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Elite X Predator

Type: Driver
Diameter: 21.3cm
Available Weights: 165-176g
Plastic: Discraft Elite X

Elite X Predator
Flight Rating Category Value What Discraft says:
Maximum Flight Speed 8.0
Resistance To High Speed Turn 8.5
Amount Of Low Speed Fade 8.0
Propensity To Fade 7.5
Glide 6.0
Relative Distance 7.5
Qualitative Analysis Value
Recommended Skill Level 3.5
Predictability 4.0
Uniformity Of Break In Period 3.0
Overall Durability 3.0 Description of the Ratings System.

Player Reviews

Posted 06-07-06
Submitted by The Invisible Tree isbeefray@gmail.com
Location: Georgia
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 325
Disc Weights: 168, 172
Review: Review for backhand throws: When new, this disc is fairly overstable. On a backhand throw, I can't keep it straight for more than about 100' before it's starts it's left roll. The X plastic breaks in quickly so after 30-40 rounds (varies by user obviously)a good bit of the high speed overstability is beaten out. At that point,this disc could most accurately be described as a longer teebird with a bit more pronounced fade in the late part of it's flight.

Review for sidearm throws: My sidearm is shorter than my backhand. When I throw this disc flat or with a very small amount of left roll it holds a straight line and fades slightly right in the last 10% of it's flight. I prefer a newer X Predator for sidearm throws because I want it to fade right. After it's broken it requires a bit of right roll (RHSA) on the release to account for it's decreased overstability.

All in all, this is an outstanding disc. I use new ones for all but my most extreme overstable needs and sidearm shots and beat ones for long, straight distance shots. It won't be quite as long as other long distance drivers but it makes up for it with consistency.
Posted 05-25-06
Submitted by Montana Going
Disc Weights: 175
Review: I would have to say that the Predetor is a pretty radical disc if you need a hook. It throws pretty far, I throw it about 200 every time. But the only thing Icould critisise about this disc is that it has a pretty nasy curve. I'll be honest with you I only throw it when I need a hook. The rest of the time I throw an 170 innova Beast which I must say flies alot straighter and is much more accurate. So overall the Predetor is a very good disc, in the right situation.
Posted 09-18-05
Submitted by Jacob Eubanks jacobpaul82@hotmail.com
Disc Weights: 170
Review: The Discraft X Predator is a long straight driver, with a rapid, short fade at the very end of its flight path. Some reviewers call this a "s" curve disc, but its flight path is far different from "S" discs like Innova's Beast or Discraft's Crush. I would compare its path to Innova's Teebird, or Millineium's LS. However, The predator is far longer than either of these discs. Additionally, the X pred is a "stable pig" in the wind, holding its line, into the strongest gushes. It takes alot of arm speed and snap to throw this disc, so I don't recommend it for new players. In fact, this thing takes a monster arm to throw. If you are looking for a long straight driver, and you tend to turn discs over, or if you are looking for a "stable pig", the X Predator is a fine canidate.
Posted: 11-03-04
Submitted by Andy Newberry
The X-Predator is my most consistent driver. I've tried all the others when they come out (Wildcat, Flash, Orc, Crush, etc)... when I have a hyzer between 300-380 that has to be accurate I only have one choice, my X-predator. I wish they were more consistently run. The only 1000-plus tourney round I ever had, I probably made half my drives with an X-Pred. My favorites lately are any X-Preds that are either tourney-stamped or tye-dyed. These seem to be flatter and still stable at higher speeds. The regularly produced red ones have been way understable for me. The blue ones are better, but not as good as a dyed or stamped one. The X-preds are durable, but do have a life span that goes from overstable to pretty straight. A good driver into any wind that doesn't require an Xtreme.
Posted: 3-08-04
Submitted by: cwilley1@tampabay.rr.com
The Discraft Predator X, is by far my go to disc...I normallly carry 2-3 in my bag...One stable fresh one 172, and one lighter, maybe a 170, to flip/stall a little on hard-thrown shots...I love the glide I get out of these, and it is very predictable, and for the more advanced player very reliable to gauge distance...I throw a variety of shots with these , including super high anheiser (flick shots), actually a Z- curve, that have gone well into the 500 ft range...Thrown hard and low( backhand, or side-arm) always holds its line, especially into a wind...Awesome disc, definitely worthy of checking out!!! If you want something even more stable, check it out in the Z-plastic(172-174)......
Posted: 7-30-02
By Blake Takkunen - the Webmaster - <blake@discgolf.com>
My Review:
Discraft's Elite X Predator is a high speed overstable driver. This disc is molded in Discraft's Elite X sparkle plastic which is grippy and durable. The Predator's flight path is very similar to an Elite X Reaper and Elite Z X2 but probably a bit more overstable. Thrown flat, the Predator is very good for straight to left shots and its fade is moderate and predictable at around the 70-75% point in its flight. On a hyzer angle, the Predator can be thrown both straight to hard left or a sweeping left fade. Anhyzer, this disc will fly straight for a line drive S-curve on a slight annie, or a big S-curve with a crush. The Predator is quite fast and requires a lot of arm to throw it but big arms should find its flight stable when thrown flat or slight hyzer. Most players should find this to be a good disc for headwind drives, left fades, and sidearm drives. This disc is not recommended for newer players.
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