Newbie signing in

Sets of drills targeted at developing a full skill sets of shots and mastery of flight characteristics. Players taking part are encouraged to post their experiences and feedback.

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Newbie signing in

Postby rehder » Fri Jul 14, 2006 2:25 pm

Hello all

I just started playing discgolf three weeks ago and have been really happy to have found this site. The information provided by Blake and others is amazing and I feel I have already learned tons, though I still have even more left to learn. The articles on this site about grip, snap, throw mechanics and so on have been really good, even though a lot of the dg jargon can be confusing at first.

The equipment I have gotten to start of with is something that I got as a packade deal at the local club.
It consists of a D cyclone (173-174), a D Hawk (170-172) and a D soft Magnet (173-174)

So far I have mainly used the the cyclone and magnet as my range has been low and I wanted to get as much range as possible, the last days has seen more use of the hawk though.

Today I started on the first week assignment because it seems as a task that fits nicely into where I am on the disc golf learning curve.

I only used one type of disc today, that being the D cyclone (173-174)
I managed to get the first three flightcurves down, the turnover was causing me some trouble though I havent quite figured out how to keep it turning and not turn back. (into an S) I assume lower height or more Snap/spin is needed?

Im considering stopping doing the X-step for a while, since when I do it, I mostly launch the disc at too high of an angle. I was somewhat satisfied that my straight shots with a slight fade at the very end, where ending up in the same place. (Within 12-24 feet of each other)

I have hit one of the plateau's as well it seems my drives go out to about 210 to 230 feet. I think I put snap on the disc, but as far as I understand a stable/understable disc should turn left if thrown with lots of snap?

Well thats it for now, if you guys are interested I would be happy to keep posting on my entry into the world that is Disc Golf, and Ill be posting more questions for sure in time.
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Postby Blake_T » Fri Jul 14, 2006 2:48 pm

just some advice...

you may need a little more experience under your belt with both technique and discs before the assignments will really benefit you.

as for making the cyclone hold a right turn:
1) you can throw lower
2) you can throw harder
3) you can throw with more anhyzer
4) you can beat the disc up

those things will aid in helping with that shot.

understable discs turn right at high speeds if thrown right hand backhand.
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Postby Thatdirtykid » Sun Jul 16, 2006 5:15 pm

welcome to the forum and sport. Its cool to see clubs having good package deals like that (not just a good deal, but good discs for beginners) You seem to be on the right track to getting started in the DG world.
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