Discs of Fury 2010 dyes

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Discs of Fury 2010 dyes

Postby BennettUA » Wed Apr 07, 2010 6:19 pm

Never did post these -- our Discs of Fury weekend was this past, started Friday up in Mars Hill NC(just north of Asheville), then Easley/ Foothills and Timmons on Saturday, and finally Va-Du-Mar on Sunday. (and a round by myself at Timmons on Monday after the crew headed back to Ohio)
Seeing as it was Easter weekend, we had every park completely to ourselves, except a few at Timmons. Such an awesome trip!
I did these dyes for everyone before they got down here, presented just before leaving for our first round.

The SC blue looks more like the color of the SC flag than such a dark blue in the picture. They all came out great though, didn't take as long as I originally thought(all hand-cut).

These are all Star plastic, X-outs. Two Valkyries, two Beasts, and a 150 Firebird.

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