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Type: Driver
Diameter: 21.2cm
Available Weights: 150-175g
Plastic: Innova DX

DX Wraith
Flight Rating Category Value What Innova says:
INNOVA's newest addition to the Distance Driver line. It is our longest and fastest Distance Driver to date. It is a stable flyer that performs predictably well in the wind with speed, glide and accuracy. This disc performs remarkably well when thrown at less than full speed as well as at full speed. The Wraith is an excellent side arm disc.
Maximum Flight Speed NA
Resistance To High Speed Turn NA
Amount Of Low Speed Fade NA
Propensity To Fade NA
Glide NA
Relative Distance NA
Qualitative Analysis Value
Recommended Skill Level NA
Predictability NA
Uniformity Of Break In Period NA
Overall Durability NA Description of the Ratings System.

Player Reviews

Posted 08-06-07
Submitted by XGRaven xgraven@yahoo.com
Disc Weights: 168
Review: I'm relatively new to disc golf, having only shot a couple hundred holes. I've found that I usually get better scores if just go out with one disc and use it for everything.

My typical disc is a 198 Gram Innova Condor, which has proven to be a good all around disc for me. Recently I've started using faster discs to see if I could improve my distance.

I purchased a blue Innova Wraith after a buddy of mine recommended to me based on my throwing style. I'm right handed and typically throw backhanded for distance and sidearm with my index finger under the rim to get around trees. When I really get into the rough, I usually just tomahawk and try to get my discs to roll to the basket.

Oddly, with the wraith I found I recieved more favorable results on most shots when switched my style and used sidearm throws for distance. The Wraith did seem to improve my distance a bit, but wasn't as predictible as all the other disks I've used. On my fifteenth hole with the Wraith, it suddenly became overstable and turned on me on a long distance shot. After flying an exeptional distance it banked slightly to the left and then took a HARD right into the rough, never to be seen again.

I finished the course with a Discraft XL that my buddy that talked me into buying the wraith found while we were searching for my Wraith. The XL looked like it was bludgeoned to death by rabid pit bulls with aids but wound up performing better than my brand new wraith.

I liked the Wraith, it was a nice disc for distance but I don't think it's quite my style seeing that its the only disc that I permanently lost.

Maybe I should just buy another Condor...
Posted 01-30-07
Submitted by Phillip phillipdaw@navy.mil
Location: Charleston, SC
Level: Adv. Am
Avg Drive: 400
Disc Weights: 171
Review: This disc was an amazingly far flyer for about 4 months. It instantly added 50 feet to my drive. It was easy to turn over slightly and was relatively predictable. Over the course of time it got more and more understable, and reached maturity after 3 months, getting me 9-10 almost aces as it was just flying perfect. Now, it is only good for hyzers and sharp turnovers. I have reassigned it as a roller disc and ordered a Pro Wraith to (hopefully) replace it.
Posted 11-21-06
Submitted by jiwaburst Disc Weights: 167
Review: I have a couple of Pro Wraiths and was excited to try the DX version when it was released. I've had it for a while now and finally feel I know it well enough to give a review. Weird disc. The rim has been altered from the other versions so to still fly wraithlike in the base plastic. The disc starts out very overstable for the first few throws but then beats quickly because of the wide rim and the base plastic. It gets high speed understable very quickly. But it is not exactly a turnover disc either. If I need to carry water, or need long distance without any kind of headwind, this is usually my choice. I throw it extremely hyzer and nose down with as high a trajectory as I can. It goes far. Even when this disc looks like it is stalling out, the stall outs carry forward very far. Thrown this way, when I can't trust another trajectory, this is my farthest disc, and almost always lands straight ahead after a lot of left/right play.

I will not use this disc for any tunnel shot or any standard golf line, the Pro wraiths are much better for that, but to throw 100% for 100% distance with extreme hyzer, it is amazing to watch. Overall, nobody really needs this disc and I probably won't replace it once it's gone (even though the stamp is very cool), but it is a fun toy to play with.
Posted 10-07-06
Submitted by Geoff Keller Location: Carbondale, Colorado
Level: Amateur
Disc Weights: 147
Review: I had written a review for pro line wraith. I was pretty incosistent with it, so I had written the disc off. Well I decided I would try a light weight wraith and give it another chance. I'm glad I did. I'm not as consistent with this disc as a teebird for example. But when I release this disc just perfect, it really goes and goes. Wow! You really have to keep it low, but it will go. It's not very forgiving. I'm gonna step back up to a heaver version for the wind.
Posted 08-26-06
Submitted by Golfbeast arzatefamily@comcast.net
Disc Weights: 171
Review: This disc is a great roller disc gets me a extra 150' when thrown with extra anhyzer.
Posted 07-07-06
Submitted by Nathaniel Glasgow Location: Portland, OR
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 300
Disc Weights: 168
Review: I bought my DX Wraith to replace a Star Wraith that I lost before I used it much, and I think the DX flies better for me. It's taken me some time to get used to this disc, but now it's really starting to pay off. The Wraith goes fast and far. For me, it tends toward the overstable, but if I really connect, I get a nice, tight S-curve for big D. On sweeping hyzer shots, this disc often seems to end up 30' farther than I expected. I find myself throwing the Wraith in a big hyzer arc around the trees for more D than throwing a fairway driver through the trees. It's a little touchy about anhyzer. Turn it too far, and it won't come back. Also, it likes to be thrown pretty low, or it will stall and fade really hard (it's good for low ceiling shots). The new DX plastic has hit several trees (one about 25' from the tee) with no noticable damage, just the usual gentle wear. I hyzered it hard into some asphalt and got a big dent, but a little sandpaper made it fly good as new. This is not my most predictable driver, but it is my longest, and when I'm feeling lucky, I reach for the Wraith. $7 well spent.
Posted 05-21-06
Submitted by Jase F diehardarrowfan@hotmail.com
Location: Watertown, SD
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 275
Disc Weights: 170
Review: I love the new DX Plastic that Innova has made. It gives the disc a better grip and is more durable. When I used the old DX plastic, if I hit a tree it would hurt the disc quite abit. Not the new version of it. Hitting trees does basically nothing to it. The speed rating is 11, and it throws exactly like that. I throw this disc further than any other disc I have. For only $9.00, this disc is a great deal. Go buy one..now.
Posted 04-24-06
Submitted by Will T willt@discgolfreview.com
PDGA: 25979
Location: Seattle, WA
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 325
Disc Weights: 150
Review: I have been seeing a lot of people throwing Wraiths lately and have been impressed with the distance I have seen these go. However I throw light plastic and champion/star/pro Wraiths were all too heavy for me. When I saw that the DX Wraith would go down to 150g I knew I had to try one. I purchased a white 150g DX Wraith and it has quickly become my favorite driver. I was especially glad to hear that Innova re-tooled the DX plastic for this driver. It is indeed more durable and very grippy. I have hit things that would have seriously damaged the old DX plastic. Poles, trees, skips off cement, no real damage. The one thing that will damage this plastic is sharp edges. I hit a steel BBQ grill about 170 ft away and it cut about a 1/4 inch notch in the edge. Suprisingly this didn't seem to affect the flight too much. Maybe a bit more flip but I throw a hyzer flip shot so I think it actually helped me. Not good in a head wind, maybe in a light wind but in a stiff wind once this flips say goodbye and get ready for a walk because it is going a long way away. With a tailwind though...WOW!!! I have gotten my longest throws ever with this disc. I recently birdied two holes that were previously unreachable for me. This disk is amazingly fast with a slight high speed turn and a good fade at the end of the flight. Easy to throw, BIG distance, durable, grippy, cheap, light weights. This is a very good disk for me
Posted 03-30-06
Submitted by Mel melanddave@prospectparkdiscgolf.org
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Level: Adv. Am
Avg Drive: 325
Disc Weights: 172
Review: Man,does this disc fly. Initially, I found the wraith to be very overstable. As a lefty backhand thrower, it would consistently turn right. As I got used to the disc, and as the disc got beat a little, it toned down and became easier to control. It's now replaced the Flash as my long distance driver.

The Wraith is very fast, getting out there in a hurry. Thrown with a little anhyzer, it fights back with a beautiful "S" flight. It seems to add an extra 30 feet or so to every drive. In addition, if I want a skip shot to the right, this is a perfect disc to use.

Pick up this disc and practice with it for a while. Hit a few trees. You'll be happy that you did.
Posted 03-26-06
Submitted by alan sweeton afsweeton@liberty.edu
PDGA: 22691
Location: princeton, nj
Level: Adv. Am
Avg Drive: 350
Disc Weights: 172
Review: I was skeptical of the Wraith at first. There are only so many times disc companies can market new drivers promising "instant distance" before the consumer starts to get a little jaded. So I put off trying out a Wraith until it came out in DX. Now I have to say that the DX Wraith is probably the best $7.00 I have ever spent. First off, the Wraith was put out in Innova's new DX plastic. The plastic is super grippy and feels like it will be much more durable than regular DX. I think the whole idea behind the DX driver plastic was to make better plastic for sharp-nosed drivers that can break-in well as far as flight characteristics without getting severely beat and trashed.

The Wraith truly does live up to it's 11 speed rating. Right out of the hand, it is noticeably faster than a Beast, a Starfire, or other speed 10 discs. It also has a lot of glide and can get some super distance. At first it was more overstable than I liked, but it still got some big distance just on a hyzer line. I flexed it a little bit and broke it in. Now I can throw it with hyzer, it will flip up, glide for a really long time, and fade back to straight. I have found it to be very consistent in this flight, even when I throw it slightly off. Not great in the wind, but I don't think it was ever advertised to be.

I'll only use this on open holes that are 400' and up, but it is a beautiful thing when it flies. For my super big drives, and only those huge drives, it has increased my distance by 50-75'. I would never use it as a control driver or try to park a hole with it, but as a pure distance driver, it is probably the best you can get.
Posted 03-07-06
Submitted by Louis Doench blotzphoto@gmail.com
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 300
Disc Weights: 168
Review: Intermediate RHBH thrower. I decided to scrap the fancy plastic for a while after losing $30 worth of drivers one fine february afternoon. The DX Wraith is my first wraith and I must say I'm very pleased. It's quite fast out of the hand with a nice sharp profile. At 168 grams it's easier for me to turn over and get a nice flex for distance with a gentle fade at the end. If released flat, it will fade harder, but I expect it will glide really well once it enters its stable phase with a little wear and tear. A nice distance driver for a small investment.
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