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- Daves Bag - rate!

Postby Apocyl » Wed Dec 10, 2008 4:35 pm

Looking for help on overlaps/replacements, possibly looking to add a understable fairway driver i.e; lepord, and what material to get it in. Also idea for a minimalistic bag, please :D .

Innova Competition bag w/ Phenix Quadshocks, 2 Microfiber towels, 2 Moosejaw waterbottles, 2 minis, bunch of bunk led's, and a Gopher!!

1. Stable Control Drivers
Champion TeeBird - 169g(worn) purple dye: fairway driver.

2. Distance Drivers
Champion Wraith - 170g(worn) green: my main backhand goto driver.
Star Wraith - 175g(new) blue: used when i don't need as much turnover as my champ wraith.
Star Destroyer - 172g(new) baby Blue: When im looking for a long drive.

3. Understable Drivers
Stat Beast - 172g(worn) red/yellow dye: Main understable driver(really flippy).

4. Moderately Overstable Drivers
Champion Boss - 174g(new) purple: Test disc, picked one up at the last tourney, may be too much disc for me, having troubles doing anything with it but hyzers(still new but unsure of it, especially in winter).

5. Very Overstable Drivers
Esp Force - 171g(new) light blue: Main overstable driver.

Z Buzzz - 170g(beat) yellow: main mid drivers under 300'~
Z Buzzz - 172g(worn) red/orange: more stable than my yellow buzzz.
Esp Wasp - 171g(worn) puke green: Overstable mid.
Esp Comet - 177g(new) orange: recently added to bag, for those straight shots, little right fade at end.

Or(anytime but winter)
10x KC Pro roc - 180g(beat) white: just love this disc.
12x KC Pro roc - 177g(worn) white: hit those hard shots, 2xace disc, can't retire it yet.

5x JK Pro aviar-x(2) - 174g white: one fairly new for driving and one fairly new for putting.

My backhand range is up to 400~, comfortable control range 340~, sidearm.. used for outs, that good.
So 15 disc in all not to hard to carry through the snow, but probably have quite a bit of overlapping. Looking for suggestions to reach a minimalistic bag.

List of extra disc I have laying around for the bag:
dx wraith
2 dx eagle, 1 more stable than other
star TL
2 sidewinders,champs
2 dx gazelle
2 champ orcs, 1 light 1 heavy
8valks, all dif weights/wear, dx/champ
champ eagle
champ banshee
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Re: - Daves Bag - rate!

Postby corey115 » Wed Dec 10, 2008 5:28 pm

try this set up

1. Control

2. Distance
Wraith or Destroyer or Boss or Force

3. Understable
another beat teebird or Leopard or maybe try a TL to compliment the Teebird

4. Overstable
Star Teebird

5. Very Overstable
something that is true stable, none of your current discs fit the bill, some predish or firebirdish, hey how about a pred or firebird :lol:

I'd either go with a rotation of Rocs, ranging from overstable to understable
the the Wasp/Buzzz/Comet set up

very nice :)

thats the minimalist approach, but use whatever works
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Re: - Daves Bag - rate!

Postby frennis524 » Thu Dec 11, 2008 1:53 am

The boss is not true stable it is speed stable. You should try something like a starfire in the moderately overstable category.
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