Westlake Disc Park, Grand Junction CO

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Westlake Disc Park, Grand Junction CO

Postby Fritz » Fri Mar 23, 2007 4:05 pm

Description + Footage.

Hole 1: 255 Street behind the hole 2 feet OB, Almost entire left side is Skate Park
Hole 2: 252 Telephone pole + tree with a massive hill on the backside.
Hole 3: 200 Very tight shot with a telephone pole in your way and farmers ditch 10 feet behind the basket. Over is OB.
Hole 4: 192 Through trees and telephone poles/wire
Hole 5: 254 Very hard hole, you'll see when I send you pictures.
Hole 6: 270 Tight Tee box, many trees in your way, if you go too long you are in houses.
Hole 7: 325 Pine Tree in front, houses on the right, Playground on the left.
Hole 8: 210 Straight shot, slightly uphill
Hole 9: 254 Downhill shot with trees on left and right side.

Pictures will be on their way I took pictures of the holes today, I just need to upload them to my photo bucket account.

There is a "BACK 9" that can be played, I have no clue on the distances tho, but they are very fun and challenging back 9 :)
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