overrated courses / ones that live up

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Re: overrated courses / ones that live up

Postby Fritz » Sun Dec 12, 2010 2:09 pm

Dig It wrote:
Fritz wrote:
maks wrote:overrated: badlands here in colorado.

and west park in joliet IL is the best.

Wow, you think Badlands is Overrated? Including the backwoods 9?
27 holes with some nice elevation and tight shots in the wooded 9 along with the water hazards on the course? Interesting.

Yea I was also shocked. Then I remember Maks has been hating on CO. DG since he's arrived so I wrote it off as home sickness. I forget if you said you played the Blair Witch or not Maks.

Sorry Maks, I don't want to diminish your feelings on Badlands just because it's where I cut my teeth and the only course I ever really crave to play. You have every right to think the course sucks. Heck, I want to put down which course I think is over rated but the Colorado people would burn me at the stake for such heresy.

No way, share which one you think is overrated. I'm even more curious now lol.
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Re: overrated courses / ones that live up

Postby JHern » Sun Dec 19, 2010 1:16 am

plastic_fondler wrote:
JHern wrote:Milo McIver (Oregon) is way over-rated. A very pretty place, but the course is almost entirely wide open and boring (almost no altitude change, most holes play across huge clearings to a basket tucked behind this or that tree). It is laid out more like a rec ball golf course (i.e., designed to make old men on viagra feel better about their athletic skill) than a proper disc golf course (i.e., real challenges, not just wide open throws from one clearing to the next).

I could see how you might say this with Milo playing the perm. 27 hole course without knowing the par's of holes. Many holes change to hard par 3's or hard par 4's with the tourney layout. With the two 18 hole layouts in mostly long positions and OBs these are two of the nicest placement par 60's courses I've played on the west. Some shots are a little open, but they are par 4/5's. The genius hole from the new tee position looks nasty hard. Actually the only wide open par 4 is 14 west on the dual 18 layout. It is really just a power throwers birdie 3. All the other par 4's are placement shots despite there openness. Same with the monster par5...very open but still hard to birdie 4 or even par without placement...

I don't care what is called par. I just try to shoot well, no matter what folks consider the "par." Challenging and interesting holes are my standard of judgment. My own judgment of par on courses is usually about the same, or at most 0.5 throws over, the open tournament average (SSA), but for simplicity I score everything as par 3. We call this "DeLa scoring" here.

Milo is a gorgeous park, but the course itself is kinda boring a lot of the time. I like the length of the holes since you always have a long drive, long upshot, and long putt on every hole, but I feel like they're just filling space instead of really making them more interesting in and of themselves. However, there are a few really nice holes at Milo I'd love to play again and again...for example, the one that shoots off the small hillock into the open and the basket is down next to the river: very reachable on a good turnover rip, but nice danger in skipping into the river behind the basket. But I need more than a few out of 27 holes to get my interest.

plastic_fondler wrote:...My overrated course is San Fran...

If you only think about what is par and what is not par, then you're right, SFGGP might be seen as over-rated. I consider everything to be par 3 in my total score, as I said above. I shot -2 on the front 9 at SFGGP yesterday in a wicked rainstorm (we couldn't play the back 9, as the weather became unbearable). It is a course that a lot of pros would consider deuce-or-die dominant. But I really like some of those holes, even though the regular player will score a lot of deuces there after learning how to throw the various routes. My favorite holes at SFGGP: 3 (long), 4 (tight tree routes no matter the placement), 5 (long), 8 (long right down the hill and by the ledge), 11 (stump), 12 (deep), 15 (long), 17 (long), 18 (long right). That's 9/18 holes that I really enjoy playing. The others are nice fillers. And anyways, Golden Gate Park is ridiculously beautiful, the locals are super, and the course is meticulously cared for by the club. What's not to like? I only wish they could fan out into more of the park...it could easily be the greatest course in the world if they had free reign to use all the park.
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Re: overrated courses / ones that live up

Postby roman » Wed Dec 29, 2010 3:49 pm

Sorry to all the Flip City fanboys here, but it's the #1 overrated course in my opinion. Everyone raves about it like it's the mecca of disc golf, and the greatest course ever made. Yeah, Bill puts a lot of work into the course. The attention to detail is great and it's a fun course to play. But when it comes down to it, it's still a par 3 course. I prefer more challenging courses like Deer Lakes in PA, Nevin in NC, Ozark Mountain in MO, etc. Flip City is really fun to play and very well maintained, but it's not a top course for me by any means.
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Re: overrated courses / ones that live up

Postby aithos » Thu Feb 17, 2011 1:56 pm

Timko wrote:Over Rated: Blue Valley (KCMO). Long for longs sake. It's got maybe 5 really nice holes, but the rest leave a lot lacking. When people play BV for the first time, they say, "man, that's a long course," not "man, that's a sweet course."

Under Rated: WyCo (KCMO). A nice mixture of open prairie and technical distance. I think this and Cliff Drive are two of the best par 57-60 courses in the area.

Lives Up: West Lake (Quad Cities). If you've never played here, you need to go. Woods, Water, Open, Technical, Crushers. Bring every part of your game.

I second the vote for West Lake. I live in the Quad Cities and it is an incredible course in an area *full* of really good courses. It is kept in immaculate shape, I've
never been there when it wasn't absolutely pristine, it's very challenging but fun. Just make sure you don't go in the lake after lost discs, even if it's just to get your
own and brief...the rangers will kick you out.

I haven't played any courses I would call over-rated but since I'm still fairly new to disc golf I haven't traveled anywhere yet that wasn't within an hour of my place or
my hometown. I'm hoping to take some trips this summer/fall to MN or WI since I have family and friends in both places and I've heard there are some really nice
courses in both states...
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Re: overrated courses / ones that live up

Postby 707cnash » Mon Apr 11, 2011 9:17 am

First off I need to say, FUCK THE PEOPLE AT DE LA VEGA!!!!!!!!!! that place is awesome in some ways, theres very unique shots and some cool holes, but the people, ive never heard so much shit talking in my entire life apperantly everybody out there is the new ken climo. OK, im not saying EVERYBODY is like that there, I met some really cool people out there before , I dont know what it is about that shithole but theres just some people that ruin this game for everybody, Theres one faggy local I have no idea what this guys deal is, but hes this shaved head 6'2 tall douch who got mad at me for stepping on his marker, now, mind you hes at the parking lot just waiting to see if somebody picks it up, well no shit im gonna grab it nobodys around plus hes not even playing the same hole as us, and lets not forget the fags up top of this hole who also got snippy when I threw my disc towards the parking lot,yea I didnt say anthing like for or anything like taht I honestly lost sight of the fuckin thing my bad, and again another sad thing is the "Van" which is were you buy new/used discs from, even that guy has an attitude, guess what? your a fuckin loser, you sell half ass plastic from a fuckin van, and then you go buy meth with that shit congrats, your a douch.
Anyways, I encourage people to play this course, its a part of disc golf history but stay away from the locals they are hands down the biggest pieces of shit known to mankind.
Sorry for the vent, but people need a heads up out there!!
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