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Innova Champion
Pro Orc

Type: Driver
Diameter: 21.2cm
Available Weights: 145-150, 165-175g
Plastic: Innova Pro

Pro Orc
Flight Rating Category Value What Innova says:
The Orc is a more stable version of the very popular Valkyrie, giving power throwers more predictability off the tee.
Maximum Flight Speed
Resistance To High Speed Turn
Amount Of Low Speed Fade
Propensity To Fade
Relative Distance
Qualitative Analysis Value
Recommended Skill Level
Uniformity Of Break In Period
Overall Durability Description of the Ratings System.

Player Reviews

Posted 12-22-05
Submitted by Alex C william.a.caruthers@vanderbilt.edu
Avg Drive: 400
Disc Weights: 166
Review: This disc is practically useless. Don't get me wrong, I love the Champion Orc (I have two), but the Pro Orc seems to share very little with its Champion brother. While a Champion Orc would flatten nicely or S-curve, this disc would flip over almost instantly and dive into the ground into an uncontrollable roller. I even tried to drive the Pro Orc by releasing it vertically RH BH, and it even still turned over and glided to the right.

If you want to experience the controllable distance of a real Orc, pay the extra three bucks and get it in Champion plastic. It will be more reliable and more duarble.

Posted 08-19-05
Submitted by Michael mchaines@ku.edu
Disc Weights: 174
Review: I bought the Pro Line Orc after I lost my Champion Orc on a griplocked throw into some woods. I went with the Pro Line because the new plastic just felt so good! But this disc turned out to have little in common with the Champion Orc. It was very difficult to keep this disc under control, it was very easy to turn over (even roll) and was pretty useless in a head or crosswind. But for downwind distance, what a bomber! Thrown on a high line, the disc would make a big wide S curve and glide on the wind forever. Unfortunately situations where this throw is useful are rare for me, so the Pro Line Orc lost its spot in my bag. However, I recently sold it to my beginner roommate, who LOVES the disc. He had been throwing other "beginnr" drivers (leopards, Cheetahs) 200-250 ft, but this disc flies 50' further. In summary, the Pro Line Orc is way too flippy for a workhorse driver for someone with a big arm, but the speed & glide sure do add some distance. But for a recreational player who's got the basics down this disc would be a great driver.
Posted: 06-05-05
Submitted by Erick Simonds erick03@hotmail.com
Disc Weights: 175
Review: I've been throwing a 2nd Run (more durable run) Pro Line Orc for a few months, and I've found this disc to become VERY predictable. I don't have a huge arm by any means, but with the proline orc, I can confidently outdrive my champion orc (171) by 25\'. Many people say that the orc is very flippy, but it seems that my combination of spin/power is perfect for a long flight. I can successfully throw it on a hyzer line, anhyzer or straight depending on the shot. As far was headwind goes, it only seems to hold up into a medium headwind when thrown at a hyzer angle. Any substantial headwind will cause the disc to flip. Thrown with a tailwind and a little anhyzer, this thing will fly far. I've not had any issue with the durability and have hit many trees and fences. The second run definitely is much more durable. I'm going to start breaking in an identical proline orc, and search for more...

Overall, this is a great disc for people who don't snap the disc extremely hard, and still want some nice D.
Posted 06-05-05
Submitted by Claustinus
The Pro Orc is similar to the Champion Orc, but beware! The Pro Orc seems to have a longer glide, but has a tendency to turn over, especially if you throw it hard. In windy conditions I find it useless - but that is only my opinion. Great grip, long flight, but too understable. Not like the Champion Orc...
Posted 05-14-05
Submitted by Anonymous synchrofruits@gmail.com
Location: San Francisco
Level: amateur
Avg Drive: 325
Throws: lefty
Throwing Style(s): backhand
Disc Weights: 158g and 170g
Review: I'm really starting to get into innova's new pro line plastic. As champion, elite z, and other hard plastics have taken over I feel like some finesse has been lost in the game of disc golf. It's more about torque and less about graceful snap with that stuff... and by golly, hard plastics and those shots totally have their place, but so do the other plastics like the good and glidey DX and now the pro line.

All that being said, the pro line orc is a very different disc than the champion orc. It is much flipier, has much much more glide, and also less fade. I throw a 158g on a hyzer line, let it flip up and start gliding... and gliding... and then, a little fade. I have a 170g that I release flat to just go straight at stuff. Properly thrown flex shots with this disc will achieve huge distance. I sidearm them too, hyzer flip style, and they work great for that. This disc has gotten me back into throwing clean finnessed snaps that get a lot of spin on the disc. Think about throwing a DX tee bird... pro orcs take the same straight glidey no nonesense line! And it goes farthur than the champion stuff.

People's main gripe about pro line plastic is its lack of durability. It's no champion in this arena, but it's much more durable than DX. I've hit tons of trees with mine, using them as my primary driver in a wooded course for the last 3 months... and they\'re still the same as they were after hitting those first couple trees. They feel great and they fly like properly beat in DX plastic but with more predictability. I highly recommend getting some pro line discs and think the orc is a great mold for this plastic as it still has a little predictable fade at the end. They would be excellent drivers for people new to the game, too!
Posted: 12-23-04
Submitted by wilt@oz.net
I have been playing about 3 years and have just started playing tourneys as Am II. I throw with either hand backhand. I was looking for a disc that was better into the wind than the Beast which was starting to turnover too much. I don't have the arm for the Firebird or Monster and the Innova description states that the Orc when "Thrown flat, this disc will fly straight, even in a headwind!". So I was hoping this would be the wind disc for me. I bought a 175 gram yellow Pro Orc. The plastic is excellent!! Super grippy and a nice comfortable feel in the hand. I really like the pro plastic a lot. It doesn't seem to hold up to damage as well as the champion though. A friend showed me his Pro Orc that had a huge cut in the rim and the disc was flipping like crazy. Mine seems to be doing ok so far, one major tree hit bent the rim a little. This is NOT a good disc into the wind, in my opinion. We finally had some good wind at the course (15-20mph) and even with lots of hyser I couldn't keep this disc from flipping into a stiff headwind. My 169 Crush or 164 CE Teebird both held up better in the wind than this disc. However, even though this wasn't the wind disc I had hoped for it is the longest disc I have thrown. With light wind or a tailwind this disc goes and goes. It has added 30-40 to my drives. It has pretty much replaced my Beast. I throw it with a slight hyser which will usually rise, flip a little to flat and just go and go as it finishes with a slow fade. This is a good disc for me.
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