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Champion Orc

Type: Driver
Diameter: 21.2cm
Available Weights: 160-175g
Plastic: Innova Champion

Champion Orc
Flight Rating Category Value What Innova says:
The Orc is a more stable version of the very popular Valkyrie, giving power throwers more predictability off the tee.
Maximum Flight Speed
Resistance To High Speed Turn
Amount Of Low Speed Fade
Propensity To Fade
Relative Distance
Qualitative Analysis Value
Recommended Skill Level
Uniformity Of Break In Period
Overall Durability Description of the Ratings System.

Player Reviews

Posted 03-20-08
Submitted by TTJ heyteej@yahoo.com
PDGA: 34474
Location: McKinney
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 450
Disc Weights: 166-168
Review: Do yourself a favor and pick up a mid weight (165-170) Campion Orc. The lighter weights travels so much faster/farther than a max weight, and they are still stable enough to fight strong headwinds. This disc has fought its way to "go to driver" position, and has had some stiff competition... but in the long run a medium weight orc will go further and faster than any disc out there with more control for a substantial amount of time.

Posted 11-14-07
Submitted by Marshall
Disc Weights: 176
Review: Awesome disc out of the box! Throws straight with slight fade towards the very end of it's line. I prefer to throw RHBH with this one, though if thrown well, it will go forever thrown sidearm. Of all my drivers, this one is by far used the most. Accurate with distance... can't be beat!
Posted 08-06-07
Submitted by Chris Barns Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 400
Disc Weights: 175
Review: The Orc is by far the best driver out there. It is more like a long range missile. With a slight hyzer and a lot of power you get the slightest s-curve and a lot of distance. My Orc has broken in nicely and the fade occurs very late in its flight. I threw it over 400 ft on a 465 ft hole and I could not believe it. It handles a slight headwind well, but for a severe wind I reach for my 175g Champion Starfire. I normally throw teebirds for 300-380 ft range, but the Orc is great for anything above that if you have a powerful arm. It is also a good forehand disc.
Posted 06-26-07
Submitted by Adam Wright PDGA: 6387
Location: Seneca, SC
Level: Adv. Am
Avg Drive: 450
Disc Weights: 173
Review: The Orc has given me the ability to get long turn over shots that in the past were not possible. I've been able to turn the Ord left to right at distances of 350 to 450 feet. It is a great disc.

I would recommend the orc to players with a little less power for longer flights and to power players looking for a long turn-over disc.
Posted 02-17-07
Submitted by Stephen K
Location: Dallas, TX
Level: Adv. Am
Avg Drive: 350
Disc Weights: 174
Review: O.K. let's talk about this disc. The one I have is the early mold of champion plastic that has the dome top instead of the flat top like most are now. This disc holds it's line very well, and, is the number one windy day driver in my bag. It's cuts right through and keeps it's trajectory virtually every time. I recomend this disc for all levels of play for sure. If you don't have one, get you one, and you'll be happy you did.
Posted 01-14-07
Submitted by thomasa93 thomasa93@gmail.com
Disc Weights: ?
Review: This is a very good disc, when i first threw it, it kept taking a very sharp left near the end of its travel. Luckily, with a little of practice, it is now one of my favorite discs! I highly recommend this disc.
Posted 11-27-06
Submitted by Anonymous kasetroy@hotmail.com
Location: Pocatello, ID
Level: Beginner
Avg Drive: 250
Disc Weights: 169
Review: I just bought the Orc after maxing out distance with my Wraith (260'). I just don't put enough on the Wraith to make it work for me. I am throwing 30' further right away with the Orc and it has very similar characteristics as the Wraith. Some day I will go back to the Wraith when I am able to throw with more speed, but I am very happy with the Orc for now.
Posted 10-23-06
Submitted by Adam F
Location: Livonia, MI
Level: Adv. Am
Avg Drive: 450
Disc Weights: 175, 169
Review: The Orc is one of the best drivers out there. I throw a max weight off the tee up to 400' (the Wraith will get me to 450, but the flight is not as predictable). If I throw it flat with a lot of snap I will get a long anhyzer for big D, or if I need a long hyzer shot, I throw it at a slight hyzer angle. The 169 is great for turnover shots - I can put a slight anyhyzer angle on the release and it will hold the line all the way over, or I'll put it out there flat with a lot of snap and watch it turn over and then flex out at the end. All in all, my orcs are a staple in my disc arsenal and I would not want to throw a round without one.
Posted 09-20-06
Submitted by Anonymous
Disc Weights: 165
Review: The most predictable driver in my bag. I'm not gonna lie, I can throw my pro-wrait 50 feet further, but not as accurately or consistently. The Orc can consistently give the same throw, again ,again, and again. I throw side arm and thrown with a slight angle can give perfect S-turns. Hyzer-Anti-Hyzers, you name it and it can do it, and do it well. I throw this disc till it is destroyed, or lost then I'm at the store the next day rebuying the darn thing. I'm on number 5 right now, just rebought it yesterday.
Posted 06-25-06
Submitted by Robert PDGA: 29934
Location: KY
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 300
Disc Weights: 163-174
Review: I now have a total of three Champion Orcs a 163, 171, and 174. I will use one of these for most of my tee shots, in my humble oppinion it is by far the most most predictable long range driver out there, I agree with a lot of the other reviews I may be able to throw the wraith a little farther but compared with the lost predictability I wouldn't trade you any of my orcs for 2 wraiths.
Posted 04-06-06
Submitted by kelly albertthefatty@charter.net
Location: manhattan beach, ca
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 300
Disc Weights: 170
Review: I recently bought a 165 Star Beast, and it got stolen. I then got a champion orc to replace it, and i have to say that it is the best driver I have ever thrown. Acuracy, distance, and speed, this disc has it all. Put some snap on it and it will go forever. The perfect driver. Period.
Posted 03-16-06
Submitted by Jason Smith Location: Fort Wayne , IN
Level: Beginner
Avg Drive: 300
Disc Weights: 174 g
Review: I am a player new to the sport of disc golf. I have been playing for about 8 months, and I consider myself above average for the amount of time I have been playing. I purchased my Champion Orc about 6 months ago. I used to drive with a Champion Beast (I used to become frustrated with it's lack of speed, distance, and over-overstability) until I heard the phrase "Instant distance" associated with the Orc. I then ran to the store to buy one. On my first round playing with the Orc I was astonished with the distance I could achieve. Then my distance barrier was around 250 feet, but after using the Orc I can now throw at least 50 feet further then before. The disc is pretty much stable to overstable and occasionally S-curves. I highly recommend this disc to anyone looking for 25-50 feet longer throws. As I am currently writing this review, I am waiting for the Star Wraith and DX Rhyno I ordered. I hope to be able to throw another 100 feet further with the Star Wraith.
Posted 02-18-06
Submitted by brad mcdougall bmseventeen@excite.com
Location: morehead city, nc
Level: Adv. Am
Avg Drive: 500
Disc Weights: 167+
Review: the orc is one of the greatest things on this earth! second only to sex. i use a 167g orc for most of my thumbers. 250' on a dime all of the time. i pitch through trees and crazy obstacles all day long. usually i'll keep two in my bag. i would give my left nut for this disc! that's seriously crazy!! i can really nice ud's with it also. versatility is key. sometimes i'll go all day with just my orc and a pro line rhyno and shoot birdies all day long! you can throw a mean roller with this bad boy too! when i grow up i want to be an orc. by far my favorite driver. someday innova will stamp my name on this disc. i named my baby PA-TINK KERCHUNK
Posted 12-24-05
Submitted by Calvin Small Disc Weights: 175
Review: Though much of the disc golf world is now very obsessed with the supposed longer CFR Wraith, I still find stiff and max weight Champion Orc to be the longest flyer in the game. Even with a lighter Champion Orc, they are hands down the most versatile disc I've ever played with. Not only are they accurate, but I can punch these drivers around 500 feet.
Posted 12-19-05
Submitted by Anonymous Level: Adv. Am
Avg Drive: 400
Disc Weights: 171/169
Review: I currently carry two champion Orcs, one is translucent at 171 grams, and the other is Opaque at 169 grams. The Orc is a Very fast disc, with average glide. It is slightly understable at high speeds, and has a large amount of fade at low speeds. The Orc is designed as a maximum distance driver, perfect for large "s-curve" shots. It is not a fairway/accuracy driver, so I would not recommend using it as one. I find that as this disc beats in, the fade comes later and later in its flight, and you will find that your distance will increase as well. It seems that no matter how hard you turn this disc over, you can always count on it fading back (unless you really over-torque it which is likely a technique issue) at the end which makes it very predictable for a max distance driver. It can handle a light headwind, but any more and you need something like a monster or firebird. It is also very good for distance forehands should you ever have to use one, it flys very similar backhand as it does forehand. On top of this it is superb for Thumbers and hammer shots, actually it is a pretty versatile disc.

I prefer this disc when it is quite beaten in. I throw it mainly on holes that are unreachable or just barely reachable from the Tee (typically 380 feet and over). I have thrown this disc over 400 feet on flat land, and over 500 from an elevated teebox with tailwind. I find it works best when released with a bit of hyzer and thrown very hard, it will turn to the right and fade back left at the end. It is far and away the longest disc in my bag and i definitley recommend it as a distance disc, but i would still strongly recommend keeping a straight fairway driver like a teebird, xl or JLS in your bag along with the Orc.

Posted 11-07-05
Submitted by Patrick Amazing1boy@aol.com
Disc Weights: 172
Review: I could have sworn i have reviewed this disc before. I am always looking for a new driver that is long and consistant, but i always find myself falling back on the champ orc. I can now throw it further than any other drivers i throw (there still are many i havent thrown enough to really know) by 50' My longest drives are now over 450, and i can reach 450 with ease. The Orc is also versitle not only i throw it long but its great for narrow fairways (if the you can throw hard enough to keep it straight) and low celings. I throw it on tees as short as 300'. Anything less and the buzzz gets pulled from the bag
Posted 10-27-05
Submitted by Tommy Poplawski jeenyusx13@aol.com
Disc Weights: 175
Review: The greatest disc ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 09-21-05
Submitted by normad normad@hotmail.com
Disc Weights: 161
Review: I had heard so much about the Orc that I had to go out and get one. I was formerly throwing a 169g Cyclone and the Champion Valkyrie at 168 g. I had heard this disc called "instant distance" and now I see why. I immediately gained a good 30-50' on every drive. This is my favorite disc. It flies straighter and farther than any disc I have ever had. I find it near impossible to throw anhyzer shots with it, though. It is just so straight. And it fits my hands perfectly.
Posted 08-31-05
Submitted by goose motrhergoose3000@sbcglobal.net
Location: ft worth texas
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 350
Disc Weights: 160, 172, 174
Review: wow! this is the most prdictable distance driver i have ever used. (even the 160g)forehand, tomahawk, sidearm, it does everything good. my only complaint is the hard low speed fade.
Posted 08-24-05
Submitted by Matt
Location: Tulsa
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 400
Disc Weights: 168-169
Review: This is the longest and most predictable disc I have ever thrown. That is all.

Posted 08-09-05
Submitted by Anonymous
Location: Ames, IA
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 350
Disc Weights: 171
Review: The Orc is probably one of the greatest discs out there for anyone trying to add some extra distance on your throw. Don't get it if you are not turning your less stable drivers over but my Orc flys about 360' and I threw about 320' before I got it. The extra stability is nice but I do turn this over sometimes too. I was playing a tourney with some intermediate players and we all asked each other what our distance drivers were and everyone in my group threw an Orc around the 170g range.
Posted 08-05-05
Submitted by Alan Sweeton afsweeton@liberty.edu
PDGA: 22691
Location: Princeton, NJ and Lynchburg, VA
Level: Advanced Am
Avg Drive: 325-350
Throwing Style(s):
Disc Weights: 174
Review: When I first started playing 3 years ago I would throw a hook thumb tomahawk shot for every throw, and I got good. I used an Elite X XL and the thing worked beautifully. Eventually, I hit a plateau in my game and I could no longer improve throwing only hammer shots. So I had to take a step back and learn how to throw finesse shots and how to avoid trees by acutally aiming not by blind tomahawk luck. My scores dropped dramatically and I am only just now, 2 years later, consistently beating the scores I was acheiving with only tomahawk style. So, to get to the point: my XL got really beat up and I hadn't been able to find a good tomahawk disc to replace it. I picked up a 174g Champion Orc (custom stamped by Mace Man out of Arlington, TX) and this baby is what I've been missing. For a hammer throw I hadn't thought that it would matter if I was using a fairway driver or a long range driver as far as distance goes. It's only a hammer throw, right? Well, this Orc flies forever. This disc feels perfect in my hand and is stable enough that it lands typically straight out from where I throw it, not too far to the right as I'm used to. I've thrown a few backhand with this disc but its a little more stable than my Beasts and I would only really use this into a headwind or for a long hyzer alley. If you want a monster tomahawk shot, get yourself an Orc...er, make that a Champion Orc, so you don't get too beat up on those trees.
Posted 06-14-05
Submitted by Dave Jennings jennings@niu.edu
Avg Drive: 400-450
Disc Weights: 172-175
Review: In my opinion, one of the greatest discs ever created. It is hard for me to find discs that won't roll over straight out of my hand. I even release like I'm throwing hyzers and they still roll over. However, the CE Orc is the most reliable distance driver I have ever thrown. I throw with the inside edge down just a little, and it will roll to flat in flight and just go for ever and ever. Over four hundred every time. I'm a distance junky, can't putt fer crap, but the Orc is the funnest disc for distance I have ever found. Even very reliable in wind. It won't roll over unless I throw it completely flat. Great disc! Send me a free one!!!!!!!
Posted 06-09-05
Submitted by Robert Leonard robertleonard01@yahoo.com
PDGA: 21676
Location: Greenville NC
Level: Pro
Avg Drive: 400-450
Disc Weights: 175
Review: I have always been able to throw far. I would throw 4X JK Valks for distance, usually around 400. My first throw ever with an orc, I parked a 425 foot hole. Since then, I have been hooked. I have never thrown a distance driver than you can do anything with. I throw distance, long hyzers, straight shots, long turnovers, skip shots, anything with this disc. This is hands down the best distance disc on the market today.
Posted: 3-21-05
Submitted by Robb
I am an intermediate RHBH player. I bought an Orc (168g) without much research. I got it because I knew it was fast. At the time, overstability, turn, fade, hyzer, anhyzer meant as much to me as Medieval Gothic literature. At first I hated it because of its overstability. But the more I throw it, the more I love it. It's incredibly fast out of my hand, faster than any other disc I've thrown, including the Flash, Crush, and Valkyrie. As the plastic has gotten broken in, I get great discance and a predictable flight with the disc. I even get a good, slow, predictable S-curve with it. I'm not a high-power thrower (I max out at about 350', unless there's a hurricane behind me or God feels sorry for me and just carries it a little), but I found that even with less power, as long as I get good snap, I get great results with the Orc.
Posted: 7-24-04
Submitted by JoGould@comcast.net
After losing my Champion Beast to water, I decided to get a CE Orc. I had heard great things about them, so I was very excited when I found one in the gas station next to my local park. I was pumped the next day when I went out to throw it, but it was apparent very early that I just didn't have the steam to make it fly. Whereas my Beast would fly these awesome gliding S patterns, or just fly straight, my Orc fades to the left without fault. It's just too overstable for me. I wasn't really expecting this because a Beast was working awesome for me, and I've heard it's a pretty stable disc.

I guess I can't say it's a bad disc, just that you really need to whip it for it to go far. I'm still pretty new. I just got a Discraft Elite Z Wildcat and it is working perfect for me, and going about 300'.
Posted: 6-29-04
Submitted by jdobber@umich.edu
i bought an orc a couple of months ago with the intention of getting a beast. the guy at the store recommended the orc and described its similarities and advantages to the beast. he was definitely correct. i had been throwing 300-325' but i consistently get 350-375' with the orc. it is very easy rip and i find it very easy to "S". I'm a LHBH thrower primarily and haven't found a disc to match the orc. I have a Z-Crush which is way too flippy and have thrown a flash that is similar but a little flippier. I like the stability and most of all the speed of the orc. all the people i play with comment on how fast of a disc it is. Also, my friend recently picked one up and throws RHFH and loves it for his sidearm throws. It took him a few rounds to get used to it as he usually uses a firebird or valkryie, but gets much more distance out of the orc. In general the orc just has to be adjusted for the wind condition, thrown at more of a hyzer in a headwind and flatter in a tailwind, but it fights the headwind better than any disc i've used. all around versatile and great
Posted: 6-29-04
Submitted by Alex Wells Staynsalty@aol.com
I am beginner and i've had my 174g orc for about a month,and i love it. It out drives every other disc i've tried by about 50ft it's a straight to overstable driver. It's a little like a firebird with some extra speed and glide I try to release it hard and low with a very slight anhyzer and it flies out with a small s-curve it just seems to go forever. On my better throws it will break the 400' mark, and it averages in the high 300s. Also the champion plastic is very durable. Being a beginner i'm very pleased with that much distance and cant seem to get that with anything else. I would recommend it to anyone looking to gain a few feet off the tee. so go out and buy one and see for your self.
Posted: 05-18-04
Submitted by heith_foster@yahoo.com
I am a Recreational amatuer player that has been playing about 5 mos. I am 6" tall 145 lbs.. I started playing with a 170g. C Eagle and a 165g C Beast so I will make my comparison to these discs. I purchased a 174g C Orc and now I almost, throw no other disc. I get much better distance with the Orc, on average ~290 ft.. I throw mostly RH side-arm and have noticed that I have to put a little hyzer on the release to compensate for the roll left in the high speed portion of the throw. This is especially true in a head wind. In a tail wind it is important to release more flat (not completely) . As for release, this disc seems to release and travel a little left of aim up to about 100 ft before finding its true path then it seems to go straight as an arrow. I have not figured the fade out yet but it seems to mostly fade a good bit depending on height as it slows. It does not start a fade until the very end though so I am very comfortable with it, especially off the tee. The Eagle does not give me near the distance and fades quite a bit more. I cannot use the Beast for sidearms anymore because it cannot handle the high speed portion of the throw and immediately rolls left and I cannot seem to correct for it. RHBH throws where short accuracy and precision ( like a 200 dogleg left) I use the Beast all the time . The Beast seems to fade the same as the Orc but I can really count on the release angle, distance , etc.. of the Beast. The Orc works better in wide open spaces. Even RHBH the Orc gives me better distance than my other discs .
Posted: 4-25-04
Submitted by Jeff LaGrassa ourownwaterfall@yahoo.com
I finally got my hands on some Orcs. I had seen the talk about them being somewhat more overstable than Valkyries and Beasts, so I bought two brand new light 165g Champion Orcs (for only $24 with shipping on Ebay, thanks FrisbeeRancher!) I took them out to the course for the first time to throw them. There was a 10-15 mph wind blowing consistently in one direction, and for the record I am a RHBH thrower who maxes out at only 375-400 feet on flat ground.

I threw some flat drives, some uphill drives, some downhill drives, into a headwind and with a tailwind. After throwing at least a dozen drives with them, I wasn't impressed. Even at a very light 165g of weight, and throwing downhill and into a slight headwind, they refused to "roll" on me. They pretty much flew straight and hyzered off hard at the end, possibly even harder than other drivers. I got much more distance with a 169g Discraft Z-Crush and a new 172g CE Valkyrie because they got flippy and turned over for a long while before eventually hyzering off. Of course I was well to the right of the polehole, but pin-high; the Orcs were in line with the basket but well short.

I'll agree that the Orc is fast (as touted) but for me it's not a maximum distance driver. The only way I could get good moderate D from them was to snap them with a slight amount of anhyzer. They would hold that line perfectly and sail off to the right before hyzering back to the middle.

For mostly-wide open 325-foot drives, this is going to be a good disc for me. I can aim 50 feet out to the right and have it fly fast and straight and hyzer back predictably to the polehole. The Orc will also be a great headwind disc. But for par 4 holes and distance crushes where placement isn't as important and I'm looking for max distance, I'm still gonna use my flippier CE Valkyries or my Crush.
Posted: 4-03-04
Submitted by Mike M. Modler2000@cs.com
am an Am player that plays alot of tourneys. I bought an Orc at one and fell in love with it. I have a range of about 300 feet. With the orc i average 30 feet more. It isnt as stable as a new champion eagle but its more stable than a beast. i have a 172 green and i wouldnt trade it for 2 of anything else. I now keep 3 Orcs in my bag at all times. The glide time is amawing, Ive thrown many shots that hit the deck within 30 feet and hoover another 300 feet before stoping. It doesnt bite and roll like i thought it would. I would recommend this disc to anyone.
Posted: 3-19-04
Submitted by Dknc03@aol.com
I recently purchased an Champion Orc (by Innova). I went to get a Beast but this was new and i got talked into buying it. I bought it in 171g. This disc is FAST, definetly faster than a Valkrye, which is what i was throwing. It also is very hard to turn over. Throwing RHBH. I've thrown several of my furthest throws with the Orc, but have also seen it dive severely to the left if not thrown perfectly. I have just started throwing it sidearm and I like it. Overall I would recommend the Orc to someone who can wing it (i.e. 400'+) Otherwise I think you'd be better off with a Beast or Valkrye.
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