Here is goes...

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Here is goes...

Postby Dickies » Sat Jan 24, 2009 9:35 pm

Here is my bag:

172 Pro Wraith
172 Champ Beast
169 DX Firebird
150 DX Valkyrie
169 Champ Teebird

180 KC Pro Roc
174 DX Shark
175 DX Beast (beat)

Soft Rhyno

The Wraith is only used for forehand shots, and is really the only disc I throw forehand. The Champ Beast and Teebird handle 85% of my shots from the tee. The Firebird is seldomly used, but is getting more manageable as it gets more wear, but this would be the first disc to go. The Valkyrie is beat, but holds some sweet lines that none of my other discs can do. Only problem is that my home course is windy, and it gets blown around like a paper plate if thrown on a windy day.

The reason I put my DX Beast as an approach is because I only use it as a tomahawk/thumber disc for almost 50% of my aproaches.

I have room in my bag for one more disc, and am most likely going to be losing the Firebird, and I often don't carry the Valk if it is windy. Given that I like the Teebird, I was thinking of getting another similar speed disc like maybe a Gazelle or Leopard? I also feel that I need another putter for long putts and short approaches, but didn't know if it would be wise to get a DX/Champ Rhyno, or get a putter with more glide like an Aviar for these shots. I like the Soft Rhyno for putting, but prefer a stiffer plastic from beyond 75'
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Re: Here is goes...

Postby Triplebogey » Thu Jan 29, 2009 1:42 pm

I didn't like the Rhyno/Tank due to its lack of glide. if you're used to it, the get a Champ Rhyno, if not, then switch to Wizard, Banger GT or Challenger.

Since you play in a windy area, you need an overstable long range. I'd keep the Firebird or replace it with something similar like a Monster or Predator

For an understable driver, I'd say your 150 Valk is flippy enough.

You might want an understable mid like a lightweight Pro Shark or something.
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