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Innova Champion

Type: Midrange
Diameter: 21.7cm
Available Weights: 145-150, 165-180g
Plastic: Innova DX

Flight Rating Category Value What Innova says:
The Roc is the number one professional mid-range driver. It is very reliable at the high speeds that pros throw. Roc is a very straight to slightly overstable flyer with good carry. It ages slowly, becoming an excellent slow turning disc as it gets worn.
Maximum Flight Speed 5.5
Resistance To High Speed Turn 5.0
Amount Of Low Speed Fade 4.5
Propensity To Fade 4.0
Glide 6.0
Relative Distance 5.0
Qualitative Analysis Value
Recommended Skill Level 2.0
Predictability 3.5
Uniformity Of Break In Period 4.5
Overall Durability 2.5 Description of the Ratings System.

Player Reviews

Posted 03-28-08
Submitted by pete
Disc Weights: 150-165
Review: I just bought a DX Roc about 5 days ago and so far I really like how it flies. It's a very predictable disc for mid-range and drives. It's also good at anhyzers and hyzers. I mainly use it for longer mid-range shots to get close to the basket.
Posted 03-02-08
Submitted by matt jiggamatt@sbcglobal.net
Disc Weights: 176
Review: kinda overstable midrange with alot of fade at the end of its flight. good for long approaches and shots around 250-275' but it does has a tendency to pop-up and fade irresponsibly in windy conditions.
Posted 11-08-07
Submitted by SinnerSpinner sinnerspinner@hotmail.com
Location: WA State
Level: Beginner
Avg Drive: 300
Disc Weights: 178
Review: Just used my new "heavy"(178) Roc for the first time today. For what it's worth; this disc really is as good as everyone claims it to be! It responds well to being thrown HARD, and stays down out of the trees. If you play tightly wooded courses, this could very likely become your driver of choice.
Posted 08-03-07
Submitted by Chris Barns Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 400
Disc Weights: 177
Review: The Innova Dx Roc is one of the best discs on the market. I was fortunate to find an old beat up dx roc that looks really bad with 4 small holes in it, but it is one of my favorite discs and definitely my go to disc.

Worn in, put a lot of hyzer on it and watch it fly perfectly straight and fall with no fade. Put a lot of power on it and it will be the anhyzer disc or driver based on the amount of hyzer you put on it. New, it is slightly over stable, but has a very predictable flight path. Buy 2-3 of these things and let them get to different wear stages and you will have all the midrange you will need unless you have a severe anhyzer and I use a very beat Stingray for that.

I wish I would have bought into Rocs sooner as my game as improved greatly in accuracy and score. Its no wonder the pros use it.
Posted 05-19-07
Submitted by Austin Thomas thomasa93@gmail.com
Disc Weights: ?
Review: I know that is not actually a putt-and-approach disc, but it is by far the best I have ever thrown. If you are looking for a good disc that will fly well in the wind, allow you to land right beside the pin from 70 feet away, or even make a 70 foot putt, BUY THIS DISC TODAY!
Posted 05-02-07
Submitted by Jonathan Owen rubipy@hotmail.com
PDGA: 16525
Location: berkeley
Level: Adv. Am
Avg Drive: 500
Disc Weights: 180
Review: The roc is a good disc to learn fundamentals. You will have trouble throwing a roc if you don't have a smooth/clean release (like the last guy descibes, it will come out wobbly and be understable). When they get beat up they are great for placing your shot, i.e. controlling the last 25 percent of the throw. Overstable rocs, hard plastic, are greater for long hyzers 250 - 325. Good for putting in the wind. I throw mine on anything under 300 feet. and can drive one 375 if I put some muscle into it, though I would rarely do so in a round that mattered. If you want to learn how to throw a disc straight for 300 feet put some effort into it. I suggest playing an entire round with one. No drivers, maybe a putter. I also suggest you try playing with only a putter. your game will get better if you can learn how to throw a putter like a driver. Its suprisingly easy and very useful once you get the hang of it.
Posted: 05-18-04
Submitted by Red5DiscGolfers@aol.com
Ive been through my share of Rocs in my time, ive been using them for about half my life (I began disc golf at age 11 I am now 20), and I have yet to find a more versitile disc. Ive had the pleasure of owning and throwing every kind of Roc (save USDGC discs) and still to this day my favorite disc is my max weight (180) orange DX Roc. I bought the disc at Worlds Biggest in '98 and it has aged better than I couldve hoped for.

The Roc has an uncanny ability to remain ridiculously predictable throughout its lifespan, my max weight still has the goes-where-you-throw-it "attitiude." The Roc is a little overstable brand new and ages quite nicely into stability. Old faithful is getting really beat up. faded, and stampless but i can, and have used just that disc for rounds and tourneys (I took 2nd).

The disc works great in the wind and for upshots. I dont understand why more people dont drive with a Roc. Mine still goes past the 350' mark and Im waiting for the flight plate to disintigrate. Rocs are comparable to the spider or, as people agree, the MRV/X. I find my spider goes a bit farther than my Roc but at the cost of accuracy. THE BEST DISC EVER IS A ROC< THE ONLY THING BETTER IS MORE ROCS.
Posted: 05-18-04
Submitted by the disc golf reviewer
Wow. That sums up this disc in a word. This is the most accurate disc I have thrown. I usually throw this for about 200 feet, (right hand, forehand) but keep in mind I am a beginner. I imagine that you could easily get much more distance than me. It holds a perfect line in the wind, but for distance, you must throw it flat. I works perfectly when trying to curve it, (hyzer or anhyzer) but won't get quite as much distance as when throwing in a straight line. If you try to throw as hard as you can, you will usually not get the result you want. It works best when thrown with about 70-80% power. (for me anyway). I highly recommend this disc.
Posted: 05-22-03
Submitted by: Brian Leudtke <ThaDiscGolfMan@msn.com>
I have just started using the Roc within the last month. All I have to say is I am mad at myself for not using it sooner. This is the best, most predictable disc on the market. It will go exactly where you throw it EVERY time! It has shaved at least 3 strokes off of every round I play now. It has made my whole game better. The key to throwing it is keeping it low and releasing it with a little bit of hyzer. It will either fly perfectly straight (250'+)or a little bit overstable (under 250') depending on how far you are throwing it. I use it on all drives between 200' and 350'. I have problems with turning over drivers like the valkyrie. The valkyrie turns over on me when i release it with hyzer even. NOT the case with the Roc. I have yet to turn it over. I don't know what that guy was talking about before about not being able to throw it over 200'? Maybe he was a beginner. For me it flies over 300' with ease. Anyways, BOTTOM LINE....get this disc! It will improve your game alot. It is a birdie producing machine. It is the best disc I have ever used by far. I now know why this disc is so highly reguarded by everyone! A 10 out of 10!
Posted: 09-29-02
Submitted by: MasseyFamily4@aol.com
When someone starts talking about the "Roc", it's almost like they're talking about your favorite movie star or something. For me, it's very nostalgic because the very first disc I threw was a Roc. This disc is so versatile. I believe if I were only allowed one disc to play a course with, I'd probably choose my Roc.
I have driven my Roc well into the 250' range without problems. The more finesse you put into it, the further it goes. It's an awesome educational tool because this disc teaches you the elements of a soft touch when driving, and not just powering the disc onto the fairway. As you move to other discs in your bag for driving, this lesson of finesse taught by the Roc will greatly enhance your distance, control, and overall score.
The Roc on the scales of stability can actually come in at a couple of different scores. For a straight arm across the chest throw, the disc is probably a 0, being right in the middle of the scale. But with the correct finesse, this disc will fly very flat and straight for well over 200'. If you release the disc at a little more of a downward pull trying for an anhyzer, the disc will ride out a beautiful long curve to the right often pulling out just at the end of the flight for a nice soft full plate landing. This alleviates skipping and rolling that other discs may do, which make take your nice pin shot to a 45 foot putt if you're not careful. Also, if you release the Roc from a little lower towards your abdomen or navel area, you'll find the disc will give a nice slight S turn, resulting in drives over 250' at times. You do need to be careful when throwing the Roc, it's not a disc like the Valk, Eagle, Banshee or other super highspeed that requires high arm speed and a powerful snap or hit. The Roc can be "laid" next to the pin with the greatest of ease. This is very important for older players, some females, beginners, and maybe those of us who have bad backs or knees who can't get the run up, or the power throws out anymore. The Roc will compensate with it's long glide and easy throwability.
The Roc is also a great upshot - midrange disc. With total predictability you may find yourself running at those 75 upshots. If you want a disc to do the same thing over and over, this is the disc. My father-in-law says it best "The Roc will do exactly what you put into it, every time. If you want it to be stable and flat, it'll do it. If you want it understable and coming back to the right, it'll do it. If you want a long hyzer, it'll do it." Putting is also very common with the Roc. It's stability is the same from 25' as from 225'.
It may be advantageous to carry two of these bad boys with you as a beginner, or even as an experience player. A heavier weight for strong windy days, (Up to 180), and a lighter weight for days when you need to push the disc and there's not as much wind (158-168). The last thing also, the Roc only gets better with time. New, out of the box the Roc will fly nearly exactly the same 400 throws later. You'll find that it will not be effected by ware and tare like most discs.
Posted: 04-21-02
By Blake Takkunen - the Webmaster - <blake@discgolfreview.com>
My Review:
The Roc is a large diameter medium speed stable to overstable midrange driver. In DX plastic it is the least overstable of the Roc variations and it does not have as much glide as the CE/SE versions. The Roc is a very predictable disc if you do not try to overpower it. It holds up well into a moderate headwind and will hold a flat line drive or hyzer line very well in most conditions. As it breaks in it will begin to turn a little but I have found that it is not the best turnover disc as it will fight to fly straight during most of it's life span (I have yet to throw a VERY beaten Roc). I would compare the Roc's flight to that of the MRV but I would say the Roc is the more overstable of the two when it is new. Distancewise I find it to be similar to the MRV as well and it's my disc of choice in the 250-300' range. Although I do highly recommend the Roc as a main midrange disc, it might be a little overstable for newer players and they may have more initial success with other midranges such as the Shark, Aurora MS, or Comet but I do recommend learning either a Roc or MRV later down the line. If you are a newer player and looking to start with a Roc, I would recommend starting in the 165-172g range. I have a variety of weights of the Rocs I carry as lighter weights will glide better and go further with less fade than the heavier ones if they are finessed properly but I also like the added over-stability and predictability of the heavy ones. The Roc's thick, beaded rim has a very gradual break in period and will retain a stable flight for most of its life.
Posted: 02-18-02
Submitted by Jon Turner <oxdisc@thets.demon.co.uk>
The Roc is a medium speed, straight to slightly overstable approach disc. It is also one of the most widely used approach discs apparently. The Roc is a great beginner's disc with a predictable straight flight followed by a small left fade at the very end (RHBH throw). The plastic feels different to other non-special Innova discs and appears to be extremely tough but the Roc will gradually become more understable with wear. It is also very easy to weight the length of the shot with a Roc which, when added to it flight characteristics and resistance to the effects of wind, make it a good disc for tight accurate approaches. My only real problem with a Roc is the lack of distance but the other characteristics more than make up for it. All in all, a fine disc.
Posted: 10-02-01
Submitted by Scott Miller <ksarrow@onemain.com>
The Roc is a midrange disc by Innova. It flies straight in the high speed and slightly left in the low speed fade. It has much more dome than a Cobra and the Roc has a distinctive lip. It will not skip or roll much when it hits the ground. Many people claim to throw the Roc 200+ feet but it is too slow speed for me to do such a throw. I use the Roc to plop near the basket on a midrange shot when I have no hope of hitting the chains. It lands and stays put. I can also hyzer the Roc but it does not anhyzer well.
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