Right Shot, Wrong Disc

Sets of drills targeted at developing a full skill sets of shots and mastery of flight characteristics. Players taking part are encouraged to post their experiences and feedback.

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Right Shot, Wrong Disc

Postby ArcheType » Sun May 27, 2012 12:36 am

Just an idea I came up with after reading the assignment on throwing similar flight paths with different discs. You go out to the course and throw the normal lines you would, but with a different disc that you would not use. So say you need to throw a 300' hyzer you can reach with a stable fairway, throw an understable fairway and try to make it hold that sweeping hyzer out there. It's my idea of taking the Week 1 assignment and bringing it to the course. This way not only would you get more practice really shaping lines with discs you wouldn't usually, but you would also be punished for poorly controlling them. Because of that, I wouldn't try this if you have yet to actually do the Week 1 field practice. I'm gonna give this a shot in a few days and see how my results are and post back. If anyone else decides to give this a shot, I encourage you to post here and let me know as well.

Also, I'm not sure this will even be that beneficial, but I feel like it has potential. I guess time will tell.
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Re: Right Shot, Wrong Disc

Postby JR » Sun May 27, 2012 2:31 am

I've done that when there are no others i'm holding up on the course practicing and that is even more valuable than field practice for me because i have to hit everything right to curve along the fairways. It will save strokes and change discs you'll use on a given hole depending on wind conditions of course. When you know which disc to use in calm weather and in different wind directions at different speeds and can compensate the angles and switch to a correct disc you can manage anything the nature throws at you and still have a shot at a birdie more often than using the same old disc which may prove to be not the best choice. That has happened to me on a few holes on my home course.

I don't know which week is the proper time to do this. It should be an ongoing process that should be reinforced whenever you buy a new disc by throwing only that the entire round at the courses you play. That way you really know your disc. It ain't only knowing how far it goes and then fades in curve tightness x moving sideways y after turning z feet. On a real hole you know how much to power down if any and getting the angles right to a degree and knowing if you must wrestle the wrist down or have it be lose to buy you endurance for a tourny. A less talked about feature of disc nose up sensitivity.
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