Thoughts on my bag

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Thoughts on my bag

Postby Fireface138 » Wed Feb 18, 2009 8:50 pm

Thanks to everyone on this site. The information here has helped my game immeasurably.
I've been at it about a year and throw around '350 consistently (LHFH) but throw mids and putters RHBH, also working on RHFH but it's not there yet

175 SOLS
169 esp Pulse
169 star Starfire (developing a fh roller with great success with this)
169 flx Avenger SS (backhand only)

170 dx Eagle (well worn)
170 dx Eagle (newish)
180 dx viper (newish, recently picked this up and love it)

180 dx shark
177 lightening #3 driver (beat)

169 dx Rhyno (crazy gummy like silly putty, gotta get more of these)
170 dx sonic (don't really putt with this but use it as more of a touch disc)

Stuff I'd like to try:
tbird - as my power/technique is improving the eagles are getting easy to turn over
comet - from what I gather, it flies like a lid and I've been throwing lids since I was a kid
150 flick- just a gut feeling that i would like it
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