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Re: Beginners Wind bag

Postby Banzai » Tue Feb 10, 2009 11:58 am

JR wrote:
banzai7 wrote:Gazelles are better in the wind than some people think. I second adding a Firebird/Pred. You need something faster than a gazelle to penetrate upwind. For tailwind, I say go with a beat light gazelle or a light DX Valk.

If heavy and new and depending on power Gazelles fare ok in mild headwinds and heavier other directions. Unexpected fast gusts do hinder older discs more than new fast well penetrating more overstabler discs. Would you rely on luck in areas where wind speeds change all the time and suddenly or would you like to have a larger safety margin? Can you utilize that disc that has a larger safety margin for wind changes? The answers to those questions are very relevant for disc selection. I'd say it depends on the day meaning wind conditions and how well you're managing your discs. For 10 MPH Gazelle is pretty ok as long as late acceleration is used with moderated speed. No joy with early acceleration, high speeds, more headwind or swirly gusts. Not to mention OAT.

Fair enough. Largely in agreement here. I'd say go with the larger margin of error. I think anything calling itself a "Wind Bag" needs a Firebird or Pred in it. But I've played many two disc rounds in howling wind with just a new DX Gazelle and a BB Aviar without much trouble.
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