Whats in your bag......the 2010 edition!

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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2010 edition!

Postby discspeed » Sun Dec 12, 2010 7:44 pm

rodman20 wrote:Been in kind of a slump lately and let the number of molds I'm carrying balloon so here is my back to basics bag.

distance headwind/sidearm- Boss 175g
overstable- 175g C-PD
Stable- 175g P-PD (New)
Understable- 175g P-PD (beat)

Stable- CE Leopard 175g (flat and pretty beefy but workable)
Stable- champ leopard 175g (nice and straight)
Understable- Proline(CE) Leopard 175g (feel like i can make magic with this bad boy)

overstable- new 12x roc
stable- seasoned 11x roc
understable- trashed dx bottom stamped roc

new m-ion for drives and putting
seasoned soft ion for upshots

So you've switched to the M Ion for putting? I definitely prefer it. Are you playing the Tocobaga Games?
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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2010 edition!

Postby Thatdirtykid » Sun Dec 12, 2010 11:43 pm

Med ion is a great putter. That said, with all the cold (most days in the 30s, so mild and great!) I have been preferring my soft for putting duties. I will likely go back to my med when summer rolls back around.

My bag for the last few days: (Windy) Gone overboard on discs, but I have been messing with new stuff .. .

Ions (1 soft, 1 beat medium, 1 new medium, 1 proto)
125g #2 Upshot (yest been throwing a lightning mold)
174 Champ Rhyno
172 Zone

170 Z Comet
176 Z Buzzz (broken in)
178 Z Wasp (Broken in)
177 FLX Drone

162 River
175 Striker
174 Z Pred (thrashed)
172 Z Pred (older run, newish condition)

168 Z Force (Beat)
171 Z Force (New)
171 Z Nuke
175 MOLS (beat roller disc)

Kinda killed the disc minimalism thing. Playing in the wind, I have found very distinct uses for the Rhyno, drone and Zone. Could probably do most everything with just the zone, with my wasp picking up some things, but the zone is not as great at line shaping (at elevation) as my rhyno. and not as good at gradual lines as my Drone. However, its great for longish runs at the chains and pinpoint range upshots into the wind at shorter range. Went back to my old roller disc as well. The nuke is not seeming quite enough longer than my forces to really justify it, but it still hasn't left the bag. Maybe if I ever got to play some different courses I would find more uses for it.
Striker is a new addition. Is a good stable compliment to the river, better at some shots than my ESP cyclones which also overlapped the river a bit. Some more field work and a couple more rivers to compare and I may go back to my cyclone lineup. (although they also overlapped my comet and buzzz a bit more than the lat discs)

Discs in bold are what I carry when I travel light. Depending on wind and course being played I may have also thrown in the Nuke, Rhyno or Zone. The soft Ion is only in the bag as main putter for now for the cold.
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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2010 edition!

Postby Dana » Thu Dec 16, 2010 6:35 pm

Winter Bag
2 HARD Ridges (putting only)
Regular Ridge
Firm Summit
Regular Summit
Regular VP

ESP Comet
2FR Buzzz
Z Buzzz
Star Whippet X

11x Firebird
Firm Ascent
Regular Ascent

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