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Elite Z Wasp

Type: Midrange
Diameter: 21.5cm
Available Weights: 160-178g
Plastic: Discraft Elite Z

Elite Z Wasp
Flight Rating Category Value What Discraft says:
Maximum Flight Speed NA
Resistance To High Speed Turn NA
Amount Of Low Speed Fade NA
Propensity To Fade NA
Glide NA
Relative Distance NA
Qualitative Analysis Value
Recommended Skill Level NA
Predictability NA
Uniformity Of Break In Period NA
Overall Durability NA Description of the Ratings System.

Player Reviews

Posted 02-21-08
Submitted by moonlit
Location: MN
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 300
Disc Weights: 178
Review: Great companion to the Buzzz. It has more fade than the Buzzz. (I really like my Buzzz!) When faced with a midrange distance shot into the wind, out comes the Wasp. Very predictable!!! Very controlable!!! For midrange shots that have room to hyzer it in, it's the Wasp, every time! I use it more than my Buzzz, to tell the truth. I use it with good success from about 150' to 250'.
Posted 06-11-07
Submitted by Josh bioidea@yahoo.com
Disc Weights: 173, 180
Review: I prefer this mid-range to all others. It is becoming the most used disc in my bag. It's nice and stable and straight with a little fade at the end. For wahtever reason, the slippery Z plastic and the deeper rim of a midrange combine for a perfect release direction almost every time.
Posted 03-18-07
Submitted by Noah ESPeciallyGlory@hotmail.com
Disc Weights: 175
Review: The Wasp is an overstable version of the Buzzz. I always loved my Buzzz but began overpowering it a bit and I had no control throwing into the wind. The Wasp feels about the same in my hands but can handle going into the wind much better. I never have problems turning it over as I did with my Buzzz and it most always fades back at the end of it's flight. Just remember that this disc is made for midrange and you'll be fine.
Posted 10-07-06
Submitted by Anonymous nathaniel@glasgowfinecarpenter.com
Location: Portland, OR
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 300
Disc Weights: 177
Review: I went to my local discmonger to buy a Champion Roc, since my DX Rocs were getting too flippy too fast. A beat Roc is a beautiful thing, of course, but I also wanted a Roc that would just stay new. After explaining that a Champ Roc costs like $40+, he sold me an Elite-Z Wasp for $12. The shape and feel of this disc is basically like a Roc, with maybe a flatter top. I fell in love with the first throw. The Wasp is like a newer-than-new Roc. It is quite overstable, and very predictable. I use it primarily as a "mid-range" disc (for me this means standing throw, no x-step, etc.), but it also flies great off the tee, flying easily 75% as far as my fairway driver, a Star TL - definitely longer than my Roc. When I really throw it, it will turn right a bit, but it always comes back. It's great for those exaggerated s-curves to snake around obstacles. Throw high with a lot of anhyzer, it will always flex back to a flat landing. The Elite-Z plastic seems pretty much bullet-proof, showing no visible wear after many impacts. It's hard and stiff and slick, but this hasn't bothered me. We'll see how it goes in the coming cold rainy season. For shorter "touch" approaches and turnovers, I still prefer my well-worn Roc, but when I want to hurl it a ways, or for hyzer approaches and skip/slide shots, I go for the Wasp. Great disc for any Roc lover.
Posted 07-16-06
Submitted by Ska Bob Location: Detroit
Level: Adv. Am
Avg Drive: 300
Disc Weights: 173
Review: My love for very precise midranges has led me into a dead end lately, as my bag is mostly comprised of MRVs and Z Hawks - both of which are discontinued. I've been looking for something to take their place that I could readily get, and was SOMEWHAT pleased with the Buzzz, but found it less versatile than the MRV and when I turned it, it wouldn't come back like either Hawk or MRV. I tried the Wasp, to see if it being more overstable would help, and I'd say it sure does! I'm able to add a modest chunk onto the distance of my (fan grip, haven't given it many throws with power grip, my mid-game is all fan grip) midrange drives, with flight characteristics roughly equal to the MRV. I can even put it on a high hyzer and have it flex back out reliably in the last 10-20% of it's flight. I'm also far more confident throwing it with a lot of force. The MRV and Hawk are both very particular about how you throw them, and neither likes a whole heap of force. The Wasp takes it grinning when you give it a good hard throw. I can see where someone with a bigger arm than mine might turn it, which would really leave you with just the Drone I guess...Really, if you're putting that much torque on a mid-range, I'd say you need to remember it's not a long range driver, even if you CAN get it out to 300'. :)
Posted 01-16-06
Submitted by Alan Dibos alan.dibos@gmail.com
Disc Weights: 178, 180, 180
Review: For about two years I combed all of entries on this website and the PDGA DISCussion page to try and find a midrange that I really liked. There are lots of solid midranges out there, but some either didn't fit my hands or throwing style.

For example, Rocs are great discs (I still keep a couple in my bag), and thrown properly they can travel 370+ feet with little to no fade. The only problems are (1) for a Roc to fly properly, it needs to be given plenty of height to glide, (2) Champion Rocs and Sharks are too gummy for my hands, and (3) DX/KC Rocs beat up too quickly (though a beat-in KC Roc is a beautiful thing for sweeping anhyzers). I wanted a very durable midrange that I could use for a variety of holes and it would give me very controllable distance, 250-350 ft, even with a moderately low ceiling.

I finally found what I was looking for with the Z-Wasp. It is fairly fast for a midrange (so it tends to plow through twigs and brush as mentioned by another reviewer), the Z-plastic makes this mold quite rigid, its blunt edges wear very slowly, and it is overstable enough to handle good amounts of snap even for midrange flicks. If given a lot of snap, the Wasp will fly dead straight and then fade much more sharply than a Roc. I absolutely love it because it has really solidified my midrange game and hence my accuracy from 350 feet and in.

One last comment is that most players who used to throw the Wasp have shifted to throwing the Buzz. I love my worn-in Wasp (2 years and still going strong) so I haven't explored the Z-Buzz too much. In my limited experience, I think that they aren't terribly different except the Buzz has a touch less fade when brand new.

Posted: 12-23-04
Submitted by Kris Allen allenkr03@hotmail.com
The Wasp is a very reliable overstable midrange driver. Although the brand new Z plastic feels very hard in your hands, the plastic breaks in after a few weeks of playing to be rather comfortable without losing any of its stability. I have found the Wasp useful for throws including spike hyzers, tight sidearm, headwind drives, and any throw that requires the disc to fade left really hard. The rim pattern is similar to that of a Roc, so Roc throwers will not feel unusual throwing this disc. However since the Wasp is very overstable, I have found that I can throw it much farther then a Roc, usually within the 325-350ft range. Though it is not a beginners disc the Wasp should be a must have for every tournament player.
Posted: 3-19-04
Submitted Jon Turner oxdisc(AT)thets.demon.co.uk
I've already gone on and on about how good a Pro-D Wasp is so I'll spare you a repeat. The Z-Wasp is as good: it is more overstable than the Pro-D version and has a very solid feel about it. I've found mine to behave well in quite strong winds provided you keep the disc flat and throw with confidence. On a slight downside, unlike the Pro-D Wasp, my Z Wasp (172g) has a tendency to barge straight through things, which is worth bearing in mind if you're using a tree/bush to stop you next to the pin! The Z plastic on mine is as good as ever - the disc is extremely tough and can handle some really hefty impacts without problems. I tend to carry the 2 - a 169g Pro-D for more grace and precision and the Z-Wasp for the brute force!
Posted: 12-13-03
Submitted by Roddy Potter
I'm one of those people who never thought they'd get excited enough about a disc to post a review, but here I go. The Z-Wasp has really been a breakthrough disc for me and I want to spread the news.

I throw sidearm, and midrange discs have been a real problem until now. No midrange I'd tried (including the Comet, Hawk, Aurora, and various Rocs) had been stable enough to absorb forehand snap (without wobble or turnover) while retaining an essentially neutral, low-fade flight pattern. The closest I'd come to finding a midrange that fit my throwing style was the Aerobie Arrow. The Arrow's odd rim had a tendency to stick on my fingers, though, and it started making me nervous around the pin.

The Z-Wasp has an almost telepathically reliable feel. It's stable enough to throw really hard when necessary, but it's not excessively fast on arrival; I've been able to float it into the basket from 50-60 feet four times out of about ten attempts, which is pretty miraculous for me. I get a nice quick release with no flutter, a dead-nuts straight midflight, and an easy glide to target. Fade is very slight; the disc stalls, drops dead and sticks when it runs out of gas. It's delicate and exact enough that I don't have to worry about rolling, overthrow or blowing through the chains when going for the basket from longer distances. In fact, I now use the Wasp for virtually everything (except radical doglegs) between 200 and about 35 feet.

My disc is a 169, well short of max weight, but it seems to offer very good combination of stability and low-speed glide. Given its relatively light weight, it also has a remarkable resistance to wind effects; I play on a very windy course and have total confidence in the Z-Wasp in all kinds of conditions. It remains very predictable in head-, side-, and tailwinds.

Bear in mind that all of the above comments apply to sidearm throwing (although backhanders seem to have similarly good things to say about the Z-Wasp). If you throw sidearm and have been having trouble finding a midrange that fits your game, I'd very strongly recommend the Z-Wasp.
Posted: 9-06-03
Submitted by ThaDiscGolfMan@msn.com
I just picked this Wasp up about a week ago, but I throw it every chance I get so I have a pretty good feel for it. Mine weighs 176 grams. The Discraft Elite Z Wasp is a moderately overstable and very predictable mid-range driver. I would say that this disc is a bit more overstable then a Roc and has a significant more amount of glide. I use this disc on every hole I can under 300'. I would say I can throw this disc a max of about 310'. That is a pretty good distance for a mid-range for me. I myself am a Roc lover. But when a very good player that sells discs at my home course recommended this disc to me over the Roc, I had to get it. Mainly because I have been turning over Rocs lately. For me the wasp is more predictable. Meaning that it is harder to turn over. However, the Wasp will not hold up in to a strong headwind. I threw it in to a 20+ mph headwind and it turned over right away. But this is the case with pretty much all mid-range discs. The only disc I have that will hold up every time into that kind of headwind is my Monster which is a very overstable driver if you don't already know. Bottom line, if you are an intermediate player or an advanced player like me and are looking for a good predictable mid-range, get this disc. I recommend this disc over the Roc, not only for the reasons listed above but also because the Z series plastic will last you forever. I have had a Z-XS that I have been throwing for over two years on a consistent basis and it is still has no nicks on it. And that is after many direct hits with trees. lol.
Posted: 8-15-03
Submitted by Joe Thompson joe@joe-thompson.com
I was on a search for a nice stable mid-range disc. And this is what I purchased. The z-wasp has a stability rating of 1.5. I would say it is all of that and then some. I would compare it's stability to an Innova Pro Line Spider, but with an added touch of it. Into a head wind, this disc hold a good line without much turn over. I would definitely recommend this to all intermediate and above players. It has good speed and glide for a mid range disc. I would say it would be usefull for shots that fall between 250-300. This disc could definitely replace my roc and probably will because the z-plastic lasts much longer than the plastic that the KC Pro Roc's are made out of.
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