Klaus Park in Jamestown, North Dakota

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Klaus Park in Jamestown, North Dakota

Postby Pagan » Fri May 26, 2006 10:27 pm

Located in Klaus Park. Set between the James and Pipestem rivers. they converge at the southern edge of the park. The Pipestem river located on the West side of the park is not (usually) very deep and can be waded across. Use of shoes is STRONGLY reccomended. The James river located on the East side of park is faster moving and gets deep quickly. A PDF file showing the layout is available here: http://www.jamestownparksandrec.com/uploads/Disc%20Golf%20Course%20Map.pdf

18 DisCatcher basket (NOT double chained yet) with small concrete teepads. Tee signs in use. Restrooms usually open and located in center of park. Posted (amatuer) par is 57, pro par is naturally a 54.
All holes except 8, 13, and 16 are par three. There is 1 hole >400' 2 holes >350' and remaining 15 holes are <300'

Holes 2,3,4,6,12,14, and 15 involve the rivers. Most holes are short (less than 300') and are more technique than power. Locals play several holes with mandatory flight lines. Hole 3 the left of the first tree is a mandatory for "advanced" player levels and above. Hole 7 left of the tree straight ahead of the teepad and about 45' out is a mandatory for "advanced" levels and above.

This course is suited to beginners and intermediate players that play conservatively around the water hazzards. Advanced players will find all but 3 holes (8, 13, and 16) are easily duece-able with less than 300' of power.
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