Whispering Falls Disc Golf Course

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Whispering Falls Disc Golf Course

Postby roadkill » Sat Aug 23, 2008 9:02 pm

I apologize if there is another thread for this course, but I couldn't find any. Having played it today at their first sanctioned event for the first time I felt moved to give a shout and say this is a great course.

This may not be real suited for beginners but for players who have attained some skills and like a challenging course this place is a fantastic course to hone your shot making skills. It is hilly and some of the holes are long but I like the way they put a premium on staying in the fairway and shanking a shot has significant consequences.

Today they had a mix of A and B pins and at least one C pin. All pins except hole 18 were moved and on 18 the tee pad was moved to an alternate pad. Best score was a 59 the first round. Best score was 51 the second round. While the second round did play a few strokes easier I got to say a 51 was seriously lighting it up.

The course has quite a few wooded holes and winding fairways and nice elevation changes and great contours in the landscape. The biggest gripe is the long walk from hole 12 to hole 13. It's about a quarter mile and it's pretty much all uphill. Aside from one tiring walk this course is a goldmine.

Big kudos to Brad (ferretdance) and the rest of the 717 Disc Club for making this course a reality. PA has yet another legendary course.
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Re: Whispering Falls Disc Golf Course

Postby uNicedmeMan » Sun Aug 24, 2008 7:27 am

roadkill wrote: Big kudos to Brad (ferretdance) and the rest of the 717 Disc Club for making this course a reality. PA has yet another legendary course.

x2 woot woot. WF is a yet another wonderful course within an hour of Baltimore.

brad and the 717 homies are cool for sure, they have doubles up there on sundays. 2pm I think.
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Postby ferretdance03 » Sun Aug 24, 2008 12:04 pm

Thanks fellas! We have a pretty solid group of guys helping out for work days and tourney days.

I hate that walk as much as the next guy(probably more), but it was the best solution to the problem at hand. Plus, it gets shorter every time you walk it!
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