150 bag for Japan

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150 bag for Japan

Postby JHern » Tue Jan 13, 2009 6:56 pm

I'm thinking about putting together a smallish (4-5 disc) 150g collection for playing in Japan on an extended upcoming trip, where heavier discs are illegal.

I throw forehand and backhand. My forehand has 350' of distance but not great accuracy/consistency, while my backhand just got to 300' but is far more accurate and consistent than my forehand.

Here is the meat of my current bag (I have others, but these are my main discs):
161g Star Wraith, Domey (forehand stable driver)
175g Star Valkyrie (backhand stable driver)
161g Champion Monarch (backhand straight driver)
167g Star Sidewinder (forehand and backhand anhyzer driver)
161g Star Teebird (forehand and backhand straight fairway driver)
177g Z Glide (backhand straight and turnover mid-range)
172g Pro D Stratus (backhand long approach/turnover/roller)
173g XD (short approaches and long putts)

I'm thinking about getting:
1. Good forehand driver with stability between Wraith-like and Valkyrie-like
2. Good backhand driver with Sidewinder-like properties at 150g (I have tried a 150 Sidewinder before, and it is way too understable)
3. Good straight utility fairway driver/mid-range disc
4. Putter that will fly straight and reliable at lower weights.
5. ?
Japan bag...
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Mid-Range: Star Classic Roc (146g), R-Pro Roc (157g)
Putt/Approach: Legacy Protege Clozer (158g), Glow DX Aviar (150g)
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Re: 150 bag for Japan

Postby mark12b » Tue Jan 13, 2009 7:37 pm

the 150 surge is shaped like a wraith but flies like a valk... fun disc. somewhere i read that nate sexton @ last year's japan open was throwing champ eagles in both the X and L molds, and firebirds (and faster drivers too).
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Re: 150 bag for Japan

Postby black udder » Tue Jan 13, 2009 8:36 pm

150g SOLF if you want 'speed' distance driver
150g dx wraith if you want 'speed' distance driver (I find these still fairly overstable until they're beat or you throw over 330'ish)
150g star valk for distance
150g star teebird for stable/overstable driver
150g sidewinder for shots under 200' that are more than a putter, but you don't want a full drive. They're easy to just backhand flick for solid distance.
150g champ firebird (if you need a wind driver)
150g wizard driving
150g wizard, warlock, magic or rhyno for putting

I'd recommend taking these drivers:
150g champ sidewinder
150g star teebird
150g star valkyrie
150g champ firebird

I'd use the sidewinder as a midrange disc/uphill disc or turnover driver and then pick your choice of putters.

I specified the plastics because those seem to have worked well for me and I've enjoyed the most. The star sidewinder is more understable in star to me. The Valk is wonderful in star and just okay in champ. The teebird is a dream in star but capable in champ. You could get a 150g dx teebird and beat it in some before you leave for a less overstable disc.
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