West Texas Doubles Sept. 13th & 14th(san angelo)

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West Texas Doubles Sept. 13th & 14th(san angelo)

Postby warlocks00 » Fri Jul 11, 2008 8:04 am

Date: Sept 13-14
Signups: Saturday 8-8:45am at Picnic Bend Park
Players meeting Sat @ 9:00am at Picnic Bend Park
Teeoff Sat @ 9:45am
Format Sat: 2 rounds of 18 which will be 18 at Brentwood of 9 worst shot and 9 best shot, 18 at Picnic Bend of 9 alternate shot and 9 best score.

Players meeting Sun @ 9:30 am at the Lake Course
Teeoff Sun at 10:00am
Format Sun: 27 holes of 7 best shot, 6 worst shot, 7 best score, 7 alternate shot

Just to clarify the shot format:
Best shot: Both players drive and you take the best shot from the two for your next throw, both players approach and you again take your best shot of the two. You do this all the way until you putt out, in which case, if the first player makes the putt then you are done with that hole.

Best score: Both players play their own throws for the entire hole and then you will take the best score of that hole from the two. So for instance, player 1 will throw from his/her own throw throughout the hole, player 2 will do the same. When the hole is completed lets say player 1 shot a 4 and player 2 shot a 3, you would then take the 3 for your score for that hole.

Alternate shot: Player 1 drives, player 2 take the next throw from player 1's drive, player 1 then takes the next throw from player 2's shot, and so on until you complete the putt. Whoever shot last on the hole will not drive the next hole, you keep alternating shots back and forth between the 2 players until you are done with the alternate holes.

Worst shot: Both players will drive, you will then take the worst lie of the 2 shots, both players will then throw from this lie, you will then again take the worst lie from both of those shots, you continue this pattern until the putt is complete. The catch here is that BOTH players have to make the putt before you are done with the hole. If player 1 makes the putt, but player 2 misses, then you will putt again from the worst lie.

Divisions: (prices are per team)
Pro $60
Adv $50
Int $40
Nov $30
Mixed $40

T-shirts to the first 20 teams that sign up.
FMI: wake_n_jeanne@yahoo.com
or check the website www.conchovalleydiscgolf.org
Flyers can be found and downloaded here

This is the only tourney of the year that features all 3 San Angelo Courses. Plus we have added the Mixed division for the first time this year.....hope to see some familar faces....and maybe a few unfamilar as well!!! :wink:
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