Awesome People

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Awesome People

Postby MIdiscgolfer » Fri Apr 10, 2009 6:21 am

There are a lot of posts on this site complaining about the assholes you meet on the course. So I decided to start one about some really cool ones. I drove down from Lansing with a friend to go play Robert Morris by Kalamazoo. By the time we played the first few holes we had seen multiple mob groups an were thinking "Great this will take a while". But as we played every group we caught up to let us play through basically right away. Everbody was polite and helpful if we couldn't find a basket and someone even returned my disc from the pond on our second round. Shot pretty well but still got beat up by the course. I'll score better now that I've played it twice. :D
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Re: Awesome People

Postby Mmyersdisc » Fri Apr 10, 2009 6:26 am

yeah, its always nice to have good guys on the course...I was playing on my local course alone because my friends were being lame...and these guys were like...well do you just wanna play with us? I politely said sure and off we went...he was a 2 discer and so were the other 2 guys so I kinda helped them out as far as technique goes and what not and tried to be helpful while trying to not show off to much :lol:.....if you ever find yourself in northern IN, southern MI hit me up...I have played a few courses in three rivers and am always looking for new DG buds!
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