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Elite X Storm

Type: Midrange
Diameter: 21.4cm
Available Weights: 165-176g
Plastic: Discraft Elite X

Elite X Storm
Flight Rating Category Value What Discraft says:
Maximum Flight Speed 7.0
Resistance To High Speed Turn 7.0
Amount Of Low Speed Fade 5.5
Propensity To Fade 6.0
Glide 7.0
Relative Distance 6.5
Qualitative Analysis Value
Recommended Skill Level 2.0
Predictability 3.0
Uniformity Of Break In Period 3.0
Overall Durability 3.0 Description of the Ratings System.

Player Reviews

Posted 02-21-07
Submitted by Karl Disc Weights: 170
Review: I agree with previous reviewers that the Discraft Storm is often overlooked. I received it as a gift several years ago and never really used it until the last year or so. Now, I think I will have a Storm in my bag for a long time. A great straight flyer with little fade, it has become my mid range of choice. Unlike most mid's, I can heave this thing pretty good, and now use it for additional control on tee shots that I always used drivers on in the past. Mine has gotten beat in pretty good and I notice a slight tendency toward understable, but it is still very consistent in it's flight. It's time for me to pick up a new Storm for my bag, and I encourage others to try one whenever they seek a consistent, straight mid-range. I see the primary benefit of this disc is that it adds control to my game on those "tweener" shots where most mid-range options don't provide enough distance, and drivers don't allow enough control. Count me in on the Storm!
Posted 08-05-06
Submitted by Michael Stiller PDGA: 8358
Location: Selm / Germany
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 250
Disc Weights: 174-176g
Review: I chose this disc after trying several midrang-driver, e.g. Roc, Glide, Buzz, Medius, Viper...

I like the robust and handy Elite-X plastic, the grip and the rim of the disc, which is similar to the stratus, which I use for anhyzer shots. Indeed the Storm seems to me a lot like the (slightly over-)stable brother of the Stratus.

It flies very straight for me, with a small fade to the left (RHBH) at the end of it's flight. Thrown anhyzer it holds the angle to the right and flattens out or turns left (s-curve) if thrown higher at the end. Thrown hyzer it goes straight into strong headwinds or in less-wind-situations with the predicted curve. Thrown flat with hyzer-angle it's good for a skip, too.

For me, it goes a bit farther (approx. 210ft) than DX Roc (approx. 195ft), a bit farther and way straighter than Medius, DX Viper and PRO Roc, farther than X-Buzz, and more stable than the Z-Glide. Maybe players with more power and technic get different results, but these are my experiences.

In the end I had to choose between DX Roc and X-Storm and the X-Storm won that competition, but they are not that different. Besides the quality of the plastic and a few feet more distance... ;)

Have fun & greetings from Germany! Michael
Posted 03-16-06
Submitted by Harold Bramton pagan.harold@gmail.com
PDGA: 28296
Location: North Dakota
Level: Beginner
Avg Drive: 275
Disc Weights: 167-169
Review: I received this disc in the package the PDGA sends out after initially joining. It's the black with gold foil logo stamp. I've quickly found this disc is a longer straighter MRV. Thrown at 80% power (for me) this disc flies straight out with just a slight curve towards understable but finishing straight after a long glide. This disc is all about glide. Even those who tend to throw nose up will find it more forgiving than most drivers... If the MRV is too short (or too right) throw the Storm.
Posted: 12-23-04
Submitted by Pedro Calhoun mspacperson@yahoo.com
Throwing style: RH Backhand, RH Sidearm
Distance: 200 :(
The Elite X Storm is listed by Discraft as a "super mid to long range disc that is very predictable. Just overstable enough to handle moderate winds and high release speed," but I would argue that it's also a great driver for a beginner/noodle arm, and this review is geared towards others in that class. This disc flies very straight, and as someone who throws with low arm speed, not a ton of spin (I use a fan grip), who maxes out around 200 feet, this is my longest flying disc (I've also thrown Leopard, XL, Comet, and Cobra all ~168g). So, with that in mind, throw it with just a touch of anhyzer to get max distance, it will still fly pretty straight, maybe falling 10-15 feet to the right. If I want a pretty straight throw, I will actually give it a tiny bit of hyzer, which it will flatten out from, no problem, though giving it more hyzer will lead to nice gradual left hand turns. Throwing a high anhyzer for approach shots it will hold the line until just after it starts coming down when it will come back a bit and lay down smoothly on the ground. In my backhand throws one thing I have a problem with is keeping the nose down, so longer drivers accentuate this problem by flying up, and then cutting sharply to the left. The Storm is much more forgiving in this area, I find it somewhat similar to the Comet in this respect but, of course, faster and overstable; the Storm and the Comet actually compliment eachother very well for beginners. Thrown sidearm, unless you are good at finessing it, you have to release it with a ton of hyzer, it will then flatten out pretty quickly and turn over, but I have never flipped it all the way over this way, it eventually comes back. When released flat or anhyzer (sidearm), it generally turns right into the ground. One final point, the rating above lists it as having moderate low speed fade, and an above average tendency to fade, I have to say that in my experience the amount low speed fade has been very mild, which is good because it glides very well.
Posted: 10-21-04
Submitted by icecreamcat@netzero.net
The easiest way to review this disc is to say that it throws like an elite X Wasp just longer. I like to throw my elite X Wasp between 275' and about 300'. The problem has been that on holes that are between 300'and 350' I have been left to trying to "take something off" a driver, which is harder for me to control due to the aerodynamics of a driver. Even though this disc has a rating of "1" I think that it handles high speeds well and fades predictably after it runs out of speed. When released with an anhyzer it will come back without turning over completely. Like I said I think that if you are comfortable with an X Wasp you will like this disc as well.
Posted: 2-10-03
Submitted by Ben Ellard <schmang@hotmail.com>
So far, this is the straightest disc I've thrown to date (about a 0). It compares with my Stratus, but seems to float a lot better and a bit less prone to the high speed roll. Again, this may change over time. In the mean time however, I find it ideal for straight shots in the 70-100 yrd range. I've thrown it as far as ~140-150 yrds, but I think it fly's a bit better when it's not being torqued right out.
I don't know if it will replace my Stratus as my #1 rollover driver, we'll see as the disc ages. For now, it is certainly in my top 3 (behind the Firebird and TeeBird.).
Posted: 11-11-02
Submitted by rawtoynage@msn.com
The new storm in elite plastic is by far the longest midrange i have thrown to date. I am not a super long thrower, but I use a Firebird CE or Teebird on most of my drives and put them consistently in the 350-370 range. The Storm, for me, goes about 315 with a very similar flight pattern to a Roc, which is my main disc on any hole under 300. It has about the same stability and speed, a pretty good resistance to turnover and not too much fade, but with more glide at the end of its flight. Overall, I would say that this is a superb disc to use for those in-between midrange and driver holes. It would also be worth a try for the bigger arms that prefer Discraft, but have found the mrv a bit understable and the mrx just more of the same. I am planning on getting one of the new wasps as well, whch discraft claims is an overstable midrange, and wil hopefully have a ! review for that in the near future.
Posted: 7-30-02
By Blake Takkunen - the Webmaster - <blake@discgolf.com>
My Review:
Discraft's Elite X Storm is a fast, slightly overstable midrange. Molded in Discraft's new grippy, durable sparkle elite X plastic, this disc is vey low profile, with a narrow and shallow rim. The Storm flies stable at high speeds and is probably the longest and fastest midrange on the market. It has moderate, predictable low speed fade that occurs about 75-85% into its flight. Thrown on a flat line drive, the Storm will fly fast and straight before finishing left. On a hyzer line, the Storm will flatten and fly straight and finish moderately hard left. Anhyzer, this disc favors a line drive s-curve and will get tremendous distance for a midrange. The Storm feels a little bit like a Stratus in the hand and is probably more of a long range driver although it is marketed as a midrange. This disc is a good choice for those shots that are just out of the range of a Roc/MRV type but shorter than your max D drivers. The Storm also makes an excellent first driver in lighter weights since it's easy to grip and control and finishes predictably without being too overstable.
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