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Gateway Disc Sports

Type: Midrange
Diameter: 21.8cm
Available Weights: 165-182g
Plastic: S/H/E

Flight Rating Category Value What Gateway says:
Maximum Flight Speed NA
Resistance To High Speed Turn NA
Amount Of Low Speed Fade NA
Propensity To Fade NA
Glide NA
Relative Distance NA
Qualitative Analysis Value
Recommended Skill Level NA
Predictability NA
Uniformity Of Break In Period NA
Overall Durability NA Description of the Ratings System.

Player Reviews

Posted 10-28-06
Submitted by Morgan Lasley cmlasley@gmail.com
Disc Weights: 172g
Review: My Element is a really good disc for anhyser approaches. If I throw it at 75% power with slight hyzer angle it will glide about 150 ft. and then make a fairly abrupt right turn and continue to glide until it comes down. Release flat with 50% power it goes dead straight with no noticeable fade. I am using this shot for shots that I used to use my beat DX Roc on. I haven't taken the Roc out of my bag yet, but I am finding that this disc is very reliable and it may edge out that beat Roc yet. The S plastic is really nice. It is sort of porous, and even when wet it gives nice grip. I have not had it long enough to know how durable it will be or whether its flight characteristics will noticeably change with time and wear, but so far it has taken some big hits quite favorably and appears more durable than even the newer DX formulations.
Posted 08-08-06
Submitted by Mike Iversen Location: South Dakota
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 400
Disc Weights: 182
Review: I just got my element a few weeks ago, and I love it! Even though I got the max weight, it still feels light in the hand and flies long, straight and low, at an amazingly slow speed. The thing takes forever to travel 300', but does so with amazing accuracy. It will hold whatever line it is on almost forever. The two things I found that I had to get used to are 1. It is easy to turnover if thrown hard, even in a super heavy weight. And 2. It sucks in the wind. Probably due to the slow flight, but if you are throwing in very windy conditions, leave the Element in your bag.
Posted 07-13-06
Submitted by Jerry jeeppboy@comcast.net
Location: Niles, Michigan
Disc Weights: 174-180
Review: I have been throwing the Element for about a month and really like the results. Prior to the Element I was throwing a Buzzz in Z and ESP plastics. While I really like the Buzzz, the ESP turned over a little too easily and the Z plastic was too slippery on wet days. The Element has a subtle S curve, but for the most part, is very straight and I love the grip of the disc! I have been able to hit some very narrow fairways consistently that I had been having some trouble with. All in all, the disc flies straight with just a little fade at the end. With some snap on the disc, there is no fade. The E plastic seems to be a little more straight for me and I find the Element X to fly pretty much the same though it is supposed to be more overstable.
Posted 02-15-06
Submitted by Don Blankenship dfblank@bellsouth.net
Disc Weights: 169
Review: I really like the flight of this disc. This disc flies much like a wolf (see Blake's flight chart). It will hold any angle you put on this disc. Not as understable as a Stingray but more predictable. This Gateway S plastic is also more durable that the Innova DX or Discraft D. It's staying in my bag.
Posted: 06-05-05
Submitted by Brian M McGinnis bmcginnis6@hotmail.com
Disc Weights: 180
Review: You gotta love the ELEMENT EVOLUTION "E" it's one of my new favorite discs. Thanks Gateway!!
Posted: 12-23-04
Submitted by Joe Thompson joethompson@mchsi.com
I was pleasantly surprised with how straight this disc flies and with how very little fade it has. This disc is one that I would consider a touch disc. It is a good disc for straight shots that are 250-300. It doesn't take much to get it out there and it flies perfectly straight. It is a good disc because it kind of fills a gap for me so I don't have to try and force a putter. It is not a good disc for a headwind by any means...but with a tailwind this baby sores for a midrange. If I were to compare this to an Innova disc I would say it flies similar to a champion cobra, but with a bit more speed and glid to it. If I were to compare it to a Discraft disc, I would say it is somewhere between a comet and a buzzz. The different plastics do have a varying stability. I found that the S was the most understable, followed by the H and then the E. For all you roc throwers out there that like how a beat up roc flies, you should give an element a try.
Posted: 12-23-04
Submitted by l.e.wilkowske@gmail.com
I read the buzz about the Element and decided I would give it as shot. I was very pleased with my other Gateway purchases and hoped this would be a good one too. I received a 177g 'E' plastic prototype element on a very windy and rainy day. It burn a hole in my hand so I braved the weather to go an open field and throw. After a couple of throws I found out trying to really muscle this disk wasn't a good idea. Even with the wind at my back it turned over very quick, but it had a sweet line to it. It took a few more throws to get down the power /wrist angle to use this thing, but after I got a knack for it, the Element was flying great! It flies much like a Buzzz in that it is very slow speed and looks like It will take forever to reach the target, but it holds a line/ fades/ and glides much better than a Buzzz. Does hyzer shots pretty well, but with a great skip ( I am becoming very addicted to the "Gateway Skip" ) .

The only gripes I have about this disc (and keep in mind it is a prototype version) is that it turns over a little too easily for my taste. I think the key is how much power you put into it, and I have yet to be able to put 100% on it without a weird line (but it will hold that weird line great) . Another picky thing I have about the Element is that even though mine is 177 grams, because of the design it feels very very light, and the wind knocks it around accordingly.

All in all, this is a great disc and I have had some amazing shots with it so far, and hope for many more! If you like the Discraft Buzzz, then you will defiantly like this great disc!
Posted: 11-03-04
Submitted by ferretdance03 brad@p3clothing.com
As soon as the Element was released I ordered two, both S plastic, 166 and 171. And I can assure you that I will be getting more! I throw them RHBH at around 70% power and they fly like magic. I can throw knife hyzers, gradual hyzer fades, line drives, anhyzers, tomahawks, forehand flicks and they fly just as I intend them too. They will hold the line you put them on till they hit the dirt, or the chains. Many people compare them too beat in Rocs, and with my limited Roc experience, I would agree. I prefer the Elements feel to the Roc and I feel I can throw more of a finesse style shot with the Element. Plus, I prefer S plastic to any other. I would say the Element is an extremely useful, midrange when thrown with the right technique.
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