lbs, reducing shipping costs and making it perfect for camping trips, beach adventures, or just moving around the backyard on your own private course.
3) COLLAPSIBLE - one of the greatest benefits we've implemented is how this unit folds up to a size that will fit in any car...in fact, you could easily pack an entire 9 hole course in most vehicles and still have room for your doubles partner!
4) VISIBILITY- colorfast fabric canopy and basket 'skins' can be custom screenprinted with club logos, sponsorship information, or individually unique designs. The bright colored flag accents the top and makes the unit easy to see from hundreds of feet away.
5) AFFORDABLE - We have been working non stop to make sure this unit will be available at a price that appeals to large chain wholesalers and encourages distribution to the public. You'll be tempted to buy several to setup your own backyard course!
Posted 06-09-05
Submitted by Shane krusinoffroad@yahoo.com
Review: I got my skill shot off ebay (paid $103 shipped). After I bid I found I could have gotten an In Step for 60$ shipped. I was bummed until I actually recieved my skillshot. This thing folds down to the size of a bat bag, and sets up in less than a minute. Kinda like two opposing umbrellas that you slide into the base and you're done. Ultimate portability. The construction is quality, and it catches putts very well. A concentric chain at the bottom is attached to all the vertical chains, and loosely attached to radial spokes. This design keeps the chains from flying inward too easily. Did I say it catches well? I haven't thrown anything longer than a 150 footer at it yet, but the tripod base is very sturdy, and there are rings at the end of the feet to put stakes through if you're worried about tipping it over on an ace drive. I will probably buy an In Step too, but this is the one I'll be taking camping and to the beach.
Posted: 3-21-05
Submitted by timhoneycutt@beer.com
Iím an intermediate player averaging 250-300ft drives. I Just received my skillshot form Charis Discs. The $99 with free shipping was a great deal. I agree with all of the previous reviews: Itís not a ďrealĒ basket, not to be used with competition, but it will improve your game. The ease of set-up and take down is easy. Great putting practice and extremely stable, although it wonít catch an ace from 300-400ft. without falling over. In my personal rulebook, if you knock it down, you get the hole. Almost everyone Iíve played with could improve their game with the putting practice. This device makes it easy and convenient. I havenít found anything else that compares. Canít wait for the camping season to begin with everyone all my friends.
Posted: 9-13-04
Submitted by Wesley Keppy
I purchased the Skill Shot because I found it at Dunham's Sports for $99.99 - no shipping delay or cost. I was originally a bit skeptical because I thought it would topple over and be hard to put up / take down, but so far I have been very pleased with the basket.

I really haven't noticed the chains spitting out a whole lot of shots, but so far I've only used it for practicing putts within 40 feet. It seems to grab everything about the same as regular chains, but with what seems like a slightly smaller basket. I doubt that holds true for long shots, but have not tested it. If you're looking to practice putting, it's perfect because if anything, it's a little harder to make shots - which makes it that much easier when you get to the regular metal baskets.

I was most impressed with how quick and easy it was to setup and take down. It's basically 2 pieces: the tripod bottom and the basket/chains/top. The basket folds up while the top folds down, just like two umbrellas (one upside down). The chains snuggle inside the umbrellas, and the entire pole fits in the provided bag. Then u just fold the tripod up and put it in the side pocket.

For the week and a half I've had my basket I've been very pleased for only spending $100. It will be nice this winter when I can pack it in my car and take it inside after work to practice indoors. Overall it is much simpler and sturdier than I had expected.
Posted: 7-24-04
Submitted by p.olvera@comcast.net
I played with the Ching Skill-Shot this last weekend for the first time and thought it held up very well. We set up a mini course with three of them while on a camping trip. We had a great course set up which was very difficult. I felt that they where very sturdy especially in the terrain we where in. We had to on hills at a down slop and when hit they never fell over. Definitely worth the money, in fact I plan on purchasing two shortly.
Posted: 10-09-02
Submitted by: MasseyFamily4@aol.com
I recently had a chance to participate in a couple rounds of golf using the Ching Skill Shot baskets. To be honest, I don't like them at all. The baskets were set up well, and the temporary course was nice but the baskets were inept. Money was on the line, and the baskets weren't dependable. On two different occasions I hit the basket with my drive and it toppled the whole basket both times. Those probably would've been ace shots, but the baskets didn't stay up. I've played on other temporary baskets where I've seen a drive slam the basket and either the basket stayed up and the ace was completed, or the basket stayed up and the disc popped out because the drive was a little off. Putting into these Skill Shot baskets is not an easy task either. If you're playing in a situation where you need to put heat on your putt ! (because of wind, or distance) forget about the basket holding your shot. The chains are so light weight, and are not anchored so the disc just flies straight through, or gets flipped out where a better basket would've held the shot. The only perks to the skill shot that I can think of is the fact that your actual catch area is about 2/3 the size of a regular basket. It might help you in downsizing your target area when you go back to regulation baskets.
Sorry, no likely this basket. Would much rather play an object course of garbage cans, telephone poles, road cones or something like that than pay for these. I've seen baskets made by crafty players for less than what these cost and are much more sturdy as well. Not a wise investment if you want quality.
Posted: 04-02-02
Submitted by: davemyers71@comcast.net
The Ching Skill-Shot has the most bang for your buck in my opinion. It is lightweight, portable, storable, affordable and setup & take down is a snap (target can set up in about 30 seconds). The visual appeal is very nice also, I have a prototype model with the golden yellow cotton skin which you can see very easily from afar, plus it comes with a small red golf flag on top for added visibility and to monitor the wind. The Skill-Shot also catches great, just as good or better than the pricier competition, the S.N.A.T.C.H. action really pulls em in.

Future models will come with a 600 denier polyester skin for added strength and durability. Additionally, several colors will be available to fit anyone's preference for high visibility or to blend into the surroundings.

To sum things up, this target is very cool, it's great for backyard putting practice or to bring over to your Mother in laws house so you'll have an excuse to get out of the house (Inside joke). The Skill-Shot is for you!
Posted: 04-10-02
Submitted by Jason Glerum <jsglerum@hotmail.com>
This basket is VERY nice, especially when you take the low cost and high portability into account (see mother-in-law joke in previous review - insert variation of similar joke here). I also have one of the proto-type models with the yellow cotton, but Ching is replacing the cotton with the polyster free of charge.

The chains grab discs very well, thanks to what was obviously a lot of thought put into the design. I think it grabs better than the Innova Discatcher baskets (also single row of chains), and it's 1/4 the price! Once in a while a disc will bounce off of the skin where it would probably have gone in a normal basket, or will flop into the basket where it would certainly have bounced out on a regular target. But you know when those things occur, adjust accordingly, and it isn't a major drawback.

Minor downside is that, while it is very simple to set up, it is a hand-crusher to take down. The pop-out wires that keep it from falling down do their job very well, and are very resistant to letting you take the basket down. I keep a heavy glove in the sleeve with the target to protect

my hand. Overall: BUY IT! :)
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