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Elite Z XL

Type: Driver
Diameter: 21.0cm
Available Weights: 165-174g
Plastic: Discraft Elite Z

Elite Z XL
Flight Rating Category Value What Discraft says:
The Elite Z XL has similar flight characteristics to, and is slightly more over-stable than the Elite X XL.
Maximum Flight Speed NA
Resistance To High Speed Turn NA
Amount Of Low Speed Fade NA
Propensity To Fade NA
Glide NA
Relative Distance NA
Qualitative Analysis Value
Recommended Skill Level NA
Predictability NA
Uniformity Of Break In Period NA
Overall Durability NA Description of the Ratings System.

Player Reviews

Posted 10-13-06
Submitted by chrisb speltboy@yahoo.com
PDGA: 18159
Location: Colorado
Level: Adv. Am
Avg Drive: 350
Disc Weights: 170
Review: I won one of these disks in an Am tournament and ignored it for about 6 months. But I went out to a field to practice one day and grabbed every driver in my car. It happened to be in the stack. It's fantastic, for me, for SHORT drives. It's straight as can be. I feel like I'm throwing a Roc - slow and steady, but I get 50 - 75ft more out of it than I do a Roc or Buzzzz. For distance drives, I use an X plastic Crush or Avenger typically, but have always had trouble when I backed off a bit with those disks for shorter drives (275 - 320). That distance was giving me trouble - I end up turning over my Roc or Buzzzz trying to reach that far and I couldn't place my Crush where I wanted it with consistency. The Z XL, for me, is perfect for that niche! It has also become my typical "control" driver for 3/4 drives on tight fairways too.

I never throw the Z XL quite as hard as I can, otherwise it flips - but for 3/4 drives, I love this disc! The biggest thing I like about the disc is that it flies perfectly flat and falls to the ground quick when it runs out of power; it doesn't trail off to the right badly for me (lefty/backhand). I think even a better way to put it is that however I release it, that's how it flies. I get good consistent Anhysers with this (some S curve at the end). Good hysers too - though for me, it falls faster than quicker disks like a Crush so I don't use this for big turns. This disc is also my go-to mid range in windy situations and has become my go-to disc for mid range forehand shots too. It's too flippy for 100% power forehand shots, but for little forehands (longer than putter forehands for me), this disc is perfect. I always carry 2 in case I loose one.
Posted: 10-21-03
Submitted by HipHopWong
I'm an intermediate to advanced right handed Amateur. The XL is the driver that got me hooked on Disc Golf. They say that it's the thrill of watching your disc soar straight and controlled, that makes one addicted to Disc Golf. I originally started with a 147g ProD XL. This was my first driver. I live in Oregon and our courses are heavily wooded and so Pro D plastic just doesn't last with all that tree love. Ever since I started playing regularly I've made the switch to Elite Z plastic and am loving it.
Most my disc golf buddies throw Innova plastic and so as a newer player I gravitated towards what they threw but now I'm gravitating back to Discraft. For wide open long distance shots off the Teepad I've been mostly throwing Beasts. Last weekend I played a tournament and decided to reach for a 170g Elite Z XL instead. Previously, I had thrown a Beast, caught a crosswind and I released it with a slight anhyzer angle and it soared way off to the right. So I reached for the 170g Elite Z XL and KaBamm! This disc soared and soared with it's slight predictable fade at the end. That XL flew 75 feet past the other players in my group. By the time we made up to my XL the other guys in my group were asking: "woah dude, was that your first drive or your second shot?"
I was both shocked and surprised at how far that disc flew. I have to do some comparison but I'm pretty sure that the Elite Z XL will be replacing my Beast as my all out distance driver. Keep in mind that every players hands are shaped different. Something about this disc just works for me. I love the slight predictable fade at the end with a little bounce when it hits. I find this disc to be one of the most controllable disc I've ever thrown. The Pro D XL's are even more straight flying and grippier but they just dont hold up in wooded courses like what we have here in Oregon. The Elite Z plastic is extremely consistent and durable. I have found that Innova tends to vary their champion plastic and different runs of discs tend to be very different and inconsistent. Discraft's Elite Z plastic seems to be very consistent and so if you lose your favorite disc you should be safe with getting a replacement that responds like your favorite.
Posted: 5-28-02
Submitted by Derek Kainz <derekkainz@hotmail.com>
I like this disc a lot more than my elite XL's. It is much more difficult to turn over, and for once I think that the Z version is longer than the elite version ( at least for me). The plastic has a great feel, almost tacky and not overly rigid, a lot better than CE plastic if you ask me. I find it to perform more like an Elite XS but much more durable and straighter flying. The elite XS needs a little more room, but is longer. It flies straight and long with very little low speed fade. I find this disc fairly easy to anhyzer, or S turn as well depending on angle of release, height thrown, power etc. I think that this is a great driver.
Posted: 4-09-02
Submitted by Jon Turner <oxdisc@thets.demon.co.uk>
The Z-XL is a new version of the popular Elite Pro XL in the indestructible Z series plastic. A lot has already been said about the Elite Pro version so I'll just describe what I think are the differences with the Z-XL here. The plastic feels quite soft for Z plastic - I've always found the Z-XS a bit too hard and smooth but the Z-XLs is almost tacky feeling in comparison. However, the legendary durability is there and the disc seems to age very very slowly. Flightwise, the Z-XL is very slightly more over-stable than the Elite Pro version but the difference is barely noticeable - it flies just a like a brand new (1st throw!) Elite Pro XL. One difference I've noticed (although it could be purely in my mind!) is that the Z-XL seems faster than the Elite Pro one. It blasts out of your hand with a hard throw in a manner which the Elite Pro versions never seem to quite reach. Its resistance to turn-over appears to be greater than the Elite Pro version too so you can really get throwing harder with more confidence. All in all, it's a great disc and has become my main driver (with my Elite Pro XLs as back-ups) and for a newish player looking to move into the more advanced Z plastic, it would be a superb introduction.
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