Played a local WPB park today -- made up a 9-hole course

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Played a local WPB park today -- made up a 9-hole course

Postby ornithoid » Tue May 27, 2008 2:11 am

There is a park at the southeast corner of Southern Blvd. and Interstate 95 in West Palm Beach, Florida called Dreher Park. It's moderate sized, with several small "lakes" (I would call them "ponds" but Floridians -- I am not a native -- call them "lakes".) It shares a parking lot with the South Florida Science Museum (so you can stay to see a laser rock show!).

I had been thinking for some time about creating a personal "object course" at the park, so that I could practice disc golf on my own without having to travel 45 minutes to Easterlin Park or Tradewinds Park down south in Broward County. So I finally made the time to do that today (Memorial Day 5/26/08 ). I live only about five minutes from this park.

Honestly, what I ended up doing as a one-time walk-through actually turned into a pretty damned respectable 9-hole course! It has the benefit of forming a bit of a loop (actually kind of like a question mark) so you are more or less near where you started when you finish.

I began near where I had parked, right outside the Science Museum. I teed off for "Hole #1" at the near edge of the park's grassy, treed area. I just picked a tree for the "hole" by looking into the distance and deciding which one presented a moderate challenge to reach in 3 throws. I guess I was subconsciously trying to mimic the experience of playing Easterlin Park.

When I finished each hole, I'd look for a good place to set the next tee area, as well as the next tree to use as a hole, and I'd throw that, and so on. All the way through 9 holes, which pretty much timed itself perfectly just as the meander through the park had been exhausted. (In other words, I reached hole #9 just as there was really nowhere left to wander to.)

I will be back to the park in the next few days, hopefully, and I plan to tie a pair of orange ribbon bands around the trees I'm using as holes. Hopefully no one will bother them. (Who knows?)

Is there anyone here on DGR who lives in the area, and would like to take a walk-through the "course" with me some time? I wonder if I might be laying the initial steps toward starting the next local club/course, which could reach the point of maybe asking the WPB parks department to consider installing a real 9-hole course here...

It's never really been a dream of mine to be a force for expansion of the game, you know? I've been happy to be one more anonymous disc golfer. But now that it seems like it could actually happen -- I could be the force behind a brand new recognized course, I find the idea is enticing... :D

More to come, possibly... (especially if any locals show up to join me)
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