Looking for Sony ES DVD player

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Looking for Sony ES DVD player

Postby Blake_T » Tue Feb 01, 2011 12:58 am

i'm sick of these junko disposable dvd players and bluray players haven't hit the point where they can do frame by frame step throughs on dvd's. i'm wanting to pick up a solid sony dvd player that will last me the next 10-15 years without crapping out.

if anyone has one of these or like me, enjoys pawn shop hopping and stumbles across any of em, let me know.

models i'd want most:
Sony DVP-NS9100ES
Sony DVP-NS3100ES
Sony DVP-NS999ES
Sony DVP-NS555ES

models i'd consider:
Sony DVP-S9000ES
Sony DVP-NS900V
Sony DVP-S7000
Sony DVP-S7700

my preferences:
I'd prefer if it had the remote.
i'd prefer black to silver but would consider silver if the price was right.
i'd prefer it to be in good condition :P
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