HUGE Changes to the F E Walter Dam, White Haven, PA

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HUGE Changes to the F E Walter Dam, White Haven, PA

Postby Solty » Sun Oct 14, 2007 6:26 pm

<< taken from the Bearclaws website, >>

12 people showed up to install new baskets at the FEW Dam.

They are:
Solt, Eric, Okie, Chris K, Joe K, Tom Williams, John, Andy, Pat, Drew, Adam, and Bagger Mindas.

We had two crews. 1 crew(The New Crew) doing new basket/sleeve install and 1 crew(The Used Crew) installing NEW holes/teeboxes with old baskets!!


Hole 6 - we removed the old basket and use it for extra hole(9c). Drew, of the used crew, single handedly carried it from 6 to inbetween basket 9a(original) and tee 10.

Hole 7 - The new crew installed a new sleeve and basket on an ELEVATED the same location at the previous location. The old hole 7 basket was moved to 9b(Pond) where the Used Crew had the hole ready for the new(old) basket.

Hole 9b(Pond) - The tee was installed behind and to the right of the original 9 basket. The basket is about 265 feet toward the pond, nestled in and around 3 trees. Big arms can use a mid/putter and otherwise....a straight driver will get you right in.

Hole 9c(Lefty Delight) - On the walk from come upon 2 pines that give way to a new teebox for this hole. The Used Crew trimmed out the make way for a "BENCHIE" by John. The way to the basket is a turnover approx 240ft. The basket is tucked away behind a mature pine. A righty spike hyzer will get you there however I believe a MANDATORY to prevent errant hyzer's is in order.

Hole 13 - The old basket in the LONG position was replaced with a new basket by the New Crew. The old sleeve was usable.

Hole 17 - The old straight basket was replaced with a new basket by the New Crew. Both sleeves on 17 are newer so no new sleeve was needed.
The old 18 basket is now on the 17 LEFT sleeve as we no more room to take baskets.

Hole 18 - The old basket was lobbed of and the short pin was preserved and rocks were placed around it. The new sleeve and basket are approximately 30 ft deeper the old sleeve. The basket is able to be used either location.

We currently have three extra "OLD" baskets. 1 is in John's possession and 2 are being housed by Okie. We also have 2 extra sleeves that we can utilize. We also have 2 more locks that use as well. I also have 3 80-lb bags of qwikcrete...and 1 40-lb bag of qwikcrete.

-The Project Manager, Solt(hadda be there)
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