My current Bag

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My current Bag

Postby havasuDG » Thu Jan 15, 2009 2:36 pm

Champion Boss (175) - My max distance is about 375-400 and the Boss holds a predictable Line
Riot (176) - Long straight shots
Polaris LS or Star TL (max weight) cant decide between the two
Star Firebird (175)
Star FL (175) - in and out of the bag depending on the wind factor

Z Buzzz (174) - Backhand shorter drives holding a straight line
ESP Comet (176) - Backhand shorter drives/ regular approaches holding an Anny
KC Pro Roc (176) - Backhand shorter drives/ Regular approaches holding a Hyzer

Organic Wizard (173) - short drives, almost all putting
Supersoft Wizard (174) - auditioning against the organic
Soft/E Voodoo (175) - Drives comparable to the wizard, like it but hasn't found any replacement spots against the wizard yet

I am a predominantly RHFH driver and throw an average of 325'-350' with my longest drive ever hitting roughly 450'. My RHBH game has recently begun to develop only driving putters and midranges between 200-275'. I have only been seriously playing for roughly 3-3 and a half months
Previously in my bag I've had a champion and Star Teebird, Champion Eagle, Avenger SS ESP, Champion Coyote, Star Stingray, Pro Rhyno, Soft Magnet, Soft Warlock, and a few others I can't think of.
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Re: My current Bag

Postby corey115 » Thu Jan 15, 2009 3:54 pm

1. Pick one putter mold, based on flight and feel in your hand

2. for your mid set up, you should probably choose one of these options (minimalism)
-Rocs in stages of wear (one stable, one straight, one turnover, one absolutely thrashed
-Buzzzes and Wasps, preferably a Z Wasp (i know you dont have one, but they go together)
-Wasps and Comets, same ideas as above

3. For further learning BH, stick with mids and slower drivers, then once your BH is more developed, and in the Teebirds/Eagles, then you can sift through your drivers once you can throw BH better, its hard to now, because you throw FH a lot, and IMO thats a whole different game
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Re: My current Bag

Postby RustyP » Thu Jan 15, 2009 4:59 pm

I'd suggest picking either the Firebird or the FL, not both. With a little practice and experimentation you can learn to get the same flights with either one.
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Re: My current Bag

Postby havasuDG » Fri Jan 16, 2009 1:49 am

As far as the midranges go, as much as each apply to a different shot currently theyre also auditioning against each other. None of them are my preferred forehand mids, coyote and stingray are, but as Im working on my game Im trying to cut forehand out except for my driving and when necessary. I have a bad right knee and so rhbh can never be the strongest suit of my game unless Im willing to deal with the occasional dislocated knee which Id rather not. I am teaching myself to throw without planting too hard, but Im clearly going to sacrifice a decent amount of power and consistency until I get a little more comfortable. I own nearly 40 discs, in nearly all different molds, but am starting to lean towards minimalism a little bit more, its all a matter of getting comfortable.
How would everyone suggest going as far as disc weights for my backhand shots where my power and snap is significantly different than my forehand, I'd need to carry different weights in my bag, but Im not sure what I should try out when max weight is most comfortable in forehand, and therefore all I own with a few exceptions of unintentional misorders online. I can throw my 171 ESP Avenger SS roughly 300' backhand but have been avoiding throwing drivers RHBH recently for the fear that it'll develop bad habits. I do own a fair number of fairway drivers, including a 168 whippet and gazelle which I havent tried BH yet.
Is it better to try minimalism this early on in getting comfortable and should I wait to audition discs against eachother until my form is better, or should I find out what I like now as I'm developing form.
As far as the putters go, if I opt to go all out on the wizard, which I very well may do because I love that disc, are there any suggestions of the different plastics I should get when my clear favorite is the organic, or should I get several organics and beat them into different stages of wear?
I'm sure I have a million other questions, and as I live in a city new to disc golf I have quickly become the resident guy to ask for advice and would like to be as prepared as possible to offer newer players sound advice based on the experience of the tenured people of these boards
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