Texas Longhorns dye

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Texas Longhorns dye

Postby BennettUA » Sat Mar 13, 2010 12:34 pm

This was done on order on a Z Stalker.
Came out great, but the dye wouldn't take to the plastic very well. Usually a good 20 minutes is MORE than enough time to get a real deep soak. But with the Z, it wasn't taking. Long story short, I dyed this disc for more than two hours of in-and-out soaks, and it finally got to the shade it is. I had perfected the Burnt Orange on ESP plastic in my tests, but the Z wasn't the same.
In an attempt to get the orange a bit more burnt, I put the disc into a pan of Tan dye. I checked it after a few seconds as always, and it was fine. I timed it for 60 seconds, and when it came out, a glop of dye had hit the disc on the top. You can see it plainly, it's a dark blob on the top.
While the disc isn't ruined, I can't accept this; I pride myself on clean work. You may not even notice, but to me it's like drawing a moustache on the Mona Lisa. I will do this dye again at no charge.

I thought the Bama & Texas discs with the Rose Bowl football were appropriate :D

-- Bennett

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