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Innova Champion
Champion Beast

Type: Driver
Diameter: 21.2cm
Available Weights: 145-150, 165-175g
Plastic: Innova Champion

Champion Beast
Flight Rating Category Value What Innova says:
The Beast is a more stable version of the very popular Valkyrie, giving power throwers more predictability off the tee.
Maximum Flight Speed  
Resistance To High Speed Turn  
Amount Of Low Speed Fade  
Propensity To Fade  
Relative Distance  
Qualitative Analysis Value
Recommended Skill Level  
Uniformity Of Break In Period  
Overall Durability   Description of the Ratings System.

Player Reviews

Posted 05-03-08
Submitted by Bo DeBruin
Disc Weights: 163-170
Review: I have this disc in many weights. I originally bought one for
my 9 year old son and me. He picked a 164 and I got a 163. We were
beginners, he was a side arm and I was struggling with figuring out
how I wanted to throw. This disc solve the problem for me. I opted
for an unconventional side arm method where only my knucle extends
over the inner rim. Instantly, I was throwing LONG AND STRAIGHT!
After some practice, I found I needed a heavier disc so I gave my
other beast to my son. He kicks butt with both of his beasts. I now
throw a 170 gram one and it is the most accurate disc in my bag.


Posted 09-27-07
Submitted by Ross C Location: Dayton Ohio
Level: Beginner
Avg Drive: 300
Disc Weights: 168
Review: I love this driver. The beast gets me great distance and will keep and straight line then fade at the end. The beast is also a good sidearm disc. If you snap the beast it will fly far. Great for beginners because that's what I am. Pick one up

Posted 06-12-07
Submitted by Anonymous
Level: Beginner
Disc Weights: dunno
Review: This is one of the beast drivers out there for beginner sidearm people. Its a great buy for 15 dollars at a store. It drives straight, and will even make a nice roll after a long drive,but not always. If you're reading this review,looking to buy a driver, you should check this one out. And when I say that, I don't mean look at it, I mean buy it.
Posted 03-12-07
Submitted by Jim Lockwood jim@cafec.org
PDGA: 9924
Location: Elk Grove, CA
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 300
Disc Weights: 172
Review: I recently started playing disc golf again after a nearly 8 year break from the sport. I have a lot of old plastic, so I decided to try some of the new discs. I bought three Innova discs (Orc, Monster, Beast), the latter two being Champion factory seconds (just specks in the plastic).

I tried the Monster...too overstable for me. I liked the Orc, but it was simply didn't drive as far as I wanted. The Beast is the only one that made it into my bag. I typically throw a 9-year old Cyclone for my long drives, and the Beast gives me another 20-40 feet. It is a little harder for me to keep on line than my Cyclone, but I think that is only because I have to learn it's flight path. When I throw it well, the beast has awesome glide and only dips a bit right at the very end of the flight.

Before the Beast, my typical drives have be 260-280 ft. I can now drive 280+ consistently and recently had a 330 ft. drive (which is awesome, for me).
Posted 02-07-07
Submitted by Von Slingin Disc Weights: 171
Review: Well all I know about this disc is that, I can get hellacious drives time after time and they are always down the fairway. You can throw this disc sidearm or backhand and have the utmost confidence in doing so. I recommend this disc for beginners as well as advanced. It's a great disc, and, if you don't have one in your bag, do yourself a favor and get you one today.....
Posted 06-25-06
Submitted by Brian cheese_chut@yahoo.com
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 225
Disc Weights: 168
Review: I bought this disc for its "understable" qualities, before realizing how hard one has to throw in order to get the disc to turn right. But then I threw it sidearm (I normally throw BH 75% and SA 25%) and the flight blew me away - probably double my average distance. On the course it had an very true right turn - again, thrown sidearm - and added another 100' to my throw with almost no added effort. It took some experimenting to figure out what I could do with this disc, but now that I know, I'm very glad I got it.
Posted 04-11-06
Submitted by Patrick Parker PDGA:
Location: Tennessee, cookeville and Kingsport
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 325
Disc Weights: 175
Review: This disc is amazing. It is my favorite disc by far. I can sidearm drive this sucker 300+ easily. It resists wind well and will glide for a long freakin time. When it hits it bounces and glides weird and unpredictably sometimes but with practice it becomesa non issue.

Used with a right hand backhand throw it makes for a great long left curving disc. Very useful for approaching shots that otherwise would roll down a hill.

This disc is definately not for beginners, but is for people who can generate alot of spin.
Posted 11-21-05
Submitted by Will Roan willrichtor@yahoo.com
Location: Texas
Level: Beginner
Disc Weights: 167; 168
Review: Backstory - I used to play with only a 175 DX gazelle. I played maybe 2-3 times a year, and of course, never got anywhere. In the past couple of months, since Hurricane Rita hit, I have played incessantly. When I started playing seriously it was without my beloved Gazelle, which is stuck in storage. I was given a nice, slightly worn SE Leopard. But my first experience with the newer drivers was with a champion beast.

I now carry 2 champion beasts, I am more consistent with them than with ANY other disc in my bag, save maybe my Roc. I have them in 167 and 168, which seems to make no sense, two only a gram apart in weight, but they are actually two entirely different discs. The 167 was my first, and from what I have seen, it flies like a Valkyrie, only with all the traits exxagerated - it's faster, and travels in a wider S curve than a Valkyrie, having both more propensity to high speed turn AND more fade, however that is possible. I use it as my main disc throwing both sidearm and backhand. New as I am, and lacking distance overall, I still manage to turn this thing over, especially into the wind, and often it does not come back. Still, my favourite disc, by far. I use it for drives, and also for shorter range sidearm upshots, where necessary, because I am quite accurate with it when throwing at lower power, and I am not confident in my midrange discs for the sidearm snap. They turn over much too easily, even when thrown at lower power on hyzer routes.

the 168 Beast, however, is a different animal, it would seem. Inspecting the rims, the 168's bottom edge is almost dead straight, little to no curve at all. In fact, it seems identical to a CFR Starfire L's rim. I haven't thrown this one nearly as much as my 167, but from what I've seen, it seems much more overstable. Less high speed turn, more fade. And the disc itself, even though it's only 1 gram more plastic, is almost twice as rigid as the 167.

Overall, they are both very accurate long range drivers, equally suited to backhand or sidearm throws, and the 168 seems to be a good thumber disc. They are the most predictable drivers in my bag, beating out my Valkyrie, my Wraiths, XS, and Leopard

Posted 10-15-05
Submitted by Alex kenshinhimura12@hotmail.com
Level: Beginner
Avg Drive: 275
Disc Weights: 167 g
Review: My review: I'm quite new to disc golf, my friends first introduced me to it and i loved it right away. I've played for maybe between 1 and 2 months and have thrown a best of near 300 feet. The beast proves to be useful for me, esp. on those holes where you have to curve the disc around a big mass of trees. I first threw my friend's champion beast(that he found, lol), it was a 171 and i was 2 weeks into it. It was the best throw that i ever made when i was first starting out. For me this disc works pretty well. Though it's not a beginner's disc, it wouldn't hurt to see if a beast is what suites you.
Posted 10-11-05
Submitted by Dan dnewell@gmail.com
Location: Pasadena, TX
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 500
Disc Weights: 170
Review: I've got a big arm averaging 480-500 on a ripping wide open drive. The Beast is by far the most stable flat throwing long range driver I have. It's a faster Valkyrie to me. It tends to get understable really quick if thrown too hard, but will quickly level out and appear to fly forever. This is NOT a beginner's disc. If you're comfy throwing a Valk., you'll enjoy the speed and stability of the Beast.
Posted 09-19-05
Submitted by Paul Michael Richard Paul.Richard@Tufts.edu
Disc Weights: 165
Review: This Disc was a disaster when I first got it. New out of the box it is way more overstable than Innova will admitt. After about 5 hours of field practice, however, I was able to control this baby and really rip it (350ish). However, I still use it as an "into the wind and long curve" driver. I got a champion sidewinder as my normal driver and love it. Despite all this, the BEast is a great buy because of it's high glide and rise properties. Overall: 7 out of 10
Posted 09-13-05
Submitted by Ryan Traeger ryyedogg@yahoo.com
Disc Weights: 171
Review: I have been playing for about 9 months. My second throw ever went on top of a building at my home course. Unfortunately, the disc was a borrowed one, so I had to replace it. My buddy had me get him a champion beast because he said it was very predictable and good for distance. I ended up purchasing a dx beast at the time to test it. Being very stable, I loved its flight path, but after running into a few trees it got pretty dinged up. This is when I moved up to a 171g Champion Beast. At first, it seemed to fade too early, but after I learned to throw better, it became one of my favorites. I use it for shots in the 225'-300' range as well as hyzer sidearms. I can park a shot within 15' of the goal about 75% of the time with this disc. I have made more birdies. If thrown with alot of power, it will make a fairly predictable right turn. A flat, medium power shot will fly straight with a decent fade. In conclusion, the beast may not be the best disc for beginners, but once you can throw hard and flat, this disc is definitely worth a try. I will always have a champion beast in my bag.
Posted 09-06-05
Submitted by Tyler Smith styler@mailcity.com
Location: maryville, MO
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 400
Disc Weights: 175
Review: I just went out and tried the 2x Beast and it seems like Innova really did revamp them a little. It seems like it's quite a bit domier then the old ones. I threw it 10 to 15 times and it consistently went 30 to 40 feet farther then my old beast did. The prolonged glide was very noticeable.
Posted 09-05-05
Submitted by Anonymous Disc Weights: 165
Review: I am a 3 year ammetuer who doesnt have a very big arm. I throw fast but not hard, RHBH. I lost my starfire after throwing it about twice as far as I ever threw a disc before. I kinda have mixed feelings about that. I replaced it with a Beast because the store didnt have any lightweight starfires left, it was a Beast Pro 166g. I finally learned how to throw it fast and straight(anhiser), keeping the nose down, and it ripped like the starfire (the usual one, not the one I lost, lol). After getting sick of not being to throw it consistantly, and getting a lot of hisers, I decided to try one in champion. I am so glad I did that. I am used to throwing about 250 and sometimes getting almost 300. I was throwing this 165g champion, I almost threw it across a soccer field (340), and tried my luck at some forehand throws. I could never throw a forehand before, and got this to go farther than my backhand throws. Oh, and contrary to the other reviews I saw, I was doing this against the wind....just keep that nose down, and it wont go off on you,and wont really care about the wind. This line (starfire orc beast) really like to be thrown with the nose down. I am no pro , but I think I do ok for my size, and hope to push 350 by next year, its just speed and technique , not power.
Posted 08-15-05
Submitted by Riley Stuve BallerR51@aol.com
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 275
Disc Weights: 172
Review: This disc is awesome. I was a little worried at first, but once you throw it rite goes REALLY FAR. if you jus throw the disc as hard as you can it shuld turn out pretty good. ive thrown this disc over 300ft and im only 13. I dont recommend this disc for begginers though . gl to ya'll
Posted 06-10-05
Submitted by Tyler styler@lycos.com
Location: Maryville, MO
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 300-325
Disc Weights: 163
Review: I've had a beast before that weighed 172 grams and I couldn't throw it any farther than my Wildcat, but since I've bought this 163 gram disc it has opened up a new world for me! It really has added 50 feet to my drive over night! I normally average around 320 feet and now I'm consistently throwing beyond 370 feet. It doesn't do so great into the wind but, it's pretty light and you can't have everything in one disc. All in all, if you don't have great arm strength (distance) lighter weights really should be something to consider.
Posted: 3-19-04
Submitted Jon Turner oxdisc(AT)thets.demon.co.uk
The champion Beast is a very fast extra long range stable driver. I bought one of the first ones when they came out as I'd tried Valkyries and Archangels but didn't like the way they turned over without much warning and refused to come back. Initially, I was a bit disappointed when the Beast didn't flex out from a (fairly severe) anhyzer shot but after a while, it really grew on me. Thrown hard and flat, it will turn over slightly but fly long and straight before a gliding fade. The flight doesn't deviate much from a straight line at any point in my experience, even during its long glide phase which makes it quite a predictable driver. However, it does not handle headwinds very well and once turned over beyond a certain point, it doesn't come back (try a DX version instead). The Beast also has quite a deep rim which some people may find a little odd. However, I would recommend the champion Beast to anyone looking for a slightly straighter Valk f! or a main driver and although it is beginner friendly, they may be better served by using other discs to begin with - the Beast seems to respond best to high speed throws.
Posted: 3-19-04
Submitted MCushing@charter.net
This is the best Driver I have. It may be the best Distance Disc I have ever thrown. I have a KC Tee Bird (shadow) that is fairly similar. The Tee Bird is the only Disc I can think of that is comparable. The Beast is a stable to slightly over-stable Driver. Thrown flat low and hard, I can get great distance. When throwing from elevation a beautiful right to left(RHBH) for extreem distance is possible. I recomend this Disc for anyone except a beginner
Posted: 10-21-03
Submitted by HipHopWong
I'm an intermediate to advanced right handed Amateur. On long open holes where you need the most distance Teeing off into a wide open space, I almost always reach for the Beast. Much like the Valkarie, the Beast flies very straight and fast with a long slow gradual left fade. I don't use this disc for precision drives in tight technical fairways. Once it breaks in the Beast becomes easy to anhyzer. It becomes a very good disc for long slow right turns in wide open spaces. You have to watch out though, once the Beast breaks in you have to release it flat or with a little hyzer angle or it will run away to the right on you. The wide rim is very comfortable and this disc is easy to throw and control. I recommend beginners to throw lighter weight Beasts and gradually move up to heavier weights.
Posted: 07-28-03
Submitted by Michael Warrington michael131134@hotmail.com
I am a right-hand back-hand intermediate young player. The Pro Line Beast (171g) is my favorite driver. I can throw it farther than any of my other discs (Eagle, Firebird, XL, Leopard). The Pro Line Beast is very fast. If it is thrown very hard and flat it will turn gracefully to the right and the at the last 5-10% of it's flight will fade to the left. If it is not throw as hard it will fly almost perfectly straight if throw relatively flat and the the last 5-10% of it's flight fade left. The amount of fade it has depends on the height of the throw but it does not fade overly much. It will also go left it it is throw on an angle. Depend on the force of the throw it might curve right (at high speed throw) after awhile and then fade left again or it might straighten out (middle speed throw) after awhile and then fade left or it might continue to curve left the entire way (low speed throw). I have not had the disc for long so I have not had time to try out many hyzers or anhyzers. I think the Beast will work well for hyzers and it has performed well on the slight hyzers that I have tried. For the Beast to work on anhzyers it has to be throw very hard or throw with a big angle. On anhyzers if throw well it will straighten out and glide and then fade left. The Pro Line Beast has a lot of Glide, enormous distance, very durable, predictable, fast and versatile. I think the the Beast is one of the best disc there is if not the best.
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