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Latitude 64
Sinus SP

Type: Driver
Diameter: 21.2cm
Available Weights: 172-174g
Plastic: Zeroline

Flight Rating Category Value What Latitude 64 says:
Sinus SP is made in a medium soft plastic chosen for its comfortable grip and feel so the durability isnīt the most important factor on this disc. The disc has three grip areas on top with different textures. This gives players an option to find the grip and feel they prefer. Between the grip areas the disc is regularly smooth for players who prefer a smooth grip. The flight is quite overstable making it useful in windy conditions. This disc is a choice for any player who likes a good grip without it being too soft or sticky. The Premiere Edition is being run in a single optimal weight range of 172-174g.
Maximum Flight Speed NA
Resistance To High Speed Turn NA
Amount Of Low Speed Fade NA
Propensity To Fade NA
Glide NA
Relative Distance NA
Qualitative Analysis Value
Recommended Skill Level NA
Predictability NA
Uniformity Of Break In Period NA
Overall Durability NA Description of the Ratings System.

Player Reviews

Posted 07-11-07
Submitted by David gt_sounder@yahoo.com
Disc Weights: unknown
Review: This was my first time out playing disc golf - went out with a few friends of mine. Though I'd played ultimate a few times and can throw a disc, this was very new to me. That said, I loved this putter. I admit I don't have another putter to compare, but I was sinking everything with this putter from 10-30 feet and the times I wasn't in the basket I was about 3 feet away. Don't know why but this just felt perfect to me and it floated like a dream. Since I'm starting out I wanted a 2nd putter for friends to borrow or for practicing, and I got another of these as I liked it so much.
Posted 03-12-07
Submitted by David Westmoreland PDGA: 31417
Location: Huntington Beach CA
Level: Adv. Am
Avg Drive: 450
Disc Weights: 174
Review: This disk is the most reliable putter I have ever thrown. I have tried all the major putters from every aviar to almost every thing discraft has and most others. This putter is like the pro challenger or the rihno but more over stable and more predictable. I have never missed a put with this disk and been suprised. If I miss, which seems to happen less and less the more I use this putter, I know it is my fault. Having so much trust in you putter really puts the mind to ease and that helps me it more putts from longer distances. Also makes a great short range aproach disk.
Posted 08-05-06
Submitted by Michael Stiller PDGA: 8358
Location: Selm / Germany
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 250
Disc Weights: 174g
Review: This discs is different to every disc that I've thrown by now. I don't know where to start...

Latitude64 is a new disc-manufacturer from sweden. At the moment they are producing five different discs: Primitus and Mirus (Driver, Gripline plastic), Medius (Midrange, Gripline plastic) and the Sinus AP and SP (Putter, Zeroline plastic). AP is for ApproachPutter and SP is for SoftPutter. Visit their website: www.latitude64.se

The Zeroline SP plastic feels very soft and it really sticks to the chains, but takes impacts like the DX or Pro-D plastic. The Zeroline AP plastic is harder and tougher, a little less sticky, but the AP-Putter seems to be identical to the SP-Putter.

On the top of the disc there are three thumb-zones, each with different surface, so you can choose between four (three zones and the plastic between them) different grip-types. You can pull the disc directly out of water (puddle) and you still have enough grip to put like usual, without drying it! The disc-edge is shaped maybe like a Rhyno or a Magnet, so you can put you indexfinger under the rim easily, and the rim itself fit's perfectly to your palm.

For putting up to 30ft this disc is perfect because of it's grip, but because of it's overstable flight qualities you have to release such a long putt with an anhyzer angle to get it straight into the chains. I suppose it's great for headwind putts.

I don't play the disc anymore for one reason: I can't throw it for approaches. In my opinion the Sinus has very few glide and it's more overstable than the Rhyno, too. I can throw the Aviar straight for approx. 180ft, with the Sinus I can't get more than 120ft but for me it turns too much left (RHBH). Maybe with more power and a better technic or with the AP-Version (haven't played it a lot) the Sinus flies longer and straigter, but I'm not that good so I kicked it out of my bag, replaced by an Aviar for both, putt and approach.

People here love or hate the Sinus. Try one if you can, it's hard to describe, compare or rate it.

Have fun & greetings from Germany! Michael
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