Alaska disc golf courses

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Alaska disc golf courses

Postby inthedrift » Fri Nov 21, 2008 12:50 pm

Hello all,
Just registered here - I'm already finding this site and this forum particularly helpful in developing my game. I've spent the past several nights reading old threads and just generally bringing myself up to speed on the theoretical side of this game I've grown physically and mentally addicted to. My only problem now is that the only friend I have who is as serious about improving is married to a woman who has come to despise any discussion about disc golf. She doesn't really mind playing, but will not tolerate the talk...which is probably why I ended up on here. :o

Anyhow - I live in Anchorage, Alaska and just wanted to say that we have an absolutely stellar, newly redesigned course at Kincaid Park (the site of this past summer's Alaska State Championships) that has become my new haven. Having only played the few courses we have here locally (most of which are pitch and putt), this one really stands out. I've often wondered how it compares to some of the more challenging courses you guys have in the continental U.S., but from vids/pics/course descriptions I've seen I think it is pretty sick. There are pro and am tees as well as two pin placements per hole. Many of the am tees are 300+, several are 400+ and one at 500+. The pro tees are quite a bit longer with two holes over 700 feet. I typically play the am tees but lately I've been shooting the pros as well. I'll never get better unless I continually challenge myself, right? The course requires a variety of shots to do well and there is a fair amount of elevation change throughout, both uphill and downhill. There are quite a few trees in the fairways on many holes and the rough is absolutely unforgiving (devil's club galore). The wind can definitely be a major factor on some days. Hole #14 is a tall basket that in one of its pin placements sits right on the edge of a steep downhill that descends into thick rough. You definitely don't want to overthrow this one. The view of the ocean from this vantage point is spectacular however, which can sometimes ease the pain of that unwelcome double bogey you just took. :lol: Moose are commonplace on the course (especially in late summer and fall) and you may have to skip a hole or two in your round if a large ungulate is just a bit too close to the tee pad (I've been charged twice). I've also seen black bears, porcupines, foxes, and rabbits on the course, and just the other day I saw an owl. Pretty sweet indeed. If any of you ever get the chance to visit our great state, you've GOT to play at Kincaid Park.

Well, thanks for letting me share - I'm also somewhat curious if there are any other AK players on this forum. I've only really been playing one season and only made it to one league this past summer/fall due to my work schedule, but definitely plan on playing competitively quite a bit next season. I've got all winter to try and figure out how to putt. :P
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