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Innova Champion

Type: Driver
Diameter: 21.2cm
Available Weights: 145-150, 165-175g
Plastic: Innova DX

Flight Rating Category Value What Innova says:
The Beast is a more stable version of the very popular Valkyrie, giving power throwers more predictability off the tee.
Maximum Flight Speed  
Resistance To High Speed Turn  
Amount Of Low Speed Fade  
Propensity To Fade  
Relative Distance  
Qualitative Analysis Value
Recommended Skill Level  
Uniformity Of Break In Period  
Overall Durability   Description of the Ratings System.

Player Reviews

Posted 05-05-08
Submitted by MonkeyBoy
Location: Miami, FL
Level: Beginner
Avg Drive: 225
Disc Weights: 171g
Review: I bought the Beast a couple of weeks ago because the store
didn't have an ArchAngle (what I really wanted to buy) and am now very
glad they didn't have that AA in stock! The Beast has added at least
30 or 40 feet on average to my drives. Given I am also refining my
technique. The Beast will glide forever with enough snap, with only a
minimal high speed turn at the start of its flight.
Flies well through side winds and cuts well enough through a head
wind. This disc is my go-to driver and I recommend it for beginners
(like me).

Peace and happy discing!

Posted 07-14-07
Submitted by Payton Pritchett ppritch4@students.kennesaw.edu
Disc Weights: 174
Review: This is one of my very first disc and is still used daily. With the right snap this disc will go as far as you could ever want. This disc is responsible for my first ace....give it a shot!
Posted: 8-24-04
Submitted by Dave
I got the Beast (175g) because I saw a guy rip one over 400 feet, with what looked like very little effort. The same day I spotted the Dragon (150g) on the shelf, advertised as a "floating version of the Beast", so I picked it up. I'm a right handed, back handed thrower. I have found the Beast to be overstable at low speed or if thrown with the nose angled upward, curving fairly sharply left after a relatively short distance, say 150-200 feet. At high speed and level release, it flies straight for 275-300 feet, tailing off to the left at the end, for a total of 300-325 feet. Occasionally, if I get more speed or spin, or something, I haven't figured out what, it will not curve left at all and will fly over 350 feet. I have found it almost impossible to make the Beast curve to the right, unless for a very short distance. As for the Dragon, which looks identical to the Beast except for weight, it is like a completely different disk. I find the Dragon will readily curve right at high speeds, looping through a dramatic S curve if thrown a bit nose-up, and often turning over and hitting the ground if thrown level. It flies more like the Beast if you compensate by letting it go a bit tilted down on the left. Nevertheless, both have become my favorite disks as I learn to master them. They both fly straight and glide very long if you can control them. As for controlling them, I would say these two are not for beginners.
Posted: 3-19-04
Submitted Jon Turner oxdisc(AT)thets.demon.co.uk
The DX Beast seems to be the only disc I've found that is actually more overstable in the DX normal plastic than the Champion plastic! Maybe it's just me but I've found that the resistance to turnover on the DX version is significantly higher than the champion one (at least when it is fairly new although mine got run over by a car and is still more overstable than the champion one). Other than that, the flight is similar - long fast and very straight with good glide at the end. I use a fairly heavy DX Beast into moderate headwinds with no trouble - the turnover is predictable and you can correct for it (the champion version would be too flippy for this I think). Mine has yet to really wear out yet so I'm not sure how long this trend will last... But as it stands at the moment, a driver pairing of DX and Champion Beasts looks like a great combination!
Posted: 11-24-03
Submitted by Shane S-T sdrawkcabenahs@aol.com
I picked up 2 Beasts for free at a tournament in 168 and 171 grams. I used to own a 169 Beast that I didn't like when I had it because I was inexperienced then and couldn't throw overstable discs for squat. Now I'm a much better golfer and prefer overstable discs. I decided to give the Beast a go since everyone also raves about the superb distance you get with it. They didn't lie. This is my farthest flying disc and right now my truest and most consisten as well. Even in the DX plastic I have, it's quite durable and ages into a nice s-curve disc. This is the only driver I've ever been able to hit 300 feet with (seeing as I'm 13 I simply don't have the muscle to rip out the 400+ drives) and I can use this disc on a very large number of holes, including gently anhyzers, s-curves or hyzer holes. I whipped out 5 birdies in a row the first round I played with this and now I don't play a round without it. To anyone who thinks that the Beast is simply hyped up and not as good as people make it out to be, go buy one for yourself and you'll fall in love. In fact, one of my friends just bought a CE Beast and I asked him for one quick rip. First (and only) throw I took with it was a 300 footer with a near-perfect straight line though it did go a bit right since it was lighter than mine. If you don't have this disc in your bag, you're doing yourself a huge misjustice.
Posted: 9-23-03
Submitted by jeremymeier80@yahoo.com
The beast is a fast,long gliding, great disc,slightly over-stable, compared above the leopard,and the eagle because the control is unbeleiveable.I've thrown many distance drivers but none compared to this one.Drives used to be 300ft. max, but now they are flying over 400ft. and with a little luck from putting now my game is greatly improving.This disc is great for beginners because I am.Have been playing rigorusly for the past 4 mos.
Posted: 07-08-03
Submitted by James
The beast is without a doubt my favorite driver. A week after I bought it I had added 25 feet onto my drive and gotten 2 aces with this amazing disc.

The first thing youíll notice when you pick up a beast is the lip. It feels about twice as thick as the average driver, and the disc seems to weigh as much as a brick. Itís the same when thrown. I canít seem to get enough power into my throws with it. The first time I threw it I thought it was going to drop at my feet. To my surprise it went 350 feet and dropped right next to the pin.

If you have trouble keeping drivers like the valkyrie from going under-stable on you, this disc will probably solve your problem in a hurry. The beast is a very reliable, very consistent disc that will not disappoint.
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