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Innova Champion
Star TeeRex

Type: Driver
Diameter: 21.2cm
Available Weights: 170-175g
Plastic: Innova Star

Flight Rating Category Value What Innova says:
The TeeRex is a fast, stable to overstable power driver with significant glide. Resistance to turn at high speeds means this disc will perform well into the wind. TeeRex offers the flight of the TeeBird with the speed of the Wraith. Recommended for professional level players and those that throw at high speeds. The TeeRex is a great distance disc for windy conditions and sidearm throwers.
Maximum Flight Speed NA
Resistance To High Speed Turn NA
Amount Of Low Speed Fade NA
Propensity To Fade NA
Glide NA
Relative Distance NA
Qualitative Analysis Value
Recommended Skill Level NA
Predictability NA
Uniformity Of Break In Period NA
Overall Durability NA Description of the Ratings System.

Player Reviews

Posted 04-24-08

Submitted by Sam

Location: Memphis

Level: Amateur

Avg Drive: 450

Disc Weights: 170

Review: Hands down this is one of the best discs ever made. If I

really need to send one down a long fairway there's nothing I wouldrather throw than one of my TR's. Regardless of the wind (head-,tail-, left cross-, right cross-) this disc goes. With its moderateoverstabiliy the TR is great for hyzers of all kinds (duh?) but alsofor long flex shots. I personally try to keep three in the bag at alltimes. now that the 170s are broken in and bordering on stable (vs.overstable) I'm trying to find something closer 175 or 176 forextended overstability and stronger than usual headwinds.Also...can't beat the star plastic. Not as cool as the Championplastic but takes hit a little better I think. Might be just me


Posted 03-17-08
Submitted by Sam
Disc Weights: 169
Review: When I bought this disc I was actually looking for a Star Wraith but "settled" for the TeeRex. Having Thrown quite a few of both molds, I have to say that the TeeRex is one of the best discs on the market for long drives. This disc delivers everything from spike hyzers to flex shots. Got a long straight fairway on a hole you really need to birdie? Awesome. TeeRex. Throwing into 20mph headwind? No problem. Pull out this disc and let it fly. Even in wet conditions the Star plastic still provides the grip to let you send one down the fairway. Long story short: great disc.
Posted 10-26-07
Submitted by Greg
Location: Mpls, MN
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 325
Disc Weights: 175
Review: A great disc that flies straight and fast if you have a lot of power. I throw forehand, with a pretty big arm, usually around 5-6 feet above the ground, aiming for max speed with a good amount of wrist flick for spin. This disc gives a very predictable straight flight, then a fairly hard fade at the end, which for me, since my disc is already so low to the ground, almost always results in a 10-30 foot skip up and to the right. For those who have said star plastic doesn't skip, they must be throwing in way that will not make them skip. One of the things I love most about this disc, and my star wraith, is that the plastic is so sleek, even if I happen to hit ground too early flight, say after 150ft, I often skip off and continue another 50-100ft. I've had it skip into the basket for an ace on two occasions. Also, the star plastic is very durable, contrary to some other reviews. I've used this disc almost two years now, have it MANY trees at very high speed and it still throws almost the same as when I got it, and there are no large gouges in it at all.
Posted 09-07-07
Submitted by gary rura
Disc Weights: 174
Review: I get tremendous spin and finding an overstable disc that can handle it without turning over has been a challenge. I still love my champ orc for a straight solid drive, but when i wanted max distance and had room to rip it, i would (and still do) pull out the T-Rex. The problem i'm having is that i cannot over anny the T-rex without it turning over or not flexing back for me. Its as if after only maybe 180 drives it lost it's come-back. Still, the speed is tremendous and the right throw will still get me over 400' where other drivers would fall 20-30' shorter. Plus when it drops it drops and doesn't glide way off course. I am so happy to hear that the Crush is getting such great reviews from forehand throwers and will be picking up a few new discs including a crush and a wraith.
Posted 09-05-07
Submitted by Anonymous Disc Weights: 172
Review: This disc is tits. I would beat my own mother down if she took it out of my bag. Its predictable, long, fast, and accurate. Sometimes I say to my self "there is now way that disc just did THAT'. It goes exactly where I want it to 97% of the time, and the other 3% are bad throws on my part.
Posted 06-25-07
Submitted by jonathan Tilton
Location: de
Level: Adv. Am
Avg Drive: 450
Disc Weights: 175
Review: I would have to say that the teerex is a diff version of a valkarie or beast after 1 or 2 rounds. i was hoping that this would be the disc that i could go all out on and get a great distance with a predictible flight.to my dismay this disc just skates like a roc if it gets on that anny angle. the only time i really use it now is for far uphill anny shots with a lt to rt crosswind. it really works well in those situations, and is fairly predictable as an anny disc.
Posted 10-15-06
Submitted by Will Roan
Location: Southeast Texas
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 350
Disc Weights: 169, 173
Review: I've been evaluating the TeeRexes since they hit the market. I've had two yellow 169s, and one orange 173(first run star stamp) The first one I had was a very domey yellow 169, and it had the best flight characteristics of the three. TO liken it to a longer faster TeeBird though, is just wacky, and I don't know where they got the idea to do that. The Champion StarfireX flies like a longer faster Teebird, the Teerex does not. If anything, it flies like a slightly faster original mold beast - a little high speed turn, a little fade.

The first yellow 169 I had was pretty stable. I could snap it hard and flat and it flew relatively straight - with the high speed turn about equaling the fade, both being very slight. Not a straight line mind you, but it finished pretty well straight ahead, only VERY slightly left. Tee Rexes aren't OVERstable by any means, and the flight ratings for them by Innova's reckoning are just flat out wrong. Speed is right, glide is right, but the high speed turn should be -1 or more, and the fade should be +1 or +2 at most. Don't get me wrong, if you knife them, they hyzer pretty strong, but the ratings are deceptive. Fluke at best, false advertising at worst, take your pick.

They won't fight a headwind. They won't turn out of an anhyzer unless you nose up. They don't skip very well(I have yet to see a disc with such a flattened underside to the wing skip well regardless of it's stability) and generally it will not do the things you expect from an overstable driver. As a distance driver, when you have a lot of lateral room, it's money, it WILL bomb. For distance annys thrown high enough to fade out, and for lower hyzer flips, it's a great disc. Like my old beasts, just faster, but much less comfortable in the rim area.

My real problem with them is the lack of durability and the inconsistent feel to the star plastic line. These things are NOT durable - NONE of the newer drivers in star plastic are. My theory is that it has to do with mass distrobution. You take a teebird or eagle, or other slightly narrower rimmed disc, compare it to the same weight Wraith or TeeRex, and you will see that despite the weights being the same, there is much more mass to the newer drivers. They have to distribute the same amount of weight through such a larger volume of plastic, that it cannot be as dense and tough. Orcs are so thin profiled that they seem to be able to get away with it and retain their toughness. But there is so much mass in the wing of a wraith, monster, t-rex, etc - that they can't achieve the density needed in plastic to make it tough without going overweight. I have seen star TeeRexes take horrific damage from the most innocuous of impacts. The first one I had received a gash the size of a cut toenail in the rim after a light fall onto a gravel path. I skip my gateway Demon across this path pretty regularly, it's an S disc(DX) and it's never received damage comparable.

The second yellow one I got, the one I throw most often now, is as flat as a CE Firebird on top. It's getting the annoying little burs along the edge I associate with Pro plastic, and it, along with 80% of the other star discs I have had, has this greasy, poorly finished feel to the surface. It's easily remedied by a good scouring with comet and a scotch brite pad, which leaves it feeling like broken in CE plastic, but when new it's the slickest greasiest feeling crap I've played with. Again, false advertising. Star plastic is not very grippy, and it's only slightly more durable than Pro - it's not any more scratch or abrasion resistant, it's just less prone to warpage. Good thing, but not what they tout it as.

Bottom line - TeeRexes fly like max weight star wraiths, look and feel just like them too. Hmmmm. So if you want a max weight Wraith flight path in a lighter weight disc, might be a good choice. If they release it in Champion, I might buy another. The ones I have now just sit on the shelves. Spirit/Illusion wannabes.
Posted 10-12-06
Submitted by Louis Doench
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Level: Adv. Am
Avg Drive: 325
Disc Weights: 168
Review: Whilst i am tending toward light understable disc's for distance (i use a 150 or 167 sidewinder off the tee most times) I've found the Star Tee-Rex to be great for hyzer shots from the fairway. It's way overstable for me off the tee, but great for many second shots around trees or other obstacles. The disc has a very predictable fade. The Star plastic is also darn sturdy. Also good for tomohawking out of trouble.
Posted 10-06-06
Submitted by Max Location: Dayton, OH
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 350
Disc Weights: 171-174
Review: Where have you been all my life. Great job Innova......

I still use my CFR Wraiths for distance drives; straight on, no wind, slight anhyzer. But I'm not sure I could say that the Wraith is my primary driver anymore. The Tee-rex is just awesome. This thing screams. Nothing is faster, not the wraith, not a flick, nothing!!! The first few days I couldn't believe how fast it was coming out of my hand. It feels so right!!!! :) I was having problems with turning my Wraith over; into head winds, when I tried to throw it to hard, or to far, etc... The Tee-rex has solved that. I'm actually moving up to throwing regularly over 400 feet now with this disc. Only once have I even been able to turn it over. It always comes back. And if you don't throw it too hard it is great for hyzer shots. It has replaced my crush that was my go to heavy hyzer disc, and I'm even thinking of taking out my Firebird. Would have laughed at you last year if you told me those two disc would coming out of my bag.

I tell you; Innova has been on a rampage to get all the discraft out of my bag, only one left(flash)..... Great job guys. Innova is D'shiznit!!!

I just got the now Innova Max in the mail last night. It's the prototype 2006 masters disc. So lovely I can't decide to try it or save it and wait for the produciton run. But with the Wraiths and Tee-rexs doing so great for me I think I will hold out at least until the last tourney of the season is over. No sense in messing with such a good thing for now. :)

I can only dream that it could be better than the Tee-rex, nah, no way........(wonder how long I can hold out?)
Posted 10-03-06
Submitted by Jake
Disc Weights: 170
Review: I really love the new tee rex. The star plastic is great and the tee rex is great for big arms. I am advanced amateur and if you have a big arm i recommend throwing this sidearm. I can knock out big drives around 400ft because this disc holds such a straight line. It is very overstable so beware if you dont have a big arm it will tail hard on you. Overall great tunnel driver. If youve never tried it, i recommend a tomahawk with it as well i can throw one over 350ft with it. It is suppose to be a mixture of the tbird flight with wraith distance. I can throw this just as far as the wraith. LOVE THE TREX!!!
Posted 08-25-06
Submitted by Joshua Stites Disc Weights: 169
Review: I found immediate results when I picked up a TeeRex. It became my primary driver after a single round, replacing my DX Wraith. I really like my Wraith, but I throw with a lot of speed and spin right out of the gate. This would cause my Wraith to have a pretty large S-curve, which probably cut down on my distance. Aside from losing distance, I was losing accuracy and an ability to snake drives through tight corridors on the course.

I can pick up the TeeRex, put the same amount of whip on it, and it just flys smooth and straight with a predictable fade in the end. Third round using this disc, I put a drive about 15 feet from a pin listed at 520'.

Not only does this disc have unbelievable distance, the durability is amazing. I would destroy DX discs putting them into trees. After using the same driver for about 40-60 rounds on a moderatly wooded course, there is barely any sign of wear, most of which I could fix with a wipe of a towel. Needless to say, I am a believer.
Posted 08-24-06
Submitted by Josh Location: Columbus, OH
Level: Beginner
Avg Drive: 275
Disc Weights: 175
Review: I just started playing disc golf in the spring this year. Quickly learning how to throw a decent distance using a Pro, Star, and CFR Wraith w/ a sidearm throw. Due to my constant problem of throwing the disc a little too high in the air, the high speed turn kept the disc from hyzering too much in the beginning of the flight, sometimes keeping the disc in the middle of the fairway around where I had aimed. Due to the height that I had been throwing, this limited my throws to about 175-200 feet or less. I have finally been able to throw much lower drives, but due to the Wraith's slight high speed turn, it kept an-hyzering without turning back to fade and dove directly into the ground. I have had the TeeRex for a while, unable to use it because when I was throwing too high, this disc wanted to do a large hyzer arc, going way to the right of where I had aimed. When throwing lower, the disc has such a slight high speed turn to the left (remember I'm a RHFH thrower), then flattening out to a final fade at the last 25% of the flight. This is one bad ass disc in some bad ass plastic...
Posted 07-17-06
Submitted by Calvin Small
Disc Weights: 174
Review: i was looking to bring a bit more distance with a touch of stability to my game and the star tee-rex did it for me. though there aren't too many extremely long holes around me in kentucky, i've been throwing this things upwards of 600 hundred fields when i practice in fields. extremely dependable hyzer and incredible speed and distance.
Posted 05-25-06
Submitted by dan kurko
Disc Weights: 174
Review: The teerex has added awsome distance to my side arm drive I was throwing my banshee 275 to 300 and my monstar I throw a flex shot 300 to 350 I just picked up the teerex about a weak ago the first time I got out was on a tightly wooded course and I think I hit every tree out there. Got out to the soccer field for practice and to get used to the new teerex and WOW. this disc just takes off IM throwing it 375 to 400 + to me it fly's just like it is rated 11/5/0/3 for a side arm thrower use a little anhyzer to throw a nice long flex shot. can't wait to see what innova comes up with next.
Posted 05-17-06
Submitted by Friday
Disc Weights: 169
Review: Bought this disc thinking it was an overstable Wraith. Wrong. It is more like a Monster with more glide. It is much more over-stable than I imagined. I took it out of my bag for a few weeks because I was not happy with results. Decided to play a full round with it on a windy day and wow! Now I leave the Firebird out of the bag. Never thought I would do that.
Posted 05-08-06
Submitted by Taylor
Disc Weights: 176
Review: Awesome. I'm an intermediate player that throws around 350. As far as stability, I find this right in between my Orc and Firebird. It holds a straight flight and cuts hard at the end. Long hyzers are a breeze. This is going to be my new headwind driver. Great Job Innova.
Posted 04-21-06
Submitted by Zack Pierce
Location: Tulsa, OK
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 400
Disc Weights: 174
Review: I just wanted to confirm everything written above. I read a few reviews on the PDGA message boards claiming that the TeeRex was not as overstable as advertised. I agree to an extent, but this driver is still amazing. It's a perfect complement to the Wraith.
Posted 04-20-06
Submitted by alan frederick sweeton
Disc Weights: 171 & 172
Review: I've got a hot pink 171g Star Tee-Rex with the old school Innova star logo, and a baby blue 172g stock-stamped Tee-Rex. The hot pink seems slightly less overstable than the baby blue, and the flight plate also seems a bit softer. So far, I'm really digging this disc. It really does fly like a more overstable Wraith and I think that this disc is what the Wraith should have been. I use my Wraith for hyzer flip distance, flattened hyzers, and huge anhyzers, but it's not very predictable. The Tee-Rex instead gives the distance of the Wraith, but I can count on it coming back left everytime. I don't find that Innova's ratings are quite accurate on this disc. Speed of 11 and glide of 5 are both correct, but I'd put turn at more of 0.5, and a fade at maybe 3.25-3.5. When really ripped, the Tee-Rex will turn ever so slightly before flattening out with a predictable fade (nowhere near as much as a Firebird or a Monster though). Into moderate headwinds, it's held up good with a slight turn but continuing on and keeping it's predicability. The glide is definitely great for an overstable disc, and I've gotten some big distance out of this just throwing a hyzer (but not as much as my hyzerflip distance from a DX Wraith.) It also throws well for anhyzer distance -- both the glide and the predictability make for a huge flex shot. Good disc by Innova -- big distance and not as touchy as a Wraith.
Posted 04-11-06
Submitted by Brandon Victor PDGA: 29556
Location: Columbia, MO
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 350
Disc Weights: 170
Review: Innova advertises this as the Wraith's overstable counterpart, which seems to be very true. While it is difficult to turn over for me (since I don't throw as hard as most other people), I have seen pros turn it over on an anhyzer throw, and it always fades out. Speed wise, it is very similar to a wraith, but stability wise I would compare it to a firebird, or even a monster if you don't have the arm to throw it as hard as it needs to be thrown. It is a great long range hyzer disc, and will probably set distance records in lighter weights if a good flex shot is thrown.
Posted 04-11-06
Submitted by Rustin Taylor Location: Gainesville, FL
Level: Adv. Am
Avg Drive: 400
Disc Weights: 172
Review: The T-Rex has become one of my favorite discs. It is basically an overstable Wraith. The speed is amazing and it has a unique abiiity to come back straight after a good hard snap. i throw it both sidearm and backhand, and feel it my no. 1 driver in both cases. I've got to give it to innova, everytime I think they can't make a better discs they prove me wrong.
Posted 04-07-06
Submitted by Hazen Location: montana
Level: Adv. Am
Avg Drive: 400
Disc Weights: 171
Review: Just recently picked one of these discs' up. What a great disc for headwinds. It flutters alittle bit out of my hand but it just holds it line extremely well. Being the wraiths' more stable brother it just gets out there so fast even if you don't get it to turn over you still end up with a fairly decent drive. all in all this is a great disc to have
Posted 04-04-06
Submitted by Chris Woj PDGA: 27965
Location: Toledo, Ohio
Level: Adv. Am
Avg Drive: 450
Throwing Style(s):
Disc Weights: 172g
Review: Just a bit over a week ago our local disc dealer gave me a call confirming his recieving a shipment of first run TeeRexes in Star... I immediately went to meet him at the course and got myself a pair in the 172g weight. One of them went to the mantle... the other was thrown. I figured it wouldn't be used much at all at the upcoming tournament (BG Ams), but I was wrong.

I quickly came to rely on it for distance shots. Its stability was an incredible boon to my distance... with a Wraith I felt like I was turning things over too often when I went for big d... moving to the TeeRex I got long and straight flightlines, bombing things with a reckless abandon I hadn't had before.

Into headwinds even. At Lovers Lane I was throwing the TeeRex into headwinds and crosswinds (Wraith still for the tailwinds), and still getting 400+ feet out of my drives. Completely insane, as with the Wraith I could only get 400+ in a tailwind. Thanks to the TeeRex I'm able to now put a disc on a reliable flightline out to 420 feet without worrying about a turnover shank.

The saying that it was a beefier teebird holds true as well. For me it holds a very similar path of flight with the Teebird, though its stability and speed seem to stretch that path out. With a Teebird only my most perfect drives could travel out to 380 feet... with the Teerex those perfect drives are hitting almost 430 feet with a regular 400 foot teebird like flightline.

Simply put: I'm in love.
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