New Courses in Durham and Chapel Hill

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New Courses in Durham and Chapel Hill

Postby Frank Delicious » Fri Mar 13, 2009 8:27 pm

There are two new courses nearing completion around the triangle.

The first is Leigh Farm Park.


-I-40 W
-exit 273A towards Durham
-right at light, immediate left on Leigh Farm Rd.
-follow single lane road into park
-parking sign on left, hole #1 on right

and fairly accurate course description:

hole 1: 300' down hill to a landing area the 90 degrees right 75', basket on a hill that likes to roll putts away, 6' deep trench on right of fairway that you can poke and hope your way over for a 30' putt.
hole 2: tight fairway right now, some trees are still marked to be cut down, 250' to a 40 degree left, another 150' to the basket, there are a LOT of saplings in the last 150' right now.
*hole 3: short & straight, maybe 175', downhill about 5-10'
*hole 4/5(?): pin in ground, couldn't find teebox
hole 6: 350' slight anhyzer, good fairway, s-curves left then right for the last 100' with ob on the left to make it about 450 total.
hole 10: 200' long 20' down hill slightly left
hole 11: straight 150' up hill to a landing area, 15' too long or too short will probably cost you a stroke, dog legs right 90 degrees, 250' with a slight left up to the basket.
hole 12: turns left 30 degrees 75' off the pad, very tight at the turn, 175 from the turn to the basket with a fade right at the end.
hole 13: straight 150' to a 45 degree right and another 75' to the hole, tight-i lay up to the turn.
make a right after nines basket to head toward 16's tee
hole 14: this hole reminds me of hole 1 at the country course with a ditch 40' in front of the basket, tight but multiple routes-straight, anhyzer down the left side and maybe more, 300ish feet straight and slightly down hill.
hole 15: 175' off the tee theres a ravine 7' deep and 40' across (*the basket is now located in the ravine on top of a little mound on the left), across the ravine it turns 90 degrees right 50' to the hole that is backed up 3 feet from the ravine
hole 16: 250' straight nice fairway with 1 large tree right in the middle, 30 degree left then another 100' straight to the basket with 2-3 large scattered through the fairway
hole 17: 200' slight anhyzer off the tee, turns 30 degrees right, opens into a field with a barn in the middle of the fairway 50' from the turn. 150' and down hill from the turn to the basket
hole 18: slightly up hill fairway off the tee, 75' straight then turns gradually left 90 degrees, drops 8' during turn, total length 200ish

With map of rec layout (pro layout much longer):


for updates on how the course is going click here (note: all the stuff I posted here is shamelessly stolen from this thread)


Southern Village

Which was apparently installed very low key.

It is on DGCR Southern Village and you can follow the discussion on it Here

I haven't got to play this one yet but all the holes are in the ground. The fairways need a little work but that should be done by this summer.

Get out there and play them you Droogs!
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