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Elite Z Wildcat

Type: Driver
Diameter: 21.3cm
Available Weights: 160-174g
Plastic: Discraft Elite Z

Elite Z Wildcat
Flight Rating Category Value What Discraft says:
The Wildcat is a super fast low profile extra long distance driver that will deliver maximum distance with predictability.
Maximum Flight Speed NA
Resistance To High Speed Turn NA
Amount Of Low Speed Fade NA
Propensity To Fade NA
Glide NA
Relative Distance NA
Qualitative Analysis Value
Recommended Skill Level NA
Predictability NA
Uniformity Of Break In Period NA
Overall Durability NA Description of the Ratings System.

Player Reviews

Posted 07-25-06
Submitted by Bob Scratchit demented_75@yahoo.com
Location: Miami Oklahoma
Level: Adv. Am
Avg Drive: 325
Disc Weights: 170
Review: I ordered my elite z Wildcat the summer of 2005 thanks to a higher level member of my local league A Discraft and Gateway Junky,he said since i was turning my Orc,Valkrie,and Beast over and they wasnt fading back.I was dissapointed with the distance that Discraft claims the Wildcat can get.I am in the avanced amature area and average 300's ft plus with other drivers and I find the Wildcat falling short of the distance mark it is supposed to get.to me it fiies anhyzer to straight then as it fades left drops like a rock as like it has little glide.However was totally amazed with how accurate and predictable the Wildcat is.It is an amazing disc for me for really long approach shots under 200ft range.Also it is a pretty good head wind driver as long as its not extremely windy and it is drive under 250ft..but when its really windy then I whip out my dx firebird.Overall I would recommend a Wildcat because they are a very accurate disc that is good into the wind..I have seen people toss them 350 ft plus so I know in the right hands they can reach great distance but for me I grab it when I got a head wind and need a long accurate appoach disc with a predictable fade in the range of 200 to about 280 ft
Posted: 7-24-04
Submitted by JoGould@comcast.net
I used to throw a Champ Beast and it was working great for me. One solemn day the beast rolled into a lake, and even though I waded around for about 10 minutes it was never seen again. I read some reviews and replaced the Beast with a Champion Orc. Much to my dismay, I just couldn't get the Orc to fly. That's when I got my Elite Z Wildcat. I just went out and made about 20 throws with it and it is working GREAT. When thrown flat it rolls over a little it but comes back pretty quick for an ultimately straight flight. I just give it a little hyzer into a headwind and it does about the same. I don't have my old beast to compare, but I think the Wildcat is actually going a little further, and a little more consistent.
Wildcat can outdistance my CE Teebird, Archangel, and Eagle. More importantly, I can actually throw it with consistency.
Posted: 1-15-04
Submitted by styler@lycos.com
The Elite Z Wildcat by Discraft is unlike any other disc that I've thrown to date. I'm an amatuer who has been playing for a little over a year and I love trying out new discs. On the first backhand throw that I took with the Wildcat I didn't think that it was ever going to land. It's not that the Wildcat throws a ton farther then my other discs, but it does seem to use almost every bit of spin to fly straight ahead rather then tailing off. I'm consistently throwing around 330 ft. backhand with it and I can't say that about my beast, firebird, or eagle. I bought it in 174 because I also like to throw sidearm and the almost arrow straight flight pattern of the disc also works for me in that throwing style. Overall, the wildcat is the most consistent disc in my bag to date.
Posted: 8-15-03
Submitted by Joe Thompson joe@joe-thompson.com
This was my first non-innova driver that I purchased. I am an average intermediate player and I throw right hand, back hand. I would compare the z-wildcat to a slightly more stable Teebird TL. It has terrific speed and glide. If thrown with a bit of hyzer on it, it will hold a straight line for you. If released flat, it will have a slight right turn and then a nice fade back left(s-curve). And if thrown with a little anhyzer, it will have a long right turn with a minimal fade back to the left at the finish. I would highly recommend this disc to those who are a fan of the champion beast. These discs seem to get about the same distance, but my "cat" seems to always get just a little bit more for me.
Posted: 6-05-03
Submitted by nathanbaltzell@yahoo.com
This is my first non-Innova disc, so maybe that is why I feel this way, but the Wildcat Z is faster, straighter, and longer than any disc I have thrown. I have had Innova's beast, monster, valkerie, firebird, teebird etc., but this is better. It also seems to make more whirring noise than any disc I've thrown!? This Discraft Z plastic is very hard making for a stiff dome and especially stiff rim in comparison to Innova's latest plastics. I think this is what makes the disc easier to throw for me. However, this Z plastic seems to nick more easily than Innova's champion/pro plastics.
Posted: 4-19-03
Submitted by Graham Johnson - <discgraham@hotmail.com>
Tested Weight - 171
The Z Wildcat is one of the longest drivers on the market today. It's faster than a firebird or valkyrie. I find it to fly alot like my 168 3rd run CE Valkyrie. On the same throw, it followed the same flightpath and had even more distance than the CE Valk. The Wildcat is pretty overstable in Z plastic. While most overstable drivers fall out of the air when they fade, the wildcat glides down and left. It's great into a headwind and also makes a great sidearm driver. I would like to get one of these in a lighter weight (165) for less windy days to get max distance. I highly recomend this to people who love CE Valkyries. The mold is almost exactly the same and Z Wildcats can be bought at any time for about $15. CE Valks can cost up to $40 on ebay. Give the Z Wildcat a try and discover what youve been missing!
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