So I dyed DX...

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So I dyed DX...

Postby pointdisc » Wed Dec 10, 2008 9:34 am

I've been going through my stack of crappy, unused DX discs whenever I'm working on a better dye and trying to get something to work for DX. I have gotten a orange viking pitch black and this Orc black as well (shapes are scraps from the dye I was working on).


The dye has taken really well for DX, but there's just one problem. To get it to set good, I've been experimenting with additional heat, and it works, to a point. It tends to warp the disc (the viking became a poppy-top). There has got to be threshold where it's enough heat to set the dye, but not enough to do any DX disfiguration. Still working on this part, but it's a start.

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Re: So I dyed DX...

Postby ChUcK » Wed Dec 10, 2008 1:42 pm

Here's an experiment I tried a week ago, using a blue Procion MX reactive dye, on a D Cyclone:
None of these were hot, I just brushed the dye on cold with various mixtures of dye, sodium carbonate, and thickener. The dye was left on the disc for 12 hours, but I suspect I could have removed it earlier with similar results.

The same dye didn't even touch Z and ESP plastics, though. The chemistry behind the process is a little too involved to explain in a DGR post, but it makes sense that D/DX plastic, with whatever crap they add in to make it cheaper and such, would accept the dye.

pd, I think further experimentation with different dyes is definitely a good idea... eventually we'll find the magic mixture and brilliant, permanent colors will be an achievable result. I just hope Scott Papa doesn't have me assassinated first...
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