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Gateway Disc Sports

Type: Putt and Approach
Diameter: 21.0cm
Available Weights: 140-175g
Plastic: Thermoplastic Elastomer

Flight Rating Category Value What Gateway says:
The Wizard is a durable stable approach disc and putter.
Gateway Disc Sports has just finished it's first prototype runs of the Wizard. A 21 cm putter and approach disc. A slghtly overstable disc at high and low speeds will seperate this putter from most on the market. The flght plate is only 58 thousandths thick, giving you lots of feel between your thumb and fingers for the touch you need when putting. Several different flexibilities are already available from firm to soft. It has very, tacky, grippy plastic that really grips the chains even on the very firm driver runs. Great thermal porperties in cold or hot weather and also in the rain. The Chief will be run next.
Maximum Flight Speed 2.0
Resistance To High Speed Turn 4.0
Amount Of Low Speed Fade 3.0
Propensity To Fade 3.5
Glide 6.0
Relative Distance 3.0
Qualitative Analysis Value
Recommended Skill Level 1.0
Predictability 3.0
Uniformity Of Break In Period 3.5
Overall Durability 3.0 Description of the Ratings System.

Player Reviews

Posted 01-29-08
Submitted by fredman fred@coxsystech.com
PDGA: 30081
Location: okc,ok
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 300
Throwing Style(s):
Disc Weights: 172-174
Review: the wizard is a really good reliable stable putter. i throw the glow, which are usually pretty stiff, but they still seem to stick in the chains. you must learn to play the fade, as this disc is stable/stable. where the wizard really works is in the wind. i have not found a better wind putter. the durability on this disc is really good.
Posted 10-28-06
Submitted by Thatdirtykid thatdirtykid@gmail.com
Disc Weights: 172-175
Review: I have neglected posting any reviews lately because I spend so much time on the fourm, but thought I should talk up some of the discs that have been changing my game:

I cannot believe I havent submitted a review for the wizard yet, its been in my current bag longer than anything (and as long as my Z predator) There is no putter that will yield the controlable distance off the Tee as a wizard. w/ o a celing I use my wizard for anything 260' and in (I can push them over 300'). They are stable like a roc or teebird and will stay straight a long time. I still carry my first wizard (172 Med) It has seen at least 5 rounds a week for almost a year and it is just now becoming a turnover disc (I would compare its current stability to a Avair Putt & Approach). New they will fight headwinds off the tee, and hold perfect hyzer approaches.

Wizards are not much of a touch disc (my 172 isnt bad) but they are consistant and predictable. Putting they are very straight and fade alittle later than their competition (challengers avair-x) I have a stack of 6 or 7 and have had over 12 since I started throwing them. Not because they break in, or because I loose them, its because people I loan them to fall in love and wont give them back! ;-)
Posted 08-08-06
Submitted by Mike Iversen
Location: Sout Dakota
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 400
Disc Weights: 175
Review: This putter is awesome! It flies with very little fade for long distances, and is extremely predictable. I used to be at about 75% from 20 feet with my JuJu and soft magnet, now i am able to hit 95% from 20 feet and 75% from 35 feet! The disc is also a great short driver for 220-250ft straight low shots. It goes right where you aim it and drops pretty much flat and stops. Great disc for durability as well. I have thrown it a bunch, and it still looks and flies like it did when new.
Posted: 11-03-04
Submitted by ferretdance03 brad@p3clothing.com
As I am constantly searching for the “perfect” putter, I decided to try the Wizard. Being the money consciences golfer that I am, I purchased the Wizard special, 5 for $35 direct from Gateway. I got a mix of Soft and Medium, in 169-170. I putt fairly straight with a slight hyzer, using a pitch/short-arm hybrid stroke, fairly compact swing with a slight spin and a little float. I love the way the Wizard feels in my hand. It resembles an Aviar, but a little less domed. When thrown flat it will tail left at the end, but no more than an Aviar or any other putter. Slight hyzer and the Wizard will sweep until it hits. Also, I like to use the Wizard as a midrange approach/turnover disc, up to about 200ft. As far as putting, it feels good in the hand, and has a nice predictable hyzer fade to it. The plastic is a little more 'powdery' and I actually prefer this feel to the smooth feel of other DX and standard plastics. The Wizard has definitely taken a permanent spot in my bag.
Posted: 9-06-03
Submitted by graham11@mac.com
The Wizard is one of the greatest discs available. The mold is similar to a Big Bead/KC Aviar. There is a large bead on the bottom of the rim, making the Wizard more overstable than your average putter. The "S" Series plastic is the best lower end plastic available and has comparable durability to older KC plastic and elite plastic, although it feels different from each. It will appear to take damage but it will retain its flight characteristics for a long time.

As a driver and approach disc, the Wizard rules over all other putters. It has slightly less fade than a KC Aviar while being more high speed stable. It is ideal for straight or hysers up to 250' and also turnovers. It holds up well in a headwind. The Wizard gets better average distance than a KC/BB Aviar and is also more reliable.

As a putter, the wizard is also a great choice. I have owned half a dozen wizards and there are 3 different flexibilities; Hard(G9i), medium(Putter), and soft. They all have the same grippy plastic and all grip the chains well. Their flight paths are also similar. The soft wizard has a nice flex to it but not as much as a soft magnet or omega SS. Its more like the flex of an aviar P&A. The medium mold is more stiff and has flex like a aviar driver or magnet. The hard wizard is HARD. I've never found any disc harder! even the stiff omega's cant compare. I like to putt with the hardest Wizards.

Gateway's Glow plastic is also the best available. It makes Discraft Photon plastic look black! Give it 1 good camera flash and its good for a few nights! Most wizards in this plastic have been about medium in flex.

The Wizard is probably the best putter out right now and I wouldn't play a round without mine!
Posted: 8-21-02
Submitted by Mark Hanauer <Mark.Hanauer@LMBerry.com>
I like the Wizard. I don't love it, but it's a good disc. I'm always looking to improve my putting, so I'm anxious to try new putters as they are put on the market. The Wizard is about the same height and diameter as a Magnet. Other than the feel of the plastic, if you stamped "Magnet" on a Wizard and gave it to someone who used a Magnet, they wouldn't know the difference. It flies straight and feels good in the hand. The plastic is hard and it gets the worn-in look pretty quick. Overall, I liked putting with the Wizard but it wasn't anything "revolutionary" that would make me want to switch to it full-time.
Posted: 7-15-02
By Blake Takkunen - the Webmaster - <blake@discgolf.com>
My Review:
This is a follow-up to my previous review as I've been throwing the Wizard for a while now and I've gotten a better feel for it. Firstoff, the durability of the Wizards is odd, but in a good way. Early-on, these will ding easily and appear to lack durability, but after this initial "break-in" period, the wear slows way down. It seems after they get beat up a little in the first couple of weeks they just don't wear out beyond that or the wear is very slow. I have also put a few of these full-power directly into trees at 30' and they haven't bent, warped, or tacoed. Another little bit of info is their distance. After countless direct shootouts, the Wizard is 5-10% longer than the big bead Aviar with the same height and line.
Posted: 5-23-02
By Blake Takkunen - the Webmaster - <blake@discgolf.com>
My Review:
The Wizard is a slow, small diameter stable to slightly overstable putt and approach disc. This disc is available in three different stiffnesses, firm, medium, and soft. While they all have very stiff rims, the flexibility of the flight plate varies from somewhat flexible (similar to an Aviar Putter) to very stiff (think Omega AP 1.3). The stability variation between plastics is very slight, with the firmer ones being slightly more overstable. It's also quite grippy without being overly sticky. I would compare it to the feel of some of the stiffer Aviar Putters, older Omega AP's, and a bit chalky like a new Cyclone that still has some of the residue on it. From a profile view, the Wizard somewhat resembles an Aviar Driver but it has a slightly shallower rim and a thinner flight plate making it easier to feel your fingers through the top of the disc.

As an approach disc and shortrange driver, the Wizard is a very versatile disc. It will hold any line you put on it. Throw it hard anhyzer and it will hold a turnover and give a nice left to right sweep and finish without flexing out but it's still overstable enough to work well for soft touch flex shots. Throw it hyzer and it will hold the line and angle you give it with a nice predictable finish. When thrown flat the Wizard will fly straight for 80-90% of its flight and finish to the left. I would compare its flight to an Aviar Driver but I would say that the Wizard will hold both a hyzer and anhyzer line better and has a bit more finesse on gentle hyzers. Thrown flat they have similar flights with the Wizard being a bit slower. Stabilitywise, the Wizard has a moderately high resistance to turnover for an approach and putt disc, probably closer to some of the more understable midrange drivers (Comet and Shark come to mind). Its fade characteristics also resemble the Aviar's but it is a little more gradual and defined, like the Putt & Approach Aviar moreso than the Aviar Driver. The Wizard is also a very solid flyer in heavy wind conditions, especially for a disc of its type.

As a putter, the Wizard holds a very tight line. The plastic is grippy enough to grab chains but stiff enough to please those that don't like a floppy putter. The Wizard is definitely a good choice for any putting style whether it be line drive, loft, hyzer, or turnover, it will hold its line on putts inside 35' but may have a bit of fade on long putts. Keep it flat and it will drop straight. The Wizard is also an excellent putter in any wind condition. Its height will be effected with the direction of the wind but its line will not.

Overall, the Wizard is one of the most versatile and reliable approach discs on the market. Very solid and accurate with most any line and in almost any condition.
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