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Innova Champion
Special Edition Super Roc

Type: Midrange
Diameter: 21.7cm
Available Weights: 165-180g
Plastic: Innova Special Edition

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Flight Rating Category Value What Innova says:
The Roc is the number one professional mid-range driver. It is very reliable at the high speeds that pros throw. Roc is a very straight to slightly overstable flyer with good carry. It ages slowly, becoming an excellent slow turning disc as it gets worn.
Maximum Flight Speed 6.0
Resistance To High Speed Turn 5.0
Amount Of Low Speed Fade 5.5
Propensity To Fade 4.5
Glide 7.0
Relative Distance 5.0
Qualitative Analysis Value
Recommended Skill Level 2.5
Predictability 3.5
Uniformity Of Break In Period 2.5
Overall Durability 3.5 Description of the Ratings System.

Player Reviews

Posted 08-05-05
Submitted by Alan Sweeton afsweeton@liberty.edu
PDGA: 22691
Location: Princeton, NJ and Lynchburg, VA
Level: Advanced Am
Avg Drive: 325-350
Disc Weights: 180 and 174
Review: I'm an Advanced Am who has been playing for about 3 years. While I always hear about the Roc being the bread and butter, the most consistent, and being the disc golf standard, I was never a big fan. My number one reason for this is because I throw pretty much all Champion or Elite Z plastic and the DX plastic gets too beat up and the disc's characterists change too suddenly. I really liked what I did throw with the Roc for the first few weeks, until I hit a few trees and then it flew different. I prefered throwing my Champion Shark that would stay the same and I didn't have to worry about adjusting. Well, I like the Roc now because I picked up two of the Worlds Super Rocs and the SE type plastic is great. It's not quite as durable as the Champion but it is resisting to dings and is a little grippier, too. I believe that the Roc is a very versatile disc to be used all over the course and that every player should have one. But for those of us who just started playing in the past few years who are spoiled by the Champion plastic and just can't stand to throw anything DX, this Super Roc is perfect.
Posted: 7-12-02
By Blake Takkunen - the Webmaster - <blake@discgolf.com>
My Review:
The SE Roc is a moderate speed slightly overstable midrange. The SE Plastic feels similar to Millennium's plastic and is fairly resiliant to scuff damage, but can be prone to heat warp. I would say this is the most durable of the current Rocs and also the most overstable. I'd compare its flight characteristics of the SE model to that of an MRX. It has quite a bit of low speed fade and turns over similarly to the MRX so you still have to finesse it. However, the SE Roc is in my opinion longer and faster. It is quite fast for a larger diameter midrange. It handles wind better than any midrange I have thrown with the exception of the Sentinel MF and flies far with the nose down. This is currently my longest midrange with the only rivals being Rocs of other plastics and the MRV. The KC Roc might be a little longer but it is less resiliant and less overstable. I throw both Rocs and the MRV in around the 250-300 foot range and favor them over a driver when slower is better and I need more accuracy. I hate basing many of my comparisons to other Rocs but there aren't all that many discs I would compare this to and I've found a very high number of players carry some form of Roc so I'll do my best to distinguish the difference. I carry both a KC Roc and SE and I think about the two in different ways when I'm choosing which to throw. The SE Roc seems to glide better than the KC and DX versions and its speed varies by how it's thrown. The SE will be faster on a tight hyzer than the others but when I want a straighter line, I tend to give the SE slight turnover for a gradual s-curve while I throw the KC as more of a stright line drive. In this instance I find the KC to be faster. I'm going out on a limb here and I'm sure Roc lovers will shake their head when they read this part of it, but to non-Roc carriers, if you can imagine a hybrid of the MRX and MRV, the MRX's flight path with the MRV's speed and then beef it up to 21.7cm diameter, I think that's about the best description I can give of this disc in terms of other discs. Any Roc in general is a very good long midrange, however I do feel that it does require carrying a short midrange/approach as well for the 125-200 foot range. This disc might work for a beginner but is a bit on the overstable side and there's many other discs I'd recommend for someone starting out ahead of this one. But I do think any Roc is almost a must for the serious disc golfer and great for players who have hit the point where having a long and short midrange will add to their game.
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