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Innova Champion
Champion Edition Rhyno

Type: Putt and Approach
Diameter: 21.2cm
Available Weights: 150-175g
Plastic: Innova Champion Edition Plastic
What Innova Says: "Rhyno is essential in the wind for short to medium range shots. The Rhyno’s Thumtrac TM gives it a sure grip and reliable performance in any situation. It has the flying feel of a 200 gram disc though it only weighs 175 grams."
Posted: 5-01-05
Submitted by James Simons tfeop@yahoo.com
I am a intermediate amateur that has been throwing a Champion Aviar putter since the beginning. When considering a putter I consider it for two purposes. First being it's ability to get in the basket from close range and the second being its ability to function as a short midrange disc when I'm to close to use a Roc. To me glide is what a putter is all about and that is one thing that I've never been happy about with in the Aviar. After reading around on here and across the net I realized that I probably needed a Rhyno. So when I got a great deal on a Chamption Rhyno yesterday I decided to buy it. Since then I have played 54 holes on two courses. I have made more birdies and pars in those 54 holes than I have in the whole month previous and it is all due to what the thumbtrac ridge on this disc made me do to my grip. The thumtrac makes me wrap my thumb around the disc a lot more than what I was doing with the aviar and basically forced me into a fan grip. I had recently began using the fan grip with the aviar and was having much more success with it than my previous pinch grip but it still was not totally consistent. This all changed with the rhyno. If I throw if from 50-60 feet away I'm able to snap it just right in order to make it flex out and perform a nice little S curve so that it drops right next to the basket. From up close it almost has the feeling of holding a rock in your hands. It goes where you put it exactly every time and drops like a rock when it runs out of steam and stays put. All in all a totally awesoume disc but probably not the best for beginners. It is on the overstable side as putters go and you must be able to visualize hyzer and anhyzer angles well in order to utilize its glide and make this putter work to its utmost.
Posted: 3-21-05
Submitted by Robb
I am an intermediate amateur RHBH player. I bought a Discraft Soft Challenger when I first began playing just because of the grippy plastic. The more I played and improved, I began to notice weak spots in my game. One particular day, I was driving and approaching better than I ever had before, but I missed nearly every putt because of wind. Then I read the reviews of the Rhyno and bought a 170g DX disc. I immediately fell in love with it and threw the Challenger in the back seat of the car. I then bought a 172g Champion Edition. I use the DX for approach shots because of its hard plastic and low likelyhood to roll. I use the CE for putts because of its softer plastic. These discs hit the ground and stop within a few feet. Its overstability is very predictable. Since I bought these discs, I have taken 3 strokes off my scores consistently. Great putter and approach disc. I wouldn't putt with anything else.
Posted: 10-21-03
Submitted by HipHopWong
I'm an intermediate to advanced right handed Amateur. After getting killed in the wind throwing other putters, I decided to give the Rhyno a try. It's low profile makes it a great windy putter and approach disc. The Proline Rhyno is very durable and beats up slow so it's very reliable and predictable. This is my favorite disc for putts that may potentially roll far away from the basket. The Proline Rhyno drops like a brick and stays put on the ground. It's soft sticky plastic is almost rubbery and it never strays far from the basket. This characteristic makes it a great "go for" putter. The Proline Rhyno starts off overstable and beats up slow and will straighten out gradually. The rubbery plastic is extremely durable and will not dent, chip, or crack like other putters.
In my bag you will also find a SE Soft Rhyno, and a DX Rhyno. I love the ProLine for putts and approaches on steep hillsides that have the potential to roll and slide away. I have found the ProLine to be a little too soft and wobbly for long putts over 50' feet, and the DX Rhyno to be too hard, having a tendency to roll farther away on missed putts. The SE soft Rhyno is the happy medium but I carry all three. The SE soft is my "go for" putter between 25-80' feet. I use the DX Rhyno primarily for short approach shots. If you want a soft grippy Rhyno you now have no other choice but the Proline Rhyno. The SE soft is now discontinued. I highly recommend trying out the Proline as a potential main putter.
Posted: 9-23-03
Submitted by Ricardo Brewer Ricardo_Brewer@yahoo.com
I switched to the Rhyno after being a longtime fan of the Aviar. After searching for awhile I finally found it in the Champion Edition plastic. So far I think they are only produced for special events. I cannot say enough how much I like putting with the Rhyno. The Champion Editions are the same as the soft flight wise to me. The weight that I have is 169 gram, and it won't glide as far as an Aviar will, but the light version I own doesn't fly well into the wind, I throw a 174 gram "soft" Rhyno for those putts. I have no problem with grip on the Champion plastic that I had with the Z plastic used on my Z Putter'. It's also a little more shallow in depth than the Z Putter or the Aviar.
Posted: 04-26-02
Submitted by Brent Fiege <Xskepticx@aol.com>
Another very hard disc to find. The only run i know of for the CE rhynos is from the 2002 western states open in Huntington Beach, California. The weights were all 169g. I havent thrown regular or soft rhynos, but from what i hear about those, i would say these fly the same. There area a good midrange disc and the make a great putter. I like rocs a lot more for midrange, but these make good putters. The CE rhynos fly very straight for putting but have a hard left at the end of its flight. Not a whole lot of glide like and aviar. I prefer aviars, but the rhyno will come out of the bag for some special shots.
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