RustyP's 2009 DG Roadtrip - Idlewild or Bust!

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Which route would you take from Cincinnati to East TX?

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RustyP's 2009 DG Roadtrip - Idlewild or Bust!

Postby RustyP » Fri Nov 14, 2008 11:12 am

Ever since I first heard about the course, I've wanted to make a trip up to the Cincinnati area to play Idlewild...and I think it might actually happen this next Spring/Summer! I'm pretty sure that the trip up there will include stops in Nashville, TN and maybe Louisville or Bowling Green, but I'm having a hard time deciding on what route to take back to Texarkana, TX. Looking for a little feedback on what route would pass near the best courses. I live adjacent to AR and LA and play in both states fairly often, so I'm skipping those states on the way in and back. Which route would you take?

Route #1 is to head back West from the 'Nati and pass through St. Louis or Kansas City, then probably down through Tulsa, OK.

Route #2 is to head South from Cinci down 75 and stop in Knoxville, TN before going to Atlanta, GA...then continue West through Birmingham/Tuscaloosa, AL or Jackson MS before passing straight through N Louisiana on the way back home.

Route #3 is to basically take the same route back home and stop in the cities I didn't get to stop at on the way up, which could include Bowling Green, Lexington/Fayette KY, Jackson TN, and maybe Memphis.

Chime in however you want...all feedback/ideas/etc is much appreciated! Also, if anyone lives in these cities and would be willing to offer up some floor space that would be awesome; not exactly sure when this trip will materialize, but keeping travel cost down is a must for me as I'll most likely be travelling alone.
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Re: RustyP's 2009 DG Roadtrip - Idlewild or Bust!

Postby JKP » Sat Nov 15, 2008 12:09 pm

Route 3.. hit the bowling green courses!
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Re: RustyP's 2009 DG Roadtrip - Idlewild or Bust!

Postby Dogma » Sat Nov 15, 2008 2:29 pm

Can't help with your route, but I played Idlewild on a trip to Cincinnati last summer and it was great. The only thing I wish I'd known ahead of time is that on the 1001' hole you can't see the basket from the teebox as it's over a hill. There are two small signs about 500 feet out in an open field. Aim between the signs and you'll be on line for the basket. I also played Banklick while I was there. It's close to Idlewild and is an excellent 24 hole course. Mt Airy sounds like a lot of people like it too, but it's on the other side of town so I didn't manage to get there.

There's an active club and forum in Cinci at It has good directions, course maps, etc.
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Re: RustyP's 2009 DG Roadtrip - Idlewild or Bust!

Postby Beetard » Wed Nov 19, 2008 12:52 am

If you're going to Idlewild, bring your lube.

Here's pics of all the courses around cincinnati. Idlewild is on there. I play Idlewild a couple of times a year. It's a long drive for me to get there. I always get all excited like, hell yeah, I'm goin to Idlewild, but by the time I play a couple of games, I'm like, F this place, I never want to see it again. I keep going back though. It's all about accuracy and hitting gaps there. You go off the fairway, you're screwed.

Mt Airy is a good course. It will really test your approach game. You can get off a nice drive and still have to make a good upshot if you want your 3. Par is a great score on that course. Most upshots will be from 75-150 feet out with some trees you have to navigate unless you've got some sick driving distance.

Banklick, I think, is overrated. It's nice, but in terms of challenge, it's not that hard. You can screw up a lot and still get 3s. Now, if you want to shoot 10 down, that's a challenge though.

Oxford is also a fun course. About 1/2 cake hyzers and 1/2 hard holes.

Monroe (pics suck, they're from before the course was even installed) is cool. All wooded, narrow fairways, lots of elevation changes. If you're a leftie, God have mercy!

Hit me up if you plan on coming to ohio. I'll make some time in my schedule to play all the good courses with you.
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