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Innova Champion
KC Pro Whippet

Type: Driver
Diameter: 21.2cm
Available Weights: 165-175g
Plastic: Innova KC Pro

KC Whippet
Flight Rating Category Value What Innova says:
The Whippet is a very long over-stable flyer used for long left hooking shots. The Whippet holds up extremely well in a headwind. The Whippet is a high power disc suitable for professional level players.
Maximum Flight Speed 7.5
Resistance To High Speed Turn 9.5
Amount Of Low Speed Fade 9.5
Propensity To Fade 10.0
Glide 2.0
Relative Distance 4.0
Qualitative Analysis Value
Recommended Skill Level 5.0
Predictability 5.0
Uniformity Of Break In Period 3.0
Overall Durability 3.5 Description of the Ratings System.

Player Reviews

Posted 01-27-07
Submitted by Robert Summers Disc Weights: 168 & 172
Review: I bought one of these after seeing how people worship them on the Message Board on the PDGA. Now I understand why. If you are looking for a max distance driver this is obviously not it. If you are looking for a versatile disc this could very well be it. It does really well at overhand shots I am going to skip ace a whole on my home course in the next year or two with this disc, been close 3 times already. Also great for skip shots, for sweaping hyzers, and for low straight fairways that need a slight left finish. Liked it so much I bought a spare and hope Dave D was serious about the Star Whippet.
Posted 12-19-05
Submitted by Taylor Hess taylorhess600@yahoo.com
Disc Weights: 166
Review: I've played a few rounds with people who throw whippets, and they always talk about how much they like them. I got the deal of a lifetime - $5 for a brand new 166 Whippet with a bad-ass tye-dye. I love it. It flies like my Monster, but a lot slower. Perfect for short hyzers, or side-arm skip shots.
Posted 11-08-05
Submitted by Rick B crumplerscored@comcast.net
Level: Beginner
Avg Drive: 325
Disc Weights: 175
Review: Fantastic disc. I am new and not very BIG ARMED (yet). I was a little intimidated by the description for this disk as it is very overstable. However, it is getting windy now and I am constantly turning over my Orc and Wraith. So, I figured I would give it a try. As a fairway driver, and with little glide, I can not get the distance of my faster drivers, but I instantly fell in love with this disc. My concerns of being a novice were unmeritted. Every way I throw it (RHBH, side arm, overhead) it consistantly sails. It is straight, with a good controlled fade and I regularly hit 250ft (which I think is pretty good--straight into the wind--for a beginner). I will be using this one all winter when it is windy.

My only negative comment is that the plastic is not as durable as other Pro Line discs from Innova. My Pro Wraith can run smack into a tree from 50 feet, and I can't even find the point of impact. The KC Pro Whippet seems much softer. I hit the sign on top of a basket at 150 feet and it took out a nice chunk.

Posted: 5-14-02
Submitted by Derek Kainz <derekkainz@hotmail.com>
I have the KC Pro model. Love this disc for those left hook shots. You can just lay on the power and get great distance and reliability. Also great into headwinds.
Posted: 7-10-01
By Blake Takkunen - the Webmaster - <blake@discgolf.com>
My Review:
The KC Pro Whippet X is a fast, extremely overstable driver. It will hold a very tight left curve, making it ideal for extreme hyzers, low ceiling approaches, and skip shots. This disc flies well into a headwind. Speedwise it feels quite fast out of the hand, a bit faster than a Cheetah, but slower than an Eagle or Valkyrie. The strength of this disc is its predictable overstability, the weakness is its lack of glide. This disc will not carry very far. For Throwers who can throw an Eagle 350 feet, they are probably looking at more like 250-275 feet maximum with this disc. The Whippet X is more overstable than a Banshee and Firebird but I'm not sure how it compares to an Elite Pro Xtreme. This is not a beginner friendly disc.
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