universal handle for pan-dipping

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universal handle for pan-dipping

Postby ChUcK » Sun Feb 28, 2010 12:09 pm

Check out this little contraption, a little over-engineered but otherwise 100% functional:

This is a picture taken while the wing is being dyed blue. All I had handy was some soft lockwire to build the prototype. I'd like to see if the hardware store has some lightweight aluminum rings about 3" in diameter, attach suction cups to that. I had to dip this disc 18 separate times, and one cup failed once, because I forgot to hold the disc instead of the device while I was having trouble removing all the little effing squares. That was with the cups on the other side, of course. That's why I made it 3 cups total, was for the underside. You can't have just one in the middle on most discs due to the nipple, and 2 doesn't give you 360 degrees of control while handling. Triangulation of the cups resolved the issue.
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Re: universal handle for pan-dipping

Postby BennettUA » Mon Mar 01, 2010 10:34 am

EIGHTEEN SEPERATE DIPS?!?!?!?! Seems like a lot! I dyed three rims this weekend, and while I do appreciate the contraption you've built(and will probably try one myself), I just floated the discs and was careful when removing and quick to rinse. No problems:

Can be a chore to get them out though, especially larger discs like drivers, so I will try to find some suction cups. To be continued, but great idea Chuck.
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