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Re: rusty's current bag / alterna-bag

Postby koffee » Sat Sep 25, 2010 12:36 am

Stable Control Drivers
P – PD is not bad in this spot. If you look around there might be others that would fit this better.
River – Maybe, it is interesting and is a fun disc to throw because of how it glides.

Distance Drivers
Stalker – I have no real experience with them
Z Nuke – It is not a bad disc in this spot for those open shots and is not crazy overstable.
Striker is also another choice and it comes in that tasty Lat plastic

Understable Driver
Seasoned P-PD might fit the bill
River – I like this disc also in this spot. It is a slower disc fyi

Moderately Overstable Driver
S – PD – Nice smooth disc. Easy to replace

Very Overstable Driver
C – PD – Lots of people like this Disc might want to give it a shot. I did not really take to it


Fuse – It is a disc that is capable of holding multiple lines
Core – Same spot as a roc/buzz but gets moved some in wind

Misc discs –

XXX – Thumber and utility type shots

Focus – I have no real experience with these
Pure – Is really a nice putter for upshots and off the tee. It is also good in the wind

Just my two cents

Just a few discs that I have been testing hope it helps

CHEERS - Koffee
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Re: rusty's current bag / alterna-bag

Postby RustyP » Mon Oct 04, 2010 3:10 pm

After 10 rounds with the S-PDs, they received a passing grade, and are filling in for my stable OLFs and stable Teebirds for the time being. I'm still carrying neutral and understable TBs though, until I get to try a P-PD for that slot...and even then, it'll be tough taking out those teebirds - we've been through so much together!

Had a lot of luck with a 163 Pro Wraith during those same 10 rounds, so I added it to the bag on a trial basis, alongside a flatter, gummier 167 Pro Wraith (yet to be thrown). I'm hoping the heavier / flatter one will be a bit more high-speed stable.

Also, I'm really surprised and pleased at how well the Star Mako performed. I tested it alongside my normal line-up of DX and KC Pro Ranchos. Initial impressions - a little faster than the roc, not as much glide, pretty much equal on distance potential. Where I really like the Mako (and the reason its staying in the bag for more testing) is that it seems to beat my Rocs on low lines that are in that grey area between midrange and fairway driver distance. I'm curious to see how this one breaks in.

Bought a pink Z Pred today (172g) that I'll be testing later this week to see how it performs in the firebird's current slot.
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