Who all is from kentucky?

Give your questions or comments on your favorite or least favorite courses, locations, etc.

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Re: Who all is from kentucky?

Postby sunspot » Mon Apr 27, 2009 5:55 pm

I played Charlie Vettiner today and got whipped. I stopped keeping score after a little while. The first 11 holes aren't bad, however 12 to 18 consist of some mad accuracy and distance shots and stttteeeeeppppp hills, to boot. Overall, I did enjoy myself and will go back after I sharpen up my skills some more.
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Re: Who all is from kentucky?

Postby UpFromTheAshes » Thu Aug 06, 2009 11:49 am

I'm from The 'Ville, and I've played about 25 courses within a 2 hour drive of me. Highlights would be:

Freeman Lake in E-town. Beautiful course and a fantastic round of golf. My favorite "local" course and probably my 2nd favorite course overall behind only Idlewild. I usually play Freeman Lake and then hit Radcliff on the way back for a nice 36 holes that only takes me about half a day including travel.

Several times a year I'll take an all-day trip to someplace a little further and hit up multiple good courses. Last saturday I went up to Cincy and played Idlewild and Mt. Airy. Another really good course I've played near Idlewild is Banklick Woods.

Bowling Green is a little hotspot of disc golf that I make a point to trip to at least once a summer. Lots of good courses in the area. My faves are Lover's Lane, Keriakes, and Basil Griffin.

Honestly it's quite ridiculous that a city the size of Louisville only has 2 courses. You can go to Iroquois Park on a pretty day and find a group on every hole! The course at Vettiner Park is only a couple of years old, but it's definitely a challenging round of golf. My best at Vettiner is -2, and I shoot -2 at Idlewild.
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Re: Who all is from kentucky?

Postby Herman » Wed Oct 20, 2010 9:01 pm

I am from Western Kentucky and my favorite courses in this state so far are: Lover's Lane, Mike Miller in Draffenville, and Oak Grove. I think that Kierakes is overrated (it has really old baskets, is poorly marked, and almost every hole fades right). Although not in Kentukcy, I hope to play Mt. Airy in Cincy in the spring.
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Re: Who all is from kentucky?

Postby poisonelf » Tue Nov 30, 2010 5:02 pm

I have played about every course from bowling green all the way to Ashland these would be my top 5 in KY (18 hole courses only)

1: Vetiner
2: Idlewild (this would be my number one if it wasnt for hole 5)
3: Freeman Lake
4: Ashland Blue (long pads, i dont like the shorts at all)
5: Brownsville

Banklick AKA Lincoln Ridge (would be on the list but it has alot of the same shot over and over)
Veterans Park (If the long tees ever would get in and the course would actually get some matienance done to it)
Pride Park (is a great course but they NEVER cut the grass there)

Worst 5
1: Harrodsburg (can you throw in a open feild in the wind)
2: Phil Moore (just a horrid course that would have better use as a land fill)
3: Riney B (a local course of mine, every open shot is a hyzer and every wood one is a turn over, has like 4 good holes...maybe)
4: Georgetown (the front and back 9 are about 2 miles apart and there are no signs, the only reason this is not number one is that it has some fun shots and there are holes near the girls dorms lol)
5:White Park (same gripe as Harrodsburg but there is at lease some challenge and OB)
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Re: Who all is from kentucky?

Postby nthomas » Sun Dec 12, 2010 11:29 pm

Live 1 mile away from Idlewild in Hebron, KY. HTTP://www.vimeo.com/hyzerdg made some uncle rico like vids of some courses. Have been just trying to learn video editing, and gives me something to do in the am. Really like Vetiner, and wanna go down and get a vid of it one day in a few months.
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